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Quotes from our customers

Just had to let you know... I received my shoes yesterday afternoon and absolutely love them - a perfect fit! Thank you again for your prompt attention, and especially for beautiful shoes!
Kind regards, Liisa

Submitted: 23 June 2017

What a lovely surprise when I arrived in work this morning - my shoes came yesterday after I had gone home. They are G O R G E O U S ! ! !
I am delighted with them :-) Thank you. Geraldine.

Submitted: 7 April 2017

Shoes has arrived! I'm so happy with it and will recommend my friends to get :)
Best regards
Ci Hui

Submitted: 5 February 2017

Hi, just to say a big thank you for my shoes which i ordered on Friday and they arrived on Tuesday. I wore them on Tuesday night to dance tango, they were super comfortable and i felt very secure. Your help and advice with size etc has been really great. will be back for some more. regards Chris Allen

Submitted: 1 February 2017

Hi, I got my shoes today and love love love them !!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the online support whilst waiting for them I am a very happy customer and will shop again ! Jenny

Submitted: 31 March 2016

I just received my shoes. And I must say that I am truly pleased!! I heard about your site on a forum with ladies who have wider feet and have difficulty finding dance shoes that fit. Someone recommended your site and the International shoe line. I just tried them on and the width is PERFECT!!! And the quality??? Amazing! This is truly a professional shoe. I don't mind spending the money if the shoe fits right and this is the first pair I could purchase without an adjustable buckle across the foot. Please expect to see more business from me again and thank you for carrying a brand that keeps the passionate dancer with a wider foot in mind :-) It really means a lot as a dancer and assistant instructor. Alisha Richardson

Submitted: 1 July 2013

I had bought a pair of Volver shoes. I wore them, first time 3 straight hours for tango classes. Let me tell you, they are as comfortable as slippers. Soft but at the same time, giving you the support your feet need. Lyne

Submitted: 18 June 2013

I would like to thank you for sending me the shoes I ordered. Both pairs fit me and I think between the information supplied on your website and the help you gave me in the emails helped me get it right. The standard ballroom shoes were a smaller risk since I had tried them on in a shop in Melbourne but the Latin's by Dansport were a big risk which has come off. So thank you very much, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the Supadance shoes got here. Lindy

Submitted: 11 September 2012

I received the shoes today! They are gorgeous and fit excellent again. I am so happy! Thanx and this will not be the last time I order something in your shop.

Submitted: 27 October 2010

Just to let you know, we got the shoes and they are really nice. Girls are happy that they arrived on time. Good thing with Tango shoes is that the material opens fairly quickly and the shoes become comfortable to wear in no time. So, thank you very much for all you help and some time soon I will be ordering for myself again. Best regards,

Submitted: 2 July 2010

I received the shoes on Tuesday, and I am really satisfied with them! Thank you and best regards Lala Pringsheim

Submitted: 29 April 2010

I received the shoes this am and am absolutely delighted with them! They are beautiful and fit like a dream. Thanks v. much for your help and for getting back to me about the shoes. Despite the slight delay, I will definately be recommending these shoes and your services to friends.

Submitted: 7 July 2009

Received the shoes last Friday and tried them out last night. Many Thanks, they fit great, are soooo comfy, and I can already see the improvement in my dancing!
Sheryl Miller

Submitted: 20 May 2009

I think I'll never order IDS shoes here in Germany again as the trader here in Germany has been very unkind (they had only one latin-model in EN and didn't want to order EEN for me...). So - Keep it up!

Submitted: 16 Feb 2009

Whom it may concern, Thank you for the quick response to the email i sent to you regarding the exchange of the dance shoes , the exchanged shoes arrived this morning and fit perfectly, thank you for all your help in this matter and excellent customer service.
Kind regards
Kellie Rhucroft

Submitted: 2 Feb 2009

I recently ordered a pair of dance shoes from you with an anticipated delivery date of between 2-3 weeks. The shoes actually arrived exactly two weeks from date of ordering. I just wanted to say thank you for such good service. The shoes are fabulous and, having read your advice about ordering one size smaller than normal shoe size, they fit perfectly. They are also extremely comfortable.

The selection of shoes you offer is excellent, in fact its very difficult to choose just one pair!

