"Dancing Tid-bits" Issue #210, Thursday, February 17, 2005

Dancing Tid-bits
Waltz? Hilliers Ideas

Once again we had a wonderful opportunity to have Stephen and Jennifer Hillier at our studio, Dancesport Academy of Michigan.. What wonderful 3 days. The first Lecture was "Winning ways with Waltz". For the sake of brevity I will mention the following points brought forth by Steven and Jennifer.
  1. Footwork
  2. Balance
  3. Rise and fall
  4. Leg Action
  5. Turning Action/Rotation/CBM
  6. Hold
  7. Shape/Poisture/Poise
  8. Swing
  9. Sway
  10. Timing and Musicality.
  11. Expression
  12. Coordination
  13. Body Flight and Head and Body Weight.
Now you might say, well what's new? I have heard all this before. However I think it is like reading a text book or a holy book; every time you read it, it has more meaning provided you are receptive and want to be better. On the top of that if it is recited by Hilliers it means so much more.

The Tid-bit scope does not allow explanations in this little tid-bit and it will be interesting to ponder over these ideas and discuss them in the future series. With best wishes, Max

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