"Dancing Tid-bits" Issue #54, Thursday June 7, 2001

Dancing Tid-bits
The Books, Shall I read them?

The answer is Yes! There will never be enough time between you and your teacher to cover all aspects of dancing. If you really want to be good and knowledgeable and this is one area not to be ignored. However be aware, books cannot replace a good teacher. You can not learn how to dance from a book but studying them will give you a better understanding of Technique.

Books for Ballroom Dancing:

1."Ballroom Technique," ISTD, is the book that everyone must have. It is meant for Teachers but I don't know why a keen student shouldn't get one. All 4 ballroom dances, Waltz, Slow Foxtrot , Quickstep and Tango are covered from Bronze to Gold level syllabus figures.

2. "Ballroom Dancing by Alex Moore" is a wonderful, easy to read book on Ballroom dances and it even has foot patterns for man and lady. There is Viennese Waltz and a lot of other information in it also. Actually the Ballroom Technique and this Ballroom Dancing by Alex Moore go hand in hand, I say get both.

3. "Technique of Ballroom Dancing" by Guy Howard. I think this book has been adopted by IDTA. This is a wonderful book similar to ISTD book. The introductory pages are more detailed and everything good has to be said about the book.

So Jack!, now you have to choose from 3 different beautiful women! (with due apologies to Ladies). I would say take all three, if you can afford.

Latin Books:

1. The ISTD "Revised Technique of Latin American Dancing" is no longer published. Try to find a vendor who might have some old copies left. I think this book has all 5 Latin Dances well covered. The 5 new ISTD manuals are replacing the ISTD technique book on Latin. These are more updated and all that good stuff but now they are scattered all over my house and I can never find the right one by the bedside. Each one separately covers each of the 5 Latin Dances.

2. Technique of Latin American Dancing by Walter Laird is the other wonderful book with its supplement. I believe this is the official book of IDTA,

I have enumerated only syllabus related technique books, otherwise of course, there are so many other great books.

Just think what you spend for 1 hours of Dance Lesson. It amazes me when students crinch "O' I dont know if I can afford that Book." These books payoff, day in and day out and they are an excellent investment.

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