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Issue 223 Movement of your Body?
Issue 222 Expression in Dancing by Hilliers
Issue 221 It's all about Walks
Issue 220 Precedes and Follows
Issue 219 Feathering in Foxtrot: by Hilliers
Issue 218 Jive-Swing Dilemma?
Issue 217 No Foot Swivel
Issue 216 Is it just me or....?
Issue 215 Should I lock my knee?
Issue 214 Locking of the Knee
Issue 213 Fallaway Ronde vs. Bounce Fallaway
Issue 212 Scatter Chasses-Part 2
Issue 211 Scatter Chasses-Part 1
Issue 210 Waltz? Hilliers Ideas
Issue 209 US-ISTD Exams
Issue 208 Today's Topic: Volume and Space in Ballroom Dancing
Issue 207 Separation in Paso Doble
Issue 206 Rumba Essentials
Issue 205 Dancer's Health/Stress Fracture
Issue 204 Hillier's compression
Issue 203 Compression in Tango
Issue 202 From Anne Lingard, Fellow ISTD
Issue 201 Jive, Promenade Walks-part 3
Issue 200 Jive, Promenade Walks-part 2
Issue 199 Jive, Promenade Walks
Issue 198 ISTD Certification-Final
Issue 197 "Fish Tail" Men! Read This!
Issue 196 ISTD Test, Latin (contd), Part 6, The Paso Doble
Issue 195 "Pull and Push" in Dancing
Issue 194 ISTD Test Latin (contd.) Part 5, The Jive
Issue 193 South Africa: Why Not?
Issue 192 ISTD Test, Latin part 4, Samba
Issue 191 Hands in Rumba
Issue 190 ISTD Test, Latin Part 3, Cha Cha Cha
Issue 189 What is a Corte?
Issue 188 ISTD Test, Latin-Part 2, The Rumba
Issue 187 Waltz: Chasse from PP to Diagonal Center
Issue 186 ISTD Test-Latin Part 1, 'General'
Issue 185 A Waltz Amalgamation by Pierre Allaire
Issue 184 ISTD Associate Test Continued, Part VI, The Tango
Issue 183 Outside Spin, My Dilemma, Please Help
Issue 182 The ISTD Test continued, Part 5, Quickstep
Issue 181 Three Sisters in Cha Cha Cha
Issue 180 The ISTD Test continued, Part 4, Slow Foxtrot
Issue 179 Oversway vs Throwaway Oversway
Issue 178 ISTD Test (contd. Part 3) The Waltz
Issue 177 "Posture, Poise and Presentation" by Katherine Schaffer
Issue 176 The ISTD Test Continued (part 2)
Issue 175 Teaching Stationary Samba Walks?
Issue 174 The ISTD Test: Part I
Issue 173 Swing Shape and Sway by Hilliers!
Issue 172 So, you want to be a Teacher, Part III-Are You Ready?
Issue 171 Hilliers: Back to Basics
Issue 170 So, you want to be a Teacher Part II, Preparation
Issue 169 "Flick" in Ballroom dancing?
Issue 168 So, you want to be a Teacher
Issue 167 Louis Van Amstel says, "Move that Body"
Issue 166 The Back 1/2 of a Turn
Issue 165 Dancing in Thailand
Issue 164 Luca and Loraine come to Town
Issue 163 For the benefit of Ladies: The heel Turns
Issue 162 Improve your Waltz by Pierre Allaire
Issue 161 The Contra check
Issue 160 "Partnering the Partner" by Hilliers
Issue 159 Hillier's Tidbits
Issue 158 It's all about Rotation!
Issue 157 Tango, How and Why?
Issue 156 Inside/Outside Edge of Heel..?
Issue 155 Spice Up your Cha cha cha
Issue 154 Teaching Samba Part II
Issue 153 Teaching Samba
Issue 152 The Classic English Style, How to?
Issue 151 The Classic English Style?
Issue 150 The Feather Step
Issue 149 A Lesson with Glenn Weise
Issue 148 Three Step vs. Shennay Turn-Final
Issue 147 What is "Shennay Turn?"
Issue 146 What is a Three Step Turn?
Issue 145 The First Lesson
Issue 144 The Secret to Slow Foxtrot
Issue 143 The Value of Fundamentals
Issue 142 Slow Foxtrot: Linear or Curvilinear?
Issue 141 Reach, Release, Roll and Rise
Issue 140 Get your weight on that foot!
Issue 139 Stride and Walk
Issue 138 Paso Doble in 1 Hour
Issue 137 Cross Hesitation in Waltz
Issue 136 How do you count your Tango?
Issue 135 How to Dance the Basics with Style
Issue 134 Follow My Leader: Old Vs New
Issue 133 Dancing in Goa/India?
Issue 132 Rumba to Salsa
Issue 131 Salsa is Hot?
Issue 129 Maja Serve', A reminder
Issue 128 Feather Step Timing, Controversy?
Issue 127 Jennifer Hillier
Issue 126 Stephen Hillier
Issue 125 Natural Turn and Natural Weave
Issue 124 Heel Turns, How to Follow?
Issue 123 Heel Turns, How to Lead?
