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Dance costumes for sale

Bad guy WARNING! Sellers beware of FRAUDSTERS who offer to buy an item and send you a (stolen!) cheque and insist they would send their own courier to collect the goods immediately after and before you realize you got a bad cheque.

They may pay the bad cheque into your bank account themselves, but such payment will only appear on your bank account for a couple of days, but then disappear again. To add insult to injury you will be charged the penalty fee by your bank.

Some fraudsters also offer to pay by PayPal, but be aware that PayPal payments can be reversed by the buyer quite easily!

If anyone refers to your dress as "an item" it indicates he/she do not even know what item they are talking about as they send hundreds of such emails every day. Do not even engage into any conversation with such people.

Some other signs indicating that it is a scammer, not a real buyer are phrases like:
  • someone offers to send you a cheque for more than your asking price and request that you send them a change in another cheque. You can be sure that their cheque will not clear and you will loose not only your costume, but the "change" money too.
  • "my secretary will issue a cheque" (how many of us buy dresses through a secretary?)
  • "I have my own shipper, who will collect from you" (clearly he wants to take the dress away BEFORE you realise his payment has disappeared from your account)
  • "God bless you" (typical Middle-East style attempt to gain your trust)
A simple test to probe your potential buyer is to ask him/her what dance competions he/she is planning to go to, as you might be able to bring the dress to one of those competition. A fraudster will have no idea what competitions are there and will not give you any sensible answer.