Dancemax Letter # 39, Thursday Feb 22, 2001

Dancing Tid-bits
O' it's a Cha Cha

Why do we do this?..It used to be Cha Cha Cha but now it is called Cha Cha, what's the big deal, I dont understand.

O' It's a Cha Cha!! Yes, Cha Cha is a vivacious, energetic and flirtatious dance that every body loves to do. The dance emphasizes leg and foot action with twisting and twirling of upper body and hips.

Music: 4 / 4 Time with accent on 1. Must take time on 1 to express yourself. Tempo is around 32 bars per minute. The different type of chasses should be learned and practiced regularly. Posture, Tone and Connection are always important. Have fun.

Basic Bronze Figures: I have enumerated the following figures and if put in sequence with minor adjustments, it turns out to be a nice Bronze Routine. I have used this routine for 4 weeks (1 hr lesson per week) for beginner group, 6 hours are desirable.
  • Preparation (RF to side on 1 for man).
  • Basic Movement
  • New York
  • End New York by Lady's underarm turn to Right.
  • Fan
  • Hockey Stick, and then continue
  • Three Cha Cha Chas forward
  • Basic to Natural Top
  • Closed Hip Twist (will include Natural Opening out Movement). End in Fan
  • Alemana
  • Hand to Hand, end by Spot turn to Left (lady right)
  • Time Step, Guapacha (pronounced wapacha) Timing
Comments. The basic figures in Rumba and Cha Cha are more or less the same and if we remember our rumba routine, there should be no problem developing cha cha cha. I replace Three Cha Cha Chas with Rumba Walks and Time Steps with Side Steps and Cucaracha. I think hip motion is less pronounced in cha cha as compared to rumba. There is more emphasis on legs and feet?

New ISTD Figures: Shoulder to Shoulder (used to be silver), Side Steps, There and Back. That is interesting and I don't understand why we had to do that either.

I feel if students can do Fan to Hochey Stick they have conquered the most difficult Cha Cha figures. Have patience and understand and repeat a million times.

I am sorry, it is kind of a blah letter but well, you go and dig these figures yourself. Next letter some Q and As and how cha cha cha chasses are different from Jive chasses.

Best Wishes...Max

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