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Dance costumes for sale
Miscellaneous items

MIS13 I make and design custom handmade jewellery. All my pieces are unique. I use gemstones, Swarovski Crystals and glass beads. Please don't hesitate to email me at farhana.loonat@flojewellery.co.uk

I also have a website www.flojewellery.co.uk I look forward to hearing from you. I offer free delivery within the UK.

MIS12 Hello, my name is Andi Stiegler and here is my offer from Germany: Over 4 Years i collected many of these prof. Dancing Video, which you can also buy here on www.Dancesport.uk.com, both Latin and Ballroom! They are still in very good condition. But now they arent useful to me anymore, so i would like to sell them. So, if theres anyone interested in some of my fine Videos you can of course contact me for a list : Andreas.Stieglert-online.de
MIS6 I have every copy of Ballroom Dancing Times from January 1990 - June 1999 (except December 1995). I would like to sell them as a set. I also have many copies from 1983-90 that I am prepared to include with the above. Any Offers? rigbydj@globalnet.co.uk