"Dancing Tid-bits" Issue #175, Thursday, March 25, 2004

Dancing Tid-bits
Teaching Stationary Samba Walks?

The other day I was teaching a class in Basic Samba and we were doing Samba Walks in P.P. (Promenade Position). I took all the students both ladies and gentlemen and started at one end of the room traveling across the floor. Every one was doing the same steps, I mean starting with LF first. As we approached the wall at the end, all of a sudden something dawned on me and I shouted; "keep on...keep on doing it". And suddenly every one had their hands on the wall and they were doing Stationary Samba walks. It was as simple as that. Then you can explain what stationary walks are and put them against each other and soon they will get a hang of it.

I remember when I started to dance learning this step was quite confusing and I did not know how to close LF to RF initially to start, step 1. This of course was because I was not using a proper 'Precede'. If I had used a RF Side Samba Walk turning 1/4 to right I would be in just the right configuration to start a LF Samba Stationary Walk.

For Beginners: What are Samba Walks?..They are just walks doing Samba. Hosthat for simplicity? Anyway the most common way to do Samba Walks is in P.P. Face the LOD (Line of Dance) in P.P. Man can start with LF and the Lady with RF. Technique is same for both. I will describe only Man.

Man (Ladies reciprocate): LF forward in PP with some samba action, this cannot be a long step, count 1. Now on "a", extend RF all the way back with a nice leg line, right hip high, toe turned out and take part weight, just enough to release LF a little. Almost all weight remains on the LF at this time. On count 2, slide LF back about 3 to 4 inches with pressure on the inside edge of the ball of the foot. You have done a LF Samba Walk in PP and Ladies did a RF walk. Do the same on the other foot and repeat ad lib.

This a bronze level step but as you get to the end of the room you will be doing a Stationary Samba Walk naturally. This used to be in gold syllabus but now I think it has moved to silver or bronze. The only difference is that on step 1 you will not step forward but close LF to RF because there is no more room left. On the second bar you will be closing RF to LF on count 1. Practice and see what I mean. Thanks for reading this tidbit. Best wishes....Max

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