"Dancing Tid-bits" Issue #117, Thursday, August 29, 2002

Dancing Tid-bits
Hip Twist Chasse

It is all about twisting the Hip and how many times you have wanted to do that as a man. Well here it is; The Hip Twist Chasse both for man and the lady.

What is Hip Twist: Obviously as the name implies, the hip twists more than the upper body. The Twist is usually to the left, in other words the right hip moves forward. The more the Twist, the better it looks. It is a figure of its own in the bronze syllabus of Rumba and Cha Cha. Here, we are discussing the Hip Twist Chasse in Cha Cha.

Technique: The Hip Twist Chasse is done on the Right Foot. Let's say, you as man is doing step 6-10 of basic or the lady is doing 1-5 of basic. RF back on count 2, transfer weight forward to LF on 3. Now you are ready to do a Hip Twist Chasse. With a strong twisting action of the right hip swing RF forward and place it across the LF with a bent knee and delay the straightening of leg (count 4). You have just now done a hip twist with a "delayed forward walk". Now close LF to RF count & and then place RF to side, count 1 and the hip twist chasse is done. Take your time on 1 and express yourself...you are looking good.

Turn: As you swing the hip and RF across LF on count 4, there will be a approximate 1/8 turn to the left, and then 1/8 to the right as you close LF to RF on count &. Place RF to side on 1 and you will have resumed previous alignment.

Suggested Choreography: Start in Open position with no hand hold. On the first bar of music do a Ronde Chasse with LF. The lady will notice this but she sticks to her basic for now. Now on second bar you are going RF back and lady going forward on LF. She will follow suit and do a Ronde Chasse LF. As she is doing her Ronde, you can do a Hip Twist Chasse RF and then she will follow suit doing the same thing. Get it? It will be confusing in the beginning because when she sees you doing a Ronde, immediately she wants to do something different. Have patience and practice a lot. It is a great way to enjoy open positions. Any questions?..with best wishes...Max

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