"Dancing Tid-bits" Issue #88, Thursday, Feb 7 2002

Dancing Tid-bits
Alemana and Three Alemanas, part II

Somdet from Thailand wants to do a Three Alemanas "pretty" and asks for help. Somdet! you talk about Three Alemanas, I have a hard time teaching just a simple Alemana, perod.

I asked Pierre Allaire to show me the figure; I did the man's part. I lead the first Alemana and from then on, he as a lady, went boom, boom, boom and before I realized he had shown a beautiful part for the lady doing the 2 other Alemanas. There is so much happening here that it is difficult to keep track of timing, feet positions, alignments, posture and poise that I am beginning to think that this is one of the most difficult figures in Rumba to teach or do.

In any case, last Tid-bits we discussed the regular Alemana, let's take it from there. As a matter of fact, I like to say that Three Alemanas are 3 simple underarm turns; one to the right, one to the left and then one to the right again for the lady. A beginner student can lead and follow this easily and perhaps it is not a bad idea to introduce this first to encorage the student's understanding. Then the three turns can be given the FORM of Alemana and there you have it.

Man's job is simply leading and creating proper spacing for lady's turns. I will describe the Lady's steps below.

1. Overturn the First Alemana: In other words as the lady is stepping forward LF, step 3 (or 6 ISTD) on 41, facing the man, Men! Lower the arm and on 1 of 41 assist her turning another 1/2 to right, so that now both of you are facing the same way (let's say wall). This is the most critical moment and that's when the second Alemana should start rightaway.

2. The Second Alemana: Ladies, dont wait. You already have turned 1/2 to right on 1 of 41, now you have to turn left; got to go boom boom boom, RF forward to wall and turn all the way 1 complete tur to left. This will be a spiral type turn but just get ready to step forward again with LF towards wall or DW, small step and boom, again turn left on ball of LF and now you are loosing balance. Keep your head lined up with your torso, think balance and take a "Delayed Walk" forward, RF knee bent. I feel this action helps balance and you can use support from toe of the RF before you transfer wight completely on to RF.

3. The Third Alemana: No big deal, read my last tidbits ladies and go LF, RF and LF again finishing the Third Alemana any way you like. Here I like to say that the first step of the last Alemana doesn't have to be a "delayed walk LF, knee straight", because you have used a delayed walk on the previous step.

O' My it is confusing, I agree but then dont blame me, Best Wishes....Max

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