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Estimated delivery time: UK: 1-2 weeks | Rest of the world: 2-3 weeks

Heel protectors (original plastic base) £6.95

Pack of 5 pairs

Heel protectors (suede base) £7.95

Pack of 5 pairs

Shoe case £9.50

Shoe brush £3.50

For removing dust from suede soles.

Shoe brush with cover £5.00

For removing dust from suede soles. With cover to protect other objects when carrying it in a bag.

Replacement soles for ladies shoes £8.50

Replacement soles should be glued on over your old soles to provide fresh, non slip feel to the floor. The soles are cut with pointed front, so are not suitable for teaching shoes. For teaching shoes order 'Replacement soles for mens shoes' (next item), which are the same thing, just slightly bigger.

Replacement soles for mens, boys, girls and ladies practice shoes £9.50

Replacement soles should be glued on over your old soles to provide fresh, non slip feel to the floor.

Instep support for men £9.00

Orthopaedic design. Gives extra support & comfort.

Footbed £10.00

New cushioned insole for greater comfort. Unisex design. Supa-spongy. Breathable and flexible. Treat yourself with some extra comfort!

Heel tips £2.00

1 pair of replacement heel tips.

Slim fit converter £6.50

Shoe inserts that convert regular fitting shoes into slim fit.

Silver/Gold cream polish £4.50

For ladies Silver/Gold shoes.

Silicone polish £4.50

For mens patent shoes.

Shoe horn £1.00

Pair of clear straps £2.95

To be worn around the instep for holding loose dance shoes.

Shipping and handling of any of the above accessories is FREE if ordered with shoes. At the moment the shopping cart treats accessories as another pair of shoes, but please ignore it. We will NOT charge you for s/h of those if ordered with shoes.

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