"Dancing Tid-bits" Issue #216, Thursday, July 21, 2005

Dancing Tid-bits
Is it just me or....?

Dear friends, I had a good number of e mails raising concerns about my well being because I did not send any tidbits for a while and one even suggested that I passed away. Nope, I am well and kicking. I am an old chess addict and as I discovered that I could play on line, most of my computer time was spent on this affliction. I am beginning to recover so here is the latest Dancing Tid-bit.

Recently, I had an opportunity to spend an hour with an Italian lady of a Championship Level, who for now I know only by the name of "Luana". I should know her name better but I would rather be honest than pretentious. I have no hesitation in saying that she meets the highest standards of being a top level coach and I learned so much from her in 1 hour.

I have great respect for our coaches but more so for female counterparts. By their instincts and the nature of ballroom/latin dancing, ladies have to be "followers". The better they follow the better they are. Actually, I think "Following" is just as if not more tricky than "Leading". At the end of the day let's say "It takes two to Tango". How is that?

So where was I ? We started with a round of basic slow foxtrot around the ballroom and ended with a Fallaway Reverse, Slip Pivot to 1 to 4 of a Reverse Turn (or you might say Reverse Wave) and a Basic Weave. Of course, now came the critique and 'on and on' we went. As usual it was an eye opening experience and I enjoyed every moment of it. Some technical pointers in some future Tid-bits but for now let me stick to today's subject. As I soaked 45 minutes of "Slow Fox" into my body I was "foxed out". Now was the time to try another dance for a few minutes and I picked Quickstep.

I always start with the most basic. So, I picked Quarter Turn to Right, facing Diagonal Wall followed by a Progressive Chasse. Low and Behold! I just kept messing up. It just didn't feel right and I kept cursing myself. What an embarrassment?

What was the problem and why? What does it to have to do with today's topic and was it just me or others like you have noticed it occasionally also. I like to know.

My body was so conditioned to a rather strong CBM of a fox turning movement for almost an hour that I had to loosen up and wash that out from my instincts.

CBM. The ever eluding Contra Body Movement has different degrees. I guess if you want to lead the lady for a heel turn, you will have to use a stronger CBM as compared to the CBM of a Quarter Turn. This discrepancy is partly based also upon the amount of the turning movement.

Well then, as I realized this dilemma, I had to make a conscious effort to think about using less CBM and stopping my turn early to execute a proper Quarter Turn of Quickstep. It took 2 or 3 attempts and then my body was conditioned and no problem. So, is it just me or has it happened to you also? Your comments are welcome, dancemax@aol.com, best wishes, Max

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