"Dancing Tid-bits" Issue #163, Thursday, December 4, 2003

Dancing Tid-bits
For the benefit of Ladies: The heel Turns

I am so consumed with a power point presentation (Diabetes and Heart Disease-beat it) I plan to do in India and Thailand next few weeks. So today, very briefly a couple more pointers from Pierre and Mireille presented at the Ohio Star Ball Clinic.

Ladies! How to Practice Heel Turns: Ladies..So, you want to do slow fox-trot. You got to know how to pass your feet and how to make heel turns. You got it..It is that easy.

Practice: Reverse

1. No Turn: Practice it like this a) Stand neutral, Take RF back, b).Close LF to RF, transfer weight and then c). step forward RF. When you are feeling comfortable with these weight transfers and feet positions, you are ready for the following

2. Do the same thing but turn left 1/8

3 Now increase your turn gradually to make a 3/8 turn between the first 2 steps

4. Now, nail down the alignment start backing Diagonal Center, End facing LOD. You are doing Reverse Turn 1-3.

Practice Natural:

1. No Turn. Stand Neutral. a). Take your LF back b). Close RF to LF and transfer weight c). Step forward LF

2. Now do this with 1/8 turn to right

3. When you get quite comfortable, increase your turn to 3/8 or even 1/2.

4. Nail down your alignments. Start backing diagonal wall and end end facing LOD. You are doing Natural Turns.

Remember whatever foot goes back comes forward. Check with a teacher for proper rise and fall and footwork.

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