"Dancing Tid-bits" Issue #176, Thursday, April 1, 2004

Dancing Tid-bits
The ISTD Test Continued (part 2)

This is continuation of the series on "So, You want to be a Teacher". Again this a recall of a personal experience of an ISTD test and should not be taken as official word from an individual examiner or ISTD itself.

After the Dance demonstrations came the "Oral" part: This is how it wen.....!

1. What do you mean by Feet Positions?..I know you will say what? but I suggest you think about it and analyze this definition from ISTD Technique book:

Answer: "It is the position of one foot in relationship to the other"

...Just cram it up and say like it says but more important than that, understand each meaningful word in this little sentence.

2. What do you mean by Alignment?..The definition of Alignment is:

"It is the position of the Feet in relationship to the room". This is where the discussion becomes involved. I feel unless we take the LOD into consideration this definition lacks expression. So, in my book the Alignment is a function of LOD. Example: Facing Diagonal Center at a corner is Facing Diagonal Wall of the new LOD (of course if your intention is to switch to new LOD). If I had to write a book I will define Alignment as follows: "Alignment is the position of Feet in relation to the room and the Line of Dance".

Then there are Facing Alignments, Backing Alignments and Pointing Alignments and so on and so forth If you don't understand the "concept" you will struggle not only in the Test but throughout dancing life.

3. Encourage and emphasize 'Movement' rather than 'Technique' to beginner level students.

4. I would rather mention it here early that in each dance whether Ballroom or Latin, learn to count in "Beats and Bars" at least for some basic figures. Such as, the Fox-trot Feather Step and Reverse Turn including the Feather Finish will be: 1.2-3-4, 2.2-3-4, 3.2-3-4, all being SQQ.

This Tid-bit is enough for today and we will continue on alternate weeks, Best Wishes..Max

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