"Dancing Tid-bits" Issue #56, Thursday, June 21, 2001

Dancing Tid-bits
Dance Lessons-Private Vs Group?

Consider 2 scenarios.

1. Student A. This student is so thrifty with his (or her) money that he wants to learn by himself, books and videos, even the Internet. He will consider a few groups here and there in different studios and he thinks he can become a "good dancer by saving all that money."

2. Student B. This student thinks that private lessons is the only way to go. To him, groups are waste of time. Money! He doesn't care, he has enough. He also is infatuated with his pretty teacher who doesn't mind giving him a private every day.

Unfortunately these are two extremes. In our daily lives we know that moderation or middle of the road policy serves well.

My own feeling is that a balanced program of Private and Group Instruction plays an important role in one's training. Each lesson has it's own place. It is obvious that in groups you learn general things with not much attention to details or emphasis on technique. But, as you know the price is right, about 8-10 dollars for the hour.

It amazes me to see some students just sitting on the sidelines for the whole hour, just looking, talking or loading up on coffee and not joining a valuable group lesson in progress. They are of course waiting for their favorite teacher to give a private and sadly they think that they don't need to know anything else besides what she or he will teach them.

In the end I would say, consider a balanced program combining private and group instruction. I feel a formula of 4 to 5 groups and 1 private lesson in a week is the way to go. You can adjust your days and times according to your preferences of dances you want to learn. Let me tell you, I don't care who is teaching, you will always learn something from an hour of group instruction. When you become very knowledgeable, you can perhaps learn to unlearn something that you do not agree but it will be thought provoking.

Next letter we will highlight all the points to be considered in one's training and then will pick up some technical topics

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