"Dancing Tid-bits" Issue #78, Thursday, Nov 29, 2001

Dancing Tid-bits
Slow Foxtrot-Basic Choreography

Caution: This Tid-bit is intended for those who are thinking of including English Foxtrot as a part of their dance repertoire but have not taken SFT lessons yet. I assume you know SSQQ and SQQ social or American Style rhythm well and know how to step outside partner with open box turns.

Opinion: If you know 4 basic figures in SFT, provided you know them well, I bet you can dance foxtrot anywhere in the world and earn a lot of respect. Let's proceed with Man's steps, Ladies reciprocate.

Preparation: (not a figure), Start at the beginning of 1st. Long side LOD; Facing diag. center, RF to side, brush LF to RF and step forward LF, lowering, count 12, 3, 4. You are ready to swing with RF:.

Feather Step: RF forward, LF forward (more open) and then RF forward outside your partner. Count S Q Q. No Turn

Reverse Turn (incorporating Feather Finish): LF forward diag center and then cut the lady off and swing RF forward and turn left. You will end up being RF to side and lady will make a heel turn on RF and close her LF to RF and transfer weight to LF. Now LF back in line, ready for feather finish (FF). FF is nothing more than second half of Open Left Box (that is what everyone knows in America). It is RF back, LF to side and then RF forward, outside partner. Ladies remember to reciprocate, in other words go forward LF, RF to side and then LF back.

You should have made 3/4 turn on 2 measures (bars) of music (3/8 + 3/8). So, Men, now you are facing DW.

Three Step: Simply go LF forward, take lady in line, RF forward and then LF forward. You have done a Three Step. Don't laugh, just do it. Details and technique with a teacher. Now ready to make a Natural turn, facing DW.

RF forward and cut the lady off as before, in other words lead her to step back on LF and have her close her RF to LF. Turn right and step LF to side while she closed on the heel turn. Now RF back in line. This is 123 of the natural turn. At this time you are backing LOD. Now there are 3 Slows. LF back. Pull RF back (heel in contact with the floor) and turn enough (3/8) to face DC. The turn is being made on Heel of LF (a sloppy heel turn) and place RF to side small step naturally. count S, With a little feeling of hesitation, now brush the LF to RF and step forward LF (in CBMP if you know what that means, otherwise don't worry). And now you are ready to start Diagonal Center again with a Feather step.

By the time you will finish the second amalgamation, you will be at the corner. Do a Natural Turn but on Heel Pull turn only 1/8 to end facing DC of the new LOD (the 1st short side of Ball room). Dance one amalgamation there and go to the next corner and then pick the 2nd long side and repeat the whole dance.

You can adjust the above figures to the largest ball room in the world or the smallest night club, provided there is shoulder room to dance.

Now I hope you understand that just reading this tidbit does not make you world class foxtrotter but believe me if you work it a few hours with your teacher, then there is no reason that you cannot do SFT in a short time. Dont spend all the time with your coach, him telling you the feet positions, alignments and the counts. You must know it all before you take SFT lesson...Good Bye...Max

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