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Television production company Electric Ray (in partnership with Sony Pictures Television) is looking for dancers for a big new entertainment format for a mainstream TV channel. We want to hear from AMATEUR dance partners who might be interested in this potentially fantastic opportunity. By amateur, we mean people that donít compete in professional dance competitions. Weíre looking for dancers with various levels of experience: You could dance as a hobby in your spare time, be a former dancer who danced in your youth or a duo that compete at amateur level. We would love to hear from dancers of ALL ages (18+) and ALL genres. You might be an elegant ballet dancer, let your hair down with a bit of Ceroc, enjoy an afternoon tea dancing, glide across the ballroom or have a passion for street dance. As dance partners, you might be in a relationship, siblings, or just good friends. Email us at: for more info.

2015 UK Open Dance Championships DVDs now available! This year there are 2 double disc releases: Professional and Amateur Ballroom, and Professional and Amateur Latin. Each double disc release shows the highlights of the quarter-final, semi-final and Grand final in full. For more info visit out DVD Department

We also have previous years UK Open DVDs at reduced prices on our DVD SALE STOCK

CHRISANNE 2015 Dancewear collection has just landed! Chrisane continue their successful journey providing dancers with practical and stylish practicewear made in soft, luxury stretchy fabrics. This year collection is a further development of Chrisanne earlier trends with some completely new designs being introduced.

For more dancewear visit our Dancewear dept.

Start New Year 2015 with an excellent, newly released DVIDA SALSA SYLLABUS course on DVD The latest addition to our DVD department is a truly excellent 3-level Salsa tutorial. It offers both the syllabus and very good technique training. But best of all the whole training is based on "on 1" style (Man starts Left foot forward On 1 for forward break). This style has established itself as the dominating salsa style nowadays. The syllabus covers Bronze, Silver and Gold level and the explanation of the technique has an excellent attention to detail. Satisfaction guaranteed! For more info or to order check DVIDA Salsa syllabus or visit our DVD department

Gift vouchers available Not sure what would be the best present to buy for your dancing friends? Why not present them with a Dancesport UK gift voucher? We can send you an old-fashioned, paper based gift voucher to your postal address or a digital voucher (email with discount code). For more info and to order one please phone Eva on 020 85680083

2015 Blackpool Dance Festival Official Wall Calendar now available! Beautiful, large size wall calendar featuring fantastic photos of Blackpool Top Professional Ballroom and Latin Finalists in action is now available from us. For more info or to order visit Calendar info

2014 World Super Stars The most awaited event of the year. The famous World Super Star Festival held in Tokyo every year since 1997 presents the World's Top 6 Professional Ballroom and Latin couples in breathtaking shows with amazing lighting and costume changes. We are now selling 2014 World Super Star Standard DVD and 2014 World Super Star Latin DVD

We also have some copies of previous years' World Super Stars Dance Festival at reduced prices on our DVD SALE STOCK. For more fantastic DVDs visit our DVD Department

RS Atelier menswear now available on Dancesport UK - RS Atelier is an Italian company designing and making very high end, high quality dancewear for dance practice and competitions. We are pround to announce that working in partnership with RS Atelier we are now able to offer RS Atelier products to you. There is a classy range of Menswear for Ballroom and high end range of Menswear for Latin. Watch this space for Ladies dancewear to come soon. For more products visit our Dancewear department

Inspired by Tania Kehlet, made by CHRISANNE 2014 We are very proud to present a brand new, still hot new dancewear collection. This is the second collection inspired by Tania after the very successful first one. This time we have tops, leotards, skirts, trousers and dresses. Garments in black, animal print and some other colours. All made with the finest Chrisanne stretchy fabrics. For more info see CHRIANNE Inspired by Tania Kehlet 2014 or visit our Dancewear dept

Authentic 1950s style Rock'n'Roll - a treasure found in the archives In the era of so many new dance styles cropping up, the Authentic Rock'n'Roll was in danger of being forgotten. But by some pure luck an old VHS tape has been found in the archives and transferred to DVD. Now you too can learn this incredible, classic dance with help of our new DVD Authentic Rock'n'Roll DVD Beginners to Advanced taught by Bill and Rosemary Oaks, undefeated Rock'n'Roll Champions. For more info visit our DVD department

Nueva Epoca 2014/15: New range of sexy Argentine Tango shoes For the fifth year now Nueva Epoca delivers most creative, flamboyant Argentine Tango shoes. This year additionally to suede soles some models are available with Tango leather soles. We now offer the latest of: Ladies Tango shoes 7cm heel Ladies Tango shoes 8cm heel Ladies Tango shoes 9cm heel, Mens Tango shoes, For more styles visit our Virtual Shoe Shop

