Dancemax Letter #1, June 2000

Dancing Tid-bits
Rumba routine bronze

Dear Friends, I have finally put it together. I wanted to start a brief newsletter service to all interested in Ballroom and Latin Dancing. Now that I have put a "Group" together this is my first attempt to send this group mailing. I have a simple Bronze level Rumba routine that flows well with beginner groups. Hope you like it..Max

  • Basic Movement in closed hold
  • Fan
  • Hockey Stick
  • 1-3 of basic movement (step 3 back)
  • 6 backward walks to,
  • Natural Top
  • Closed Hip Twist end in fan pos.
  • Alemana
  • Hand to Hand
  • Spot Turn (L. man)
  • 1-6 of basic movement (left foot brushes to rt. Foot on 6, Man)
  • Side steps
  • Cucarachas
Questions and comments to, thank you.

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