"Dancing Tid-bits" Issue #149, Thursday, July 24, 2003

Dancing Tid-bits
A Lesson with Glenn Weise

Who is Glenn Weise? Of course, that is a very natural response from many who are not into keeping track of Blackpool Competitors. I think he is originally from Denmark but is now settled in L.A. area and is a prominent coach. I found Glenn very humble and even though I tried to extol his Blackpool Finalist achivements with Maja Serve' as his partner (maybe 10 to 15 years ago), he cut me short and came right down to business and we started our lesson.

1. Slow Fox-trot, Feather Step: In my desire to take long stride I was stepping too far forward on step 3, RF forward outside partner. It was so obvious to him right away and I was quite embarrassed also because I was indeed told about this previously. I am sure none of you has that problem. He was quick to point out that the outside partner is a "foot position" and not the "body position." So, now I believe that if on step 3, RF forward O.P., I have stepped forward past my partners left foot; this will create an ugly line which is sometimes referred to as four hips wide in extreme cases. If I try to maintain "Proper Contact," this problem can be avoided.

2. Are all steps more or less equal in foxtrot stride? He said, No! And of course, there was a very logical explanation. Feather Step is SQQ and we have risen at the end of the Slow. On the 2 Quicks we are Up and Up. It would be difficult to lengthen the stride when you are up on your toes, won't it? So the stride between 2nd and 3rd step is rather limited. I can't recall the descriptive slang for the nature of these three steps, something like "step, swing and linger" or something like that. I heard it in a blackpool lecture. Can someone help refresh my memory. I would appreciate it very much and I think this tidbit should be enough for now. Thanks and with Best wishes, Max

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