"Dancing Tid-bits" Issue #217, Thursday, July 28, 2005

Dancing Tid-bits
No Foot Swivel

Hi Max

I am an avid reader of your tid-bits.....so glad to hear that your not dead.

What I am wondering though is "who are you ?".

Anyway, here is one you might be able to answer in a future tid-bit. What's the meaning of the "no foot swivel rule". In relation to 4-6 of a reverse turn in waltz, for example, does it mean that the RF stays facing against LOD as step 2 is placed or does it mean that the LF doesn't move any as RF closes on step 3. . Cheers.......Paul

Paul! You are right in both above points regarding placement of RF and LF. You bring up a good topic and it is worthwhile to cover this in a "Tid-bit". First, for the beginners, a Reverse Turn is a turn to left. There are 6 steps (3+3). American Style labels this as a Left Box Turn and I will assume everyone knows what we are talking about.

First I must point out something about the Alignment. You said that in the second half of the turn (456) the right foot is placed facing against LOD. I hate to nit-pick but you should say RF is placed backing LOD. In other words it is a 'Backing Alignment" if you are going back and it is a 'Facing Alignment' if you are going forward. I think it is important to have a good concept of Alignment for good Floorcraft.

Now let's talk about the Foot Swivel aspect of this second half of the Reverse Turn. We should understand that the technique of back 1/2 of the turn requires that we make all 3/8 turn between the first 2 steps. So, RF back, backing LOD, then LF to side, pointing "Diagonal Wall". As you can see this a Pointing Alignment because you have made 3/8 turn between your feet and Body has turned less. As you close your RF to LF on the last step (step 6 of turn) Body completes the Turn and now you are facing Diagonal Wall.

So, What is this no Swivel Business? As I said, there is 3/8 turn between 4 and 5 of the Reverse Turn and one might say we are like "Duck Footed" at this time. Your feet are planted and as you close RF to LF on 6, there should be no Swivel. As RF closes to LF, the toe of right foot will have a greater circumferential arc than the arc of the heel. Sometimes I say that this closure is like the radial arc of a radar scope. Pressure in the Toe of Closing Foot helps balance, controls timing and there is rarely anything more beautiful in the whole dance of Waltz.

Ladies: You use the same technique on 123 as you step back for the first half of the Turn.

Is there a swivel on the Forward 1/2 of the Turn? I would say that there is no swivel but certainly some swiveling action is happening as second and the third step is being taken. Here, the turn is divided as 1/4 between 1-2 and 1/8 between 2-3. No Stop and Go but a continuous motion.

Now! Who am I?.... Well actually I am a practicing proctologist in Detroit, Michigan. (Max M. Ali M.D.) I am ISTD certified Associate in Ballroom and Latin. I am +50, 5' 7'', 145 lbs. Medium dark Indian complexion. I enjoy part time doctoring and more time teaching dance. Even though I am a surgeon but my passion is Dancing, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Fitness.

I hope this helps, With best Wishes, Max

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