"Dancing Tid-bits" Issue #60, Thursday, July 19, 2001

Dancing Tid-bits
Stop and Go

It is perfectly OK if you want to dedicate your whole life for competitive dancing. However when this starts to impose on others in everyday and social life, I think it becomes a little over bearing. You know what I mean? If not, read the following.

I see occasionally a couple who is practicing and getting ready for a competition. As the Comp gets nearer you start to see more and more couples coming to this "social" which is supposed to be a Social Dance. Any dance is a practice of course, however if a dancer becomes so obsessed with his or her routine, that that he or she starts to completely ignore their surroundings or what happens to everybody else, hey there is something wrong. Examples:

Stop and Go: I know you got to be ready for tomorrow but in that case you should have gone to your studio for practice. There id no place in social dancing to stop and go constantly just because you want to have a perfect routine. When you start to take someone else's space it is rude. Specially this stop and go business is sometimes accompanied by furious arguments between two partners who cannot agree on anything. I have even seen tears in women's eyes and many times the couple walking off the floor and out the hall. On the contrary a social evening provides an excellent opportunity for a competitive couple to dance freely, relaxed with flexibility to modify the routine and adjust to traffic with innovative floorcraft.

"I am gonna Swing": Of course your coach said "you are not swinging enough," hey but look at it this way, here are 50 couple on this dance floor. So are you going to keep your swing under control or you are going to fly all over on every one else toes. It may even be foolish to think real slow fox trot when it is that crowded. So, please what can I say....adjust your swing and flight.

Space & Hand Movements; Latin: "You must use Space, Create a bigger picture...come on do something with your hands that is what our coach is telling us." I know..but for God sake there is hardly any room here, why don't you go some where else or go in the hallway. I know a lady who was seriously scratched in the eye by a guy when he was expressing himself on 1 doing a cha cha.

"We must do our Routine": If you cannot modify or dance with a little intuition you are not ready for any level of competition. If you must stop and go because someone else cut in front of you, you have a problem. I know some couples and teachers intentionally do that to make you look weak and loose. Routines are OK but that is what a party is for that you can practice and accommodate others.

"No, thank you":..Yes it is your prerogative to say No to a guy who wants to dance with you, but you are so afraid that your "routine will get messed up." It appears that you are there at the dance but you are not.

This letter was not directed to any specific couple and please do not take it too seriously. With apologies and best wishes for your next competition..Max

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