"Dancing Tid-bits" Issue #201, Thursday, October 21, 2004

Dancing Tid-bits
Jive, Promenade Walks-part 3

I got many responses on Jive and many lady dancers expressed much appreciation of what I had presented but then I had a letter from a guy who was frustrated. He wanted to know some tips on Man's role in Jive Walks.

1. Man must understand that his main role is to show off the lady. He must keep his body very quiet, firm and steady and think more about the Lady than his own showing.

2. His job is simple (huh). He keeps his Promenade Poise and simply takes 4 Q walks. This is when he has done a Rock and 2 jive chasses. In other words he has done QQ (Rock), QaQ -QaQ in PP and now he does 4 Q walks.

3. These walks are again Delayed Walks. In other words he steps LRLR with compressed knees and lowers the Heel quite late and with a click (rapidly). This is the only instance that I know where delayed walks are usually used in sequence, one after the other. This is also referred to as Merengue effect.

4. He must provide a good connection and a firm Lead from his left Hand and Arm so that the Lady can use this pressure to do her walks.

5. At the end as he lets this firmness go and lowers the arm, she will end her part and simply go for a change of places from right to left or a throwaway.

I hope these Tid-bits on Jive were helpful and any other comments will be welcome. We will see who gives a better lead, Bush or Kerry so that Blair can follow and look good. With Best Wishes

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