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Sequence & Old Time Dance Books

An Introduction to Sequence Dancing

Beginners guide with Ted & Sue Burroughs: Teach yourself 10 all time greatest Sequence dances: Balmoral Blues, Tango Serida, Mayfair Quickstep, Iris Foxtrot, Catherine Waltz, Sally Anne Cha-cha, Sindy Swing, Rumba One, Let's Jive

ISTD Old Time / Sequence faculty - Set of 10 books

ISTD Syllabus books for: Boston Two Step, Britannia Saunter, Fylde Waltz, Pas de Valse, Premier Two Step, Royal Empress Tango, Saunter Reve, The Waltz, Valeta, Wedgewood Blue Gavotte

Guide to the Theory and Technique of Sequence and Old Time dancing

Sequence and Old Time Compiled by the British Dance Council

Learning the Essential of Sequence Dances

TA Whitworth Sequence and Old Time

A Source Book for Sequence Dancers

TA Whitworth Sequence and Old Time Script collections, books and videos available at the present time are described in some detail.

Smile in Harmony-Dance in Sequence

Pat Price Sequence and Old Time A book of cartoons and poems on modern sequence dancing. an observation on the 'peculiarities'of the modern sequence dancer.

Bill and Mary Botham's Book of 48 Dances

compiled by Bill and Mary Botham around teh time Modern Sequence was taking over from Old Time

66 Favourite Modern Sequence Dances

Technique of 66 dances authorised by British Council of Ballroom Dancing. Compiled by Keith Craven.

The Top 66 Old Time Dances

Sequence and Old Time A selection of both social and medal test dances.

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