"Dancing Tid-bits" Issue #113, Thursday, August 1,, 2002

Dancing Tid-bits
Dance to your Maximum?

Or is there any other way? Well that is a personal preference and each one of us has their own answer.

And of course there is a book out, called "Dance to your maximum". The book is culmination of several years of research by Maximillian Winkelhaus who is a faculty member of Team Amsterdam.

I don't know these guys peresonally but I have always been impressed by anything on which I see this label, Team Amsterdam". I did indeed write a Tid-bits on the work of Ruud Vermeij, "Latin", "sensing and feeling...." As I read the book I enjoyed it more and more and I could read it any number times. It gives you an inner awareness of your body and helps to improve the quality of movement.

This work, "Dance to your Maximum" is also applaudable. Initially I thought this book was only for Competitors but then I have some thoughts.

Isn't there a competitor in all of us. When we get on a Tennis Cour,t we (or at least most of us) try to play good, stylish Tennis. We become aware of people who are watching us. We occasionally also get an spontabeous applause and that feels good.

Figure Skating, Drama or Dancing is more subject to demand appreciation and applause by onlookers. I think it is very true that when we go out dancing socially, everyone is competing with every one else. It is just that we dont announce the winner, which is good.

Winkelhaus has shown the inner side of a competitor and has given a very analytical description of a dancer's mind and body. He has dissected "Intangible" thing in dancing and has tried to make it "tangible." Overall I think this book should be read by all dancers and certainly if you are competing, it would help to read it again and again just before you get on that flight to Blackpool.

Next week, back to some basics in Cha Cha Cha , With best Wishes, Max

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