"Dancing Tid-bits" Issue #187, Thursday, June 17, 2004

Dancing Tid-bits
Waltz: Chasse from PP to Diagonal Center

How often do you get caught in PP facing Diagonal Center after a Whisk or Open Impetus Turn? I would say now and then if not often. Sure you can do a Wing, Weave from PP, or a Cross Hesitation. However the other day I was caught in a situation that mentally I had prepared myself to do a Chasse and I went ahead and did it. So, now at the end of the chasse I was facing DC in closed position ready to step RF forward, OP. A natural turn turn will be absurd and a RF change step will take me deeper to the center, so I reflexly forced myself to do a Closed Wing and I was pleasantly surprised that it turned out nice.

No body had ever taught it to me and I had not seen it much. Therefore I was skeptical and thought that it might be something that I invented. However these Techniques Books were prepared by Masters of Ballroom dancing and not one but several hundreds of champion dancers of the 30s and 40s era. They did not leave much that they did not cover and I was pleasantly surprised that a Closed Wing was a legal "follow" to Chasse from PP.

However I wanted to be more specific because the ISTD book gave it from a DW facing alignment and did not mention anything about DC. So, I went to Guy Howard. There it was; A Closed Wing to follow a Chasse from PP ended DC and this put my mind at ease. This doesn't mean that if it was not mentioned in the book that it was not right. The Precedes and Follows are so many that every thing cannot be covered in the Technique.

From here I tried different follows as I am facing diagonal center ready to go forward LF, outside partner. You can do a reverse turn and follow that with a reverse corte. or you can do a progressive chasse to right or even a Double Reverse but I find double reverse spin more demanding from an outside position. I just thought of sharing this little variation that I liked and I hope some of you who have not done a Chasse from PP ending DC will enjoy this simple version. Comments are welcome.

It is a sad news that Mrs. Bobbie Irvine, the most wonderful and gracious lady partner and wife of Mr. Bill Irvine passed away recently before the Blackpool Finals. This is a void that cannot be filled and I share this grief with all readers and I dedicate this Tid-bit to her memory. Best Wishes, Max

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