"Dancing Tid-bits" Issue #141, Thursday, May 1, 2003

Dancing Tid-bits
Reach, Release, Roll and Rise (The 4-RS.)

That is exactly what happens when you take a Back Walk specially in Foxtrot. I think it is just important for Men as it is for Ladies. So, what are these 4 RS.

1. Reach: You try to reach long stride with your toe of the moving foot. Initially of course the ball of the foot skims the floor and then the toe. This will also result in lowering.

2. Release: As you have used an impulse from the supporting foot to further extend the stride the Toe of the supporting foot will release. This is mid-stride. The weight is equally distributed on the heel of the front foot and ball of the back foot.

3. Roll: Like Mr. Richard Gleave says, you roll like a 'rolls royce'. Technically speaking your back heel does not touch the floor until the moving foot is closed to complete the walk. This is so important.

4. Rise: As the feet close, naturally the lowering is turned into rise and you have to rise just as the two sides of a triangle were to close on each other. There is no foot rise here specially for the ladies.

This concept has been very useful for me to teach back walks specially for the ladies. Your comments are very welcome. Best wishes, Max

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