"Dancing Tid-bits" Issue #183, Thursday, May 20, 2004

Dancing Tid-bits
Outside Spin, My Dilemma, Please Help

Outside Spin in Waltz is a wonderful figure and I like it so much. But ever since, I did it for the first time I felt awkward doing it as given in the Technique. As I started to introduce this figure to Petra (my favorite dedicated student), all those frustrations started to haunt me again. I will not describe all the details but specifically will express my disgust with the alignments and movement along the LOD.

The classical alignment is that Man starts backing diagonal center (DC) against LOD with LF back and then you complete a full spinning type turn to right ending facing diagonal wall (DW) followed by any Natural Figure.

My Dilemma: Yes, you can do a Reverse Corte after 123 of Reverse Turn and then go for an Outside Spin with the above alignments. From the very first day that I tried this I felt awkward because not only that this alignment has restricted movement but in fact you end up traveling against LOD. I have a feeling that I am stuck and bothering other people. I don't mean to say that I never do any steps that sometimes move a little opposite to LOD, but this one I just don't feel good.

So here are my Thoughts: Traveling along the LOD, let's do a Whisk or an Open Impetus and go for a Weave from PP with and outside change ending in PP going towards DW. Let's do an Open Natural Turn, Man turning right Lady going forward, forward, forward. Man is now backing DW and this a perfect position to do an Outside Spine with 1 1/2 Turn (rather than classical 1 full turn). He ends facing DW ready to follow with any Natural Figure. As you can see the movement is steadily along LOD and I like it. If 1-1/2 turn feels too much, why not use the figure approaching a corner and you can get by doing 1-1/4 turn. We can make less turn and then follow with a Turning Lock to right.

Please help: Naturally many of you find this letter too technical but when you know this figure and work on it, this Tid-bit will come handy. I am open to suggestions, ideas and critique so please comment and give some interesting amalgamations. Thanks, With best Wishes, Max

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