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Alternative rhythms Dance Books

Step by Step Guide to Salsa, Mambo, Merengue

Book aimed at professional teachers of dance who offer tuition in these styles. Contains formal technique of the most popular 20 Salsa figures, 20 Mambo figures and 20 Merengue figures. 115 pages.

Gotta Tango - Argentine tango anywhere, anytime

Guide to authentic Argentine Tango by Alberto Paz and Valorie Hart. Learn fundamental concepts, techniques and figures. 186 pages. Book comes with an instructional DVD that visually demonstrates the movements of this exhilarating and intimate social dance.

Argentine Tango - A Guide to Basics and Beyond (part 1) by Stefanos and Valentina

IDTA Argentine Tango Technique. For Bronze, Silver and Gold medal examinations. There is also a DVD showing the same material as this book.

Mambo Syllabus - ISTD

Bronze, Silver and Gold routines.

Rock'N'Roll Dancing

By Dereck Young Rock 'N' Roll An updated version of Dereck's first book, very well written with clear pictures for the beginner to Rock'n' Roll, and those who want to learn a little more.


Bill Oakes Rock'N'Roll This instructional book is the end product of many years of research and will be of great interest and invaluable to dance teachers throughout the world. Rock'n'Roll techniques explained clearly in Chart form.

ISTD Rock'n'Roll Study Notes

Rock'n'Roll A comprehensive book containing detailed information on the medal structure and the professional examination.

Freestyle Dance by Anna Jones

Free Style Anna Jones A book on Freestyle Dance gives a little history on this form of dance, simple anatomy and mechanics of the human body, simple and advanced exercises, body movements and 3 routines suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced dancer.

Street Dance Guide (IDTA)

Guide book for teachers prepared by IDTA Freestyle Committee. Concentrates on most common styles and dance elements. 54 pages.

ISTD Tap Dancing

By Moyra Gay A Text book on Tap Dancing

ISTD Country and Western study Notes and Country & Western Set Line Dances

ISTD Country and Western study Notes and Country & Western Set Line Dances Set of two books.

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