Issue #98, Thursday, April 18 2002

Dancing Tid-bits
Forward, Forward and Back

This issue of Dancing Tid-bits is dedicated to Ladies, specially beginner ladies who are just getting into International Latin.

How often do you hear that from your teacher? I believe if you have understood this concept of Forw., Forw. and Back, you have learned a whole lot of technique of Turning in Latin. You are ready to move forward.

I am talking about the steps 4 and 5 of Rumba and Cha Cha. Let's just talk Rumba.

Hockey Stick: (Ladies), Commence in Fan Position, on Step 1, you close your RF to LF, Step 2-LF forward, Step 3-RF forward. Now Step 4 LF forward and commence to turn left, and so far so good. This is where a lot of problem arises when the Lady is ready to take Step 5 RF. Remember?..the feet positions in Technique books are at the "end" of the step. To avoid a lot of redundant discussion just make sure that you step Forward RF on Step 5 and then turn left almost 1/2 turn, so at the end of the turn the RF is actually Back and maybe slightly to side. Now you are ready to take Step 6, LF-Back to end in Open Facing Position.

The reason I wrote this Tid-bits is that most beginner Ladies tend to turn too early and tend to step to Side on step 5 RF because they have not learned the technique of delayed "Turning and Spotting".

I hope I am not telling you anything new but just to remind you that you split the count of 3 (step 5) into 2 parts. the "3" and the "&". So the turn should be sharp on the "& of 3", mostly on ball of RF with heel in contact with the floor. Also as RF is taken forward the body is turning less to get a winding effect. This will create the appearance of CBMP and the turn will become sharper.

This happens not only in Hockey Stick but so often all over eg. Open Hip Twist, Fan, Spirals etc., etc. I hope I was able to convey my feelings. Best Wishes...Max.

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