"Dancing Tid-bits" Issue #57, Thursday, June 28 2001

Dancing Tid-bits
Getting the most out of your Dance Lesson!

This a summary of our last few letters on Dance Training. Investments in Dance is substantial and a student should consider the following points to benefit maximally by his/her investment of time and money.

Preparation: We talked about early arrival at the Studio, comfortable clean clothing, proper hygiene and mental preparedness to gain maximum from the lesson.

Study Books and Videos: Soon, a student must be able to plan his or her own lesson, the patterns for that day and any problems etc. For this, you must do homework, study the syllabus books and look at the videos etc. At minimum, you perhaps should already know the feet positions for those figures and work with the teacher on proper execution and technique.

Make Notes and possibly videotape your Lesson: It would be great If you can videotape the lesson for review otherwise you must take notes as soon as you have finished the lesson.

Review: It is impossible to remember every thing that you were taught but reviewing the notes or video periodically will help tremendously.

Syllabus: At an early stage you must have a syllabus (ISTD or IDTA or whatever you prefer) in your hands and organize your learning process. Believe me if you can master your basic syllabus you will never have any problem learning the more advanced stuff. If your foundations are weak you will always feel topsy-turvy.

Private vs groups: I made a recommendation 4 groups and 1 private every week but suit yourself accordingly.

Practice Parties and Social Dancing: You may have taken driving lessons all your life but if you don't get out on the highways and byways and alleys, no good. Dancing is no different.

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