Len Goodman - Latin Variations for Classwork This is another new DVD release, highly recommended for teachers looking for new ideas and routines. Len Goodman presents 24 fresh and innovative, but not too demanding routines for all Latin-American dances. See Len Goodman - Latin Variations for Classwork DVD. For more titles visit our DVD department

VOLVER now makes Mens shoes too! Volver is an Italian company designing and making fantastic and comfortable shoes, which do not cost the earth. We especially like their very creative Ladies Strictly Argentino range, although all Social dancers looking for new, inspiring shoes will find something for themselves in Volver range. By popular demand VOLVER has now added Mens classic range to their collection. For more info visit our Virtual Shoe Shop

Pretty Women summer special: BUY 1 DRESS, Get 1 DRESS FREE! Pretty Women created a fantastic collection of Lounge clothing/Dresses for General dancing as well as collection of Evening dresses to wear for evening occassions. All these dresses are available from us from stock. Same day dispatch.

If you buy one Pretty Women dress in summer 2014 we are offering the second (cheaper or same price) dress completely free. (In case you are thinking of ordering 3 dresses, the medium priced dress will be counted half-price, the cheapest one Free of charge.) Just order one dress as normal and write in the special instructions at the checkout stage what you would like as your Free dress. For more info visit our Dancewear dept.

89th Blackpool Dance Festival 2014 (British Open Dance Championships) DVDs are available from us and shipping now! This year there are 2 double disc releases: Professional and Amateur Ballroom, and Professional and Amateur Latin. Each double disc release shows the highlights of the 4th round plus the quarter-final, semi-final and Grand final in full. If you want to be one of the first people to have them - order now. For more info visit out DVD Department

We also have previous years Blackpool DVDs at reduced prices on our DVD SALE STOCK

2014 BDF International Congress, Blackpool Every year in May Blackpool becomes not only the home of one of the finest dance competitions, but also a home of the famous Blackpool Congress where world's best professional dancers and teachers give lectures about dancing at the highest level. Tickets to the Congress are expensive and places are limited, fortunatelly there are also congress DVDs that allow you to experience learning from the World's finest Dancers and Coaches. 2014 Blackpool Congress DVDs are now ready and available from us in PAL and NTSC format. For more info see 2014 World Ballroom Dancing Congress or visit our DVD Dept.

10 New CD releases on single and double albums Most major CD publishers release their best albums around May, just in time for Blackpool Dance Festival. This year is not exception. We now have 10 major new music CD releases by Casa musica, Casaphon, Dancelife, WRD music, Prandi and some newcomers. Both Vocal and Instrumental, Ballroom and Latin. Isn't it time to update your CD collection? For more info visit our Music Dept.

Inspired by Morena made by CHRISANNE 2014/15 is the latest collection introduced in Blackpool this year by the dream team of Morena Colagreco and Chrisanne. Morena designs cater for the high end of Ballroom dancewear market offering sleek and sophisticated skirts, tops and dresses. For more info see Inspired by Morena & Roberto made by Chrisanne 2014/15 collection or visit our Dancewear dept.

VESA for CHRISANNE 2014/15 After two very successful collections by this talented designer the third collection has just landed. Vesa designs are sexy and sophisticated, ladies love wearing them and men love watching the ladies wearing them! For more info see VESA for Chrisanne 2014/15 or visit our Dancewear dept.

DanceCos Tanning products back in stock By popular demand we have now re-stocked the best selling DanceCos fake tan products, still at competitive prices. For more info see DanceCos Tanning products

Final clearance of Hair pieces by Tamishyo of Japan We are now having a sale of detachable hair pieces for the front and back of the head. All substantially reduced in price. Attach and detach these pieces to create amazing, professionally looking hairstyles for competitions, shows or special events. Perfect hair style in a few minutes! Looks and feels like natural hair. But hurry! stocks are limited and some colours already sold out ...see more info or visit our Hair pieces dept.

End of Studio Himawari DVDs era When Studio Himawari, world's biggest developer of Dancesport instructional DVDs decided to discontinue their DVD production, it marked the end of an era of wonderful releases with world's best dance teachers so many dancers benefited from. A list of titles now completely sold out is too long to mention here. There are only few titles we still have some stock of. When they are gone, they really will be gone! For more info and/or to order visit our DVD dept.

Ballroom shoes are changing After so many years of being the traditional court shoes, ballroom shoes are changing! The latest trends in Supadance designs bring cross over straps and more ideas. See Supadance Ladies Ballroom shoes or visit our Shoes Dept.

Two major music releases: Ultimate Ballroom Album 17 and Ultimate Latin Album 15. The Ultimate Ballroom and Latin Albums have established themselves as one of he most reliable sources of new music and these two new releases live up to all expectations. Still hot, came out before Blackpool Dance Festival 2014 and are available from stock now! For more info visit our Music Dept.

Flavia Cacace & Vincent Simone School of Dance This new 4x DVD release is a great way for beginners to learn the basics of twelve most popