Dancemax Letter #6, July 10, 2000

Dancing Tid-bits
American vs. International style Q and A

The last letter "American vs. International" generated many comments and Qs and As. A brief summary is presented below.

Q. " What does "His masters voice" mean?
A. You and I were not even born then, it was the old gramophone with a big horn (HMV) and a dog sitting next to it. I still have one in my basement that I brought from India. Don't think I am that old, please.

Q. I never knew that a faster version of Foxtrot, became Quickstep; Thank you.
A. So they say?

Q." What is "tone"?
A. The difference between Spaghetti and Breadstick

Q: (Open vs. Close Hold) I've always thought that American style is very forgiving; compared to International. Is there a closed hold? Close & Closed.? Is Closed for Latin? Close for Smooth? Well, Now that you know the difference between closed (bodies slightly apart but closed) and close (bodies lightly touching), this difference is more commonly used in Latin. In Standard Dances (Smooth) it is usually always Close hold but we don't use these terms because really there is no other hold. Got It? There is no such thing as "more forgiving" if you want quality.

Q: Tell me if this is right; "a" = 1/4 beat; and "&" =1/2 beat. There is 2 &'s in one beat; there is 4 a's in one Beat
A. yaaaa... kind of what does it mean in real dancing?...discussion point

Q. This was a very informative recent "Dancing Tid Bits" from you. I'd like to point out that in American style, arm and hip movements are affected, but in International Style, arm and hip movements are "natural and unaffected".
A. Well actually we were talking about Standard Dances (Smooth), like waltz and fox. There are no arm and hip movements, rather a good frame. However in Latin and Rhythm the arm and hip movements should be natural, meaningful and stylish. The technique of hip movement is slightly different but it is getting pretty close.

Q. Max, Can I send your letter on to my list and indicate credit as to who wrote it and where it has come from?
A. Yes, the letter is purely educational. Feel free to distribute.

Q. How about the question, "What is Argentine Style?"
A. I guess, there is an Argentine Style to dance the Tango, which is authentic and very beautiful when done right

So People! Like the Song says..."Do it Right"... Happy Dancing from Max In the next letter I got to get that "a and &" off my chest in Samba

Questions and comments to, thank you.

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