"Dancing Tid-bits" Issue #80, Thursday, December 13, 2001

Dancing Tid-bits
Whatever happened to "Kiki Walks" ?

I admit, I have a problem. Sometimes every little thing bothers me, too much. The other day I planned to teach a Rumba lesson and thought "Kiki" Walks would be a good figure after some basic work such as an overturned Alemana. However I wanted to introduce a different precede and use a little different follow than a routine ending in the Fan. So I thought let me look up the book and make sure what I had in mind falls within the scope of Syllabus. Anna had borrowed my old Latin (ISTD) book so I grabbed the new ISTD Manual on Rumba. KIki Walks? no listing. I turned to Walter Laird, no listing and then the supplement and yet no listing. I couldn't believe it. I thought why would anybody drop such a nice figure from the standard syllabus and I panicked a little. But then with some perseverance I found this "Figure" in both books, under the heading of Rumba Walks with different amalgamations. Because I was used to seeing a heading "KIKI" I found it disturbing that now this word appeared in parenthesis or brackets. The IDTA did not even use the term Kiki. I am making such a big fuss? for nothing. Let's get to the point.

What are Kiki Walks: They are simply 6 forward walks in Shadow Position with a hand hold and style of your choice.

What is meant by Kiki?..I guess like Aida, there must have been a girl Kiki in Cuba after who they named these walks? I like the term and it is a shame, we are perhaps loosing this script in the new books.

Description: You are in Shadow (Lady slightly in front and to your right). Man does 6 walks RLRLRL, Lady does LRLRLR, both face the same way. You can go straight forward or curve to left, it will be difficult to curve right. Kiki walks are done.

Precede: Most common precede is perhaps an overturned Alemana where Lady turns another 1/2 turn at the end and ends facing the same way. However let's try to use a Spiral after the Alemana. Man does a Cucaracha type of movement LRL, but may leave LF to side at the end or move it back a little (instead of closing LF to RF), leading Lady to do a Spiral RLR. He will makes a slight turn to left and catch her to his right side in shadow position. Hand Holds as desired. Now Man has his weight on LF and Lady on RF. Proceed with Kiki Walks as described above.

Follow: The easiest and commonest follow would be that after the walks are done man will check his forward movement and place his RF back, transfer weight LF and then RF to side (RLR) leading lady (LRL) to Fan position. However let's do something a little more exciting. We started with Spiral, let's finish with a Spiral. It is easy. On the last walk Man will close LF to RF leading lady to do a spiral turn to left on RF and then go forward, forward, back, LRL, end in Fan. Man will simply do a back basic ended in Fan.

Summary: Use Spiral as an entry and as an exit to execute Kiki Walks!

Let me know if it works for you or any other suggestions, please. With Best Wishes for the Holidays, Sincerely...Max

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