Your website is very informative and helpful. Buying these shoes has been a very positive experience from start to finish. I shall definitely be a return customer and will also be passing on your website address to other dancing friends. Thank you again

Kind regards
Lynne Gould

Submitted: 22 Nov 2007

Just to say thank you very much for my order, which I received safely this morning. I am highly impressed with your prompt and courteous service, and will definately be shopping with you again in the future. Kind regards,
Lucy Coleman

Submitted: 25 Oct 2007

Dear Sr, Yes I just received my shoe and I love them . I can't wait to order another pair. Thank You Joyce

Submitted: 28 Sep 2007

Thanks for another excellent transaction! I love the shoes already.
Kind regards,
Juliane Szalay

Submitted: 6 May 2007

Thank you so much for these shoes, they are absolutly gorgeous and you were spot on with the sizes of Dance Amo, size 5 would have been way to big! Definatly use your services again. Thanks again

Submitted: 27 April 2007

I have just received Superdance 6000 shoes from your sale. Thank you for such a swift delivery, I find it is a bit of a lottery ordering shoes by the internet, given size and fit variations. Whilst I normaly take UK8, I ordered the 8.5 in your sale, partly because I could'nt justify the full normal price and partly because I believe dance shoes to be a close fit. I am pleased to say, that the fit is ok and an 8 would have been a close call, I am also pleased that the colour is a darker brown than pictures indicate. All that remains is for me to live up to the shoes expectations, the leather will be nourished before taking to te floor for an inaugural spin on Wednesday, and a good work ou next weekend, as I attempt to learn to dance! I must remember the omega oil before and the embrocation for after, when I have dragged my aging structure across the hallowed floor.
Graham Munn

Submitted: 19 March 2007

I received the shoes and was very pleased with quality and design. I love them!! Thank you so much for your service and I will continue to use your website,
Dr. Shanling Li

Submitted: 17 December 2006

Shoes received today - great shoes, great service. Many thanks Wendy

Submitted: 27 June 2006

Many thanks (also, both pairs of shoes are brilliant and great to dance in). Look forward to doing business with you again. Frankie McErlane

Submitted: 25 May 2006

My shoes arrived in time for my ball and i danced through the night with ease and comfort - very many thanks.
philly adams

Submitted: 22 Apr 2006

I have exchanged mail with you , regarding my shoes ,style 9001 Luck wasn't with us ,when the shoes turned out to be a couple of sizes too small But I was thrilled ,when my new pair came ,last tuesday 14th As i will not be needing 'em for some little while , the parcel still hasn't been opened for now I'd like to express my thanks ,to the sales team ,for the service provided Because earlier on ( a few months ago )I went to a local esperance shoe store for advice, a sales person there said , that it would be unlikely that Zem Co, would replace 'em, I went ahead anyway then, with Tuesday's fantastic result I'm therefore particularly grateful, to the Salesteam, and will send another mail, some other day, about how I like 'em, and how they fit. Thank You for now , and may 2006 be a good one for you.

Sincerely Tinus

Submitted: 20 Feb 2006

Hi Peter
Just to let you know that the dance shoes arrived yesterday and were well worth the wait. The shoes are absolutely brilliant, please pass on my thanks to your supplier. Well certainly be using your Company again.
Kind Regards
Sue Young

Submitted: 16 Jan 2006

I just received the two pairs of dance shoes from your site. I have to tell you I was very excited to see the shoes are very well made. They are beautiful yet very comfortable. I can't stop looking at them. They are like pieces of artworks. This turns out to be a big surprise for me. I admit I was a bit skeptical when I place the order online with a overseas company since it was my first time. But I am very pleased with my order and plan to order some more shoes very soon. I will also tell my fellow students and teachers at the dance studio about your shoes. Thank you and keep up the good work.
St. Augustine, Florida USA

Submitted: 19 Dec 2005

The shoes arrived earlier today and I wish to convey my delight and appreciation in receiving them. I hope to order more from you in the future and will recommend your shop to all.
Regards, Lynda Brannon.

Dear Zem Company,

I just wanted to say thankyou for the most beautiful dance shoes I have received today. They have exceeded my greatest expectations! The photos on the website really do not do them justice, they are just so beautiful (I chose gold with white multigold). A perfect fit and thanks again.

Stella Le Noury

And I just want to say that your support service is GREAT! I've e-mailed them a lot! :) and they always answer quickly and helps a lot! So a big thank you for that! It makes me want to order from you again and forever! :) Keep up the good work

I would like to thank you on the great service you have provide us. Furthermore, please accept my apologies for all the trouble you have to go through, making sure that we receive our order in time with all the items ordered. It is greatly appreciated. Kind Regards

Karin Joubert

Thank you very much for everything you are a real patient sales person I appreciate your patience. I will order other pairs soon.

Best Regards
Thabo shuttleworth11@hotmail.com

Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation. I have received nothing but the best service from your staff. I look forward therefore to doing business with you in the future and recommending you to the rest of my friends on the dance team.

Jacob jr69@email.byu.edu

Thank you for your kind and quick information! Today,I get my dance shoes. What a wonderful today!! Thank you! I'm going to take it next sunday salsa dance lesson. Thank you again!
Yasuko Narita

I just wanted to let you know that I received the shoes and I am very happy with them. I will definitely do more business with you in the future. Have a wonderful day!

Laura Cantu

We got my husband's shoes. They are beautiful!!! He likes them....I love 'em! Thanks Eva!

Christina cec3@nyu.edu

I finally got my shoes and the brush. I love the shoes so much that I recommended your site to the rest of my group. I will personally get back to you soon with another order. My card was charged $75.04 USD as I expected... Thanks so much for your patience.

