"Dancing Tid-bits" Issue #121, Thursday, September 26 2002

Dancing Tid-bits
Lock Step Chasse, Backward

No problem! Back Lock is still a Chasse and is almost opposite of Forward Lock (Tid-bit 120). It is usually started on LF. So as Man or Lady, as you have done a forward rock, LF- RF count 2-3, you are ready to do a back lock.

Feet Positions: 1. LF back on count 4, 2. RF crosses in front of LF, count &. 3. LF back and leftward. You have done a back lock.

Leg Lines: On count 4 and "&" both knees are compressed and as you step back LF on count 1, both knees will straighten as in the standard technique.

Shaping: Said earlier "no shape, no dance". I feel the body twists to left creating a left side lead back. Partner reciprocates. Body Tone and total body involvement must be added to create "Life."

Footwork: 1. Ball 2. Ball. 3. Ball-Flat

Common Problems: The LF must move back and leftward on 1 to provide clearance for RF back on the following step. Also Lack of Shaping and lack of feeling makes it dull and flat.

Next week I hope to close this chapter with a very important final note that will make a difference of night and day in your cha cha cha. With Best Wishes, Max

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