Issue 122 Barbara Ambrose: A Lecture
Issue 121 Lock Step Chasse, Backward
Issue 120 Lock Step Chasse, Forward
Issue 119 The Cuban Break Chasse
Issue 118 Foot Slip Chasse
Issue 117 Hip Twist Chasse
Issue 116 Ronde Chasse
Issue 115 Cha Cha Cha Chasses
Issue 114 Cha Cha Cha Chasses
Issue 113 Dance to your Maximum?
Issue 112 Spotting technique
Issue 111 Natural Top, I am getting dizzy?
Issue 110 Cha Cha Cha Timing and Break
Issue 109 Teaching QS, Part IV-Basic Choreography
Issue 108 Teaching QS, Part III-Few Basic Figures
Issue 107 Teaching Quickstep-Part II
Issue 106 Teaching Quickstep-Part I
Issue 105 Paso Doble, Part III
Issue 104 Paso Doble, Part II
Issue 103 Paso Doble, Part I, Music
Issue 102 Mireille Veilleux
Issue 101 101 Best Dance Teachers
Issue 100 Lead and Follow-Part II
Issue 99 Lead and Follow-Part I
Issue 98 Forward, Forward and Back
Issue 97 What is Good Posture?
Issue 96 Back Whisk Vs Fallaway Whisk
Issue 95 Drag Hesitation; How to Lead?
Issue 94 Drag Hesitation; A thing of the Past?
Issue 93 Outside Change to PP.
Issue 92 Outside Change, Do you Brush?
Issue 91 1 a 2 in Samba-"Changing Trends"
Issue 90 Minimal vs Part Weight, part II
Issue 89 Minimal vs Part Weight, part I
Issue 88 Alemana and Three Alemanas, part II
Issue 87 Alemana and Three Alemanas, part I
Issue 86 Partner Size
Issue 85 Waltz: A lesson with Pierre Allaire
Issue 84 Promenade and Counter Promenade
Issue 83 Keep your Back
Issue 82 Foxtrot and Waltz; Same Dance?
Issue 81 Transfer vs Replace
Issue 80 Whatever happened to "Kiki Walks"?
Issue 79 Delayed Walks
Issue 78 Slow Foxtrot-Basic Choreography
Issue 77 Foxtrot; A Lesson with Kathryn Schaefer
Issue 76 Slow Foxtrot - Some Reflections
Issue 75 Spot Turn or a Switch Turn?
Issue 74 Rumba, a lesson with Pierre Allaire
Issue 73 Step outside Partner-HOW TO
Issue 72 Outside Partner
Issue 71 The AIDA, Lead and Follow
Issue 70 The AIDA
Issue 69 Ego in Dancing
Issue 68 Back to Samba
Issue 67 Syncopated Lock Step
Issue 66 Pepperpot in Quickstep
Issue 65 The World of Phyllis Haylor
Issue 64 Two Walks and a Link (Contd.)
Issue 63 Two Walks and a Link
Issue 62 Lines in Dancing
Issue 61 Fan to Hockeystick
Issue 60 Stop and Go
Issue 59 Waltz 2nd step
Issue 58 What is in a name?
Issue 57 Getting the most out of your Dance Lesson!
Issue 56 Dance Lessons-Private Vs Group?
Issue 55 Learning from Videos
Issue 54 The Books, Shall I read them?
Issue 53 Preparation for a Lesson
Issue 52 Dance Training -#1
Issue 51 The Dance Terms
Issue 50 Pivots Footwork
Issue 49 Remembering Michael Houseman
Issue 48 Bronze Samba Routine
Issue 47 Corta Jaca, Technique
Issue 46 Bronze Samba! O' My God
Issue 45 10 Dance or Just Latin
Issue 44 Pivots and Spins
Issue 43 Paso Doble
Issue 42 Rumba Walks Backwards
Issue 41 Rumba Walks
Issue 40 Chasses: Cha Cha v Jive
Issue 39 O' it's a Cha Cha
Issue 38 Hip Twists
Issue 37 Samba bounce
Issue 36 ISTD vs IDTA/The Books
Issue 35 Rumba Basic
Issue 34 Shall we Jive...?
Issue 33 How I did it?
Issue 32 Lower your Cholesterol
Issue 31 Fat Grams, How to Count
Issue 30 How Many Grams of Fat?
Issue 29 Died while dancing
Issue 28 Cucaracha variations
Issue 27 Teaching Latin: Cucaracha
Issue 26 Teaching Latin: Alemana
Issue 25 Dancing at Bally
Issue 24 Swinging Correctly
Issue 23 Light and Shade
Issue 22 Timing and Beat Value
Issue 21 Precedes and Follows
Issue 20 CBM and CBMP
Issue 19 Sway in Dancing
Issue 18 Footwork in Tango
Issue 17 Footwork
Issue 16 Rise and fall
Issue 15 Amount of turn
Issue 14 Alignments
Issue 13 It's all in the Waltz
Issue 12 Tempo Q and A
Issue 11 Music for dancing
Issue 10 Music for dancing
Issue 9 Play good music
Issue 8 I went dancing
Issue 7 Samba bounce
Issue 6 Q and A
Issue 5 American vs. Intl. style
Issue 4 'a' and '&'
Issue 3 'a' and '&'
Issue 2 'a' and '&'
Issue 1 Rumba routine