"Dancing Tid-bits" Issue #181, Thursday, May 6, 2004

Dancing Tid-bits
Three Sisters in Cha Cha Cha

Once in a while it is good to learn some gimmicks and things so that it will enhance your performance in dance. So, as I returned from a group lesson given by Loius Van Amstel several weeks ago at Dance Elite, I remembered the following "formula" to make my Cha Cha Cha more exciting. This formula is called "Three Sisters".

What is it really?..It really is a combination of different Cha Cha Chasses that we do when we are executing a Fan to Hockey Stick. You must know the following 3 different types of Cha Cha Chasses. These are all done by Man. Ladies don't worry.

1. Foot Slip Chasse: This is a LF Chasse. After 2-3 (LF forward, then Replace weight on RF, step 1 and 2 of basic), you step back LF on 4, slip the RF slightly back on "&" and then close LF to RF on 1.

2. Hip Twist Chasse: This is a RF Chasse. After a rock back RF-LF (step 6-7 of the basic) you twist the hip to left and step across LF with the RF on 4, close LF to RF on "&" and then step to side on RF on 1.

3. Ronde Chasse: This is a LF chasse. After 2-3 LF-RF you Ronde back LF, cross behind the RF and step LF on 4, close RF to LF on "&" and the step to side LF on 1. Lady goes forward for the Hockey Stick.

Summary: So these are the Three Sisters. Start in Open Facing Position, L to R hand Hold. Do a Foot slip chasse and then lead the lady to Fan doing a Hip twist Chasse. You have done the Fan and put 2 sisters to work. Now the Hockey Stick. Use Ronde Chasse on first half and then a regular forward chasse to finish the Hockey stick.

Some beginners may want to ask their teachers this simple combination i.e. Fan to Hockey Stick. Three Sisters make this simple combination look quite advanced. I knew about these chasses but rarely put them to work. Now that I can use Three Sisters, one at a time, I find it quite easy to remember and it becomes a lot of fun. Thanks Louis Van Amstel.

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