"Dancing Tid-bits" Issue #116, Thursday, August 22, 2002

Dancing Tid-bits
Ronde Chasse

The Ronde and the Hip Twist Chasses are the most exotic of the Cha Cha Cha Chasses.

What is Ronde Chasse? Usually done on the LF, the Ronde action is started on the previous beat of music, in other words start to Ronde the LF as soon as you (Men) have transferred weight to the RF on 3. On count 4 LF is crossed behind the RF, on & close RF to LF and then LF to side on 1.

Footwork: For simplicity it can be said that footwork is ball flat throughout but if some strength and style is added, I feel the footwork is Ball, Ball and BallFlat. The Heel does lower to varying degrees on 4&. There are many interpretations in the written technique and try them and see what suits you most.

Turn: I definitely feel there is about 1/8 or slightly more turn to left as you ronde and this should be reflected in body as well as feet. Then you turn right again on 1 to resume original alignment.

When to use the Ronde Chasse: Man can use it when doing something that starts from the Fan Position such as step 3-5 of Hockey Stick or Alemana. The Ronde Chasse can also be used in Open Position with no hold, what I call "Monkey see Monkey do" type of pattern. Remember that only the person who is doing the basic starting on the LF will do Ronde and the other partner can do what ever. I usually prefer Ronde and Hip Twist on alternate bars of music. This sounds a little confusing in the beginning but soon you get a hang of it and it looks really neat. Next week Hip Twist Chasse, With Best Wishes, Max

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