"Dancing Tid-bits" Issue #188, Thursday, June 24, 2004

Dancing Tid-bits
ISTD Test, Latin-Part 2, The Rumba

1. Count Natural Top in Beats and Bars: Boy O'Boy, I wasn't ready for that, no matter how simple it is. I did not know what to do with count 1 of previous bar of music before starting Natural Top. So with his help the count was 2.3.4-1, 2.3.4-2, 2.3.4-3. There you have it, 3 bars of music. It made me very humble.

2. I was asked to show the Natural Top both Man and Ladies part. Then he asked me the foot work and I said Ball Flat on all steps. Then he asked me when does the heel lower on RF (man). The answer is as you start to move the LF to side.

3. Natural Opening Out Movement: We spent quite a bit of time on that. My body movements were OK but I was not very clear on analyzing what was happening. So with a little help from him we finally nailed it down. Actually on count 2, Man has slight body turn to right with "tension (not a good word) in his left arm to encourage her to open to her right and then he turns his body slightly left on count 3 to achieve more opening out and then his body return to normal on count 41.

4. Important Follows to Natural Top: You just have to give two. Basically it could be Basic Movement and Natural Opening Out or Fan.

5. Ladies steps in Hip Twist to Fan: The lady should go forward-forward after the hip twist and then turn to step back on LF for Fan.Very common problem.You know what I mean?

6. Show Ladies Hockey Stick: A little discussion of where, when and how is her turn to left. You split the beat 3 (step 5) in two, "3 &". Step forward on RF on 3, then on &, turn sharply left on ball of RF and step back on LF on 41. Ladies you must understand this and get help from your teacher if you dont know what I am talking about.

7. Show Ladies Spiral: Again at the end of spiral, go forward, forward and back. How many times this is repeated all thru rumba.

8. Construction of Rumba: Walks; Basically we agreed on the terms i.e. Normal Forward and Backward Walks and Delayed walks. The Delayed Forward Walk can be knee straight or knee bent but the delayed back walk is always knee bent (naturally). Interesting to note that we did not use ISTD terms of Pressed Walks and Extended Walks from their Manual on Rumba.

O'Yes, I forgot, you must be able to explain the mechanics of hip motion and I think it will be difficult to pass a test without a basic understanding of Cuban Motion.

If you can satisfy him on all this in Rumba, don't worry, all other latin will move quick and smooth. Rumba is the Basis.

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