"Dancing Tid-bits" Issue #209, Thursday, February 10, 2005

Dancing Tid-bits

A little while ago I wrote a bunch of Tid-bits on ISTD examinations and all information was based on my personal expereince and my own perceptions. I did recieved a lot of mail, some relevant some not. This letter from Miriam Ellis spells out very clearly what is the length of examinations and why. I thought of putting this e mail verbatum without edition. As most of us know she is a renowned and respectable coach and ISTD Fellow/Examiner. Miriam! Thank you, your input is greatly appreciated.

Dear Max,

I finally have a moment to follow up on my previous e-mail. Time allowances for USISTD Professional Exams are as follows:

International Style and American Style Ballroom International Style Latin and American Style Rhythm
Student teacher 75 min Student teacher 90 min
Associate 120 min Associate 135 min
Licentiate 135 min Licentiate 150 min
Fellow 150 min Fellow 165 min

You will notice that all of the Latin & Rhythm Exams allow 15 minutes more than the Ballroom Exams. The reason is that these exams cover 5 dances, versus the 4 in the Ballroom Department. We Examiners found that we could not do the 5th dance justice; hence the change.

Just to reiterate the fact that an Examiner may not examine any candidate whom he/she has coached within the previous 6 months. Personally, I believe in this rule, as I would find it most difficult to be objective in the exam room with a candidate I have helped train.

Hope this clarifies the above for you. You may use my name any time in connection with my quotes.

Thank you,

Miriam Ellis

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