"Dancing Tid-bits" Issue #152, Thursday, August 14, 2003

Dancing Tid-bits
The Classic English Style, How to?

See a great master dancing a Waltz or Slow Fox-trot or whatever in Ballroom section and you cannot resist saying "Wow". I used to wonder what is exactly that they produce in their dancing but never could pin point the intricacies. Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity of listening to two great teachers and nothing has made more impact on my "Top Line" as these two simple things. Men! note the following:

1. Stephen Hillier: His concept of Universal Right Arm is key to a proper Hold and dance relationship to the Lady. He emphasized that the right hand is outside the 'radius' of your body; in other words the tips of man's right hand fingers are outside his chest. This naturally places the Lady to his right side for the proper Hold.

2. Glenn Weise: The Left Elbow is in line with the back of your Chest (or shoulder blades) and the Right Elbow is in line with the front of your Chest.

Same positions are equally created by the lady.

The "Hold" of Ballroom is the key to top line which in turn is the most important element of looking and feeling good. These things are well described in Alex Moore's book also and it was quite revealing for me to read it through.

As I observe lessons I hardly see these concepts put to work and majority of students have both elbows quite in front as a matter fact many times just the opposite of what I said above. Take time to think about it and any comments are most welcome. Best wishes, Max

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