Christina cec3@nyu.edu

Hi, I received the shoes yesterday and they are so beautiful!! I didn't wait for nothing! Maybe they are a little bit too large but it'll be ok with tights I think ^_^. Thank you again! Byebye!
Sandy yuna@ffworld.com

Thank You wery much for my dance shoes! It is the second time I by by You, and I'm really glad. The shoes I needed - ICS Surerstar with 2'' heel and narrow fitting - a very special combination, but I have it now! They are very-very nice, thanks for You service! Also special thanks to Eva Allen for 2 times information about my order.
Alexandra alexandra_f@hetnet.nl

Thank you so much. Sorry for the confusion. I wanted to quickly say thank you. I really love your service. You site is always the FIRST place I go when I need new shoes. You have the best selection, and I can usually find the perfect shoe at an exceptional price in your sale stock. My orders always arrive far sooner than I expect them to, and everything is always perfect. I tell all my dancing friends here in the US to check out your site. Keep up the great work!
Best Wishes,
Keegan IceWaltzing@cs.com

I'd like to thank you for taking good care of my order. This is about the dance shoes order, going to Russia. I spoke with my wife 2 days ago and she told me that they received the order, everything is OK , my son was very happy. Once again thank you very much!

Sincerely, Yuri

I just received my shoes, the gold leather Lorraine Mesh ones!! I LOVE THEM THEY'RE ABSOLUTLY BEAUTIFUL!!! I can' wait till I get the other ones, these were my second favorites remember? I have to say they fit beautifully, and they look even better. I couldn't be more happy with them!

Jennifer jdsmall@eden.rutgers.edu

To ever this may concern, I just wanted to let you know how I think it is so great that you have so many shoes on sale and a really good price!!! It is so hard to find nice shoes that are affordable!!! I loved your sale items and the ones that weren't on sale all of them were so lovely!!! I think you are doing a really good job.


I'm very pleased with all the work you do for dancers throughout the world. Congratulations! And once again thank you for providing all the things a dancer needs!

Sandra rdd49922@mail.telepac.pt

Thank you for your consideration and great customer service. I will not hesitate recommending you to friends. Matter of fact, Ive already given the URL to a number of people. I usually check the Dancesport UK site once a week to keep abreast of the latest news. Congratulations on a very interesting and informative site.

Andrew Dong adong2@hotmail.com

Just wanted to let you know I received my order. The shoes fit like a glove....better than any other pair I own. Thank you again.

Shawn Lv2BrDance@aol.com

Eva, Just wanted to let you know that I received my first pair of shoes today!! I am very satisfied. Thanks so much for all the help that you gave me.

Tom tcblack@CLDS.NET

Just wanted to say - what super service! The shoes arrived last week and are perfect! I shall certainly order with you again.

Best regards
Kaye Vogt

Thank you Eva for your fabulously prompt and helpful response. I've been worrying about buying shoes for ages and now I'll be able to order a pair today or tomorrow!!!!

Nicola nicola.wild@bellgully.co.nz

Thanks so much for all of your help. This is my first real shoe buying experience (can you tell? and online no less) and I really appreciate the time you've no doubt spent trying to help me.

Tom and Trang Black tcblack@CLDS.NET

You have been a tremendous help in this matter! : ) This was my first on-line purchase (international no less) and was quite apprehensive about it. However, you have made it such a pleasant and honest transaction that I now feel very comfortable about my purchase. I will certainly recommend your company to all my dancing friends. Thanks again!

Tali Shia giveurall@hotmail.com
I received my shoes and they are just wonderful! Thank you so much,

Alex aykalinin@hotmail.com

We received both pairs of shoes yesterday. They fit well and my wife is very pleased. We will pass on your good service and price story to others. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Bryan lbooker@remc7.k12.mi.us

As I have said before, I really like doing business with you and I am telling all my friends (and printing up your on-line catalog and order form for those who aren't on line).
Elaine Pickens Chachapick@aol.com

I received them today, and they are truly beautiful and comfortable shoes-thanks so much!

Just writing to congratulate you on such a quick delivery. My shoes arrived yesterday, some weeks before I was expecting them. Thanks very much, this is a great help to me!
Kind regards
Rowan Tuttleby

Thank you very much for your help. This has been a very pain free way of doing business if you know your shoe size. It's not often that I can get an EW shoe at a reasonable price.
Lois Williams, Arizona

Thank you so much. You are more than generous for doing this. Several people at the dance studio have ordered shoes from your site after I told them about it. The worst part is waiting for them to arrive, but then again many times the dance supply stores here have to order them as well, so it makes little difference.
Melissa eeyore@WPI.EDU

Sorry I doubted you (I thought that maybe the address was different or something). The shoes are wonderful and have extra padding and the shoe bag which I did not expect to get. I will recommend your services to others and will not hestiate in using you again when required. Next time however will have more confidence in you and less in our Post Office people.

Jolanta jrpleszczynski@one.net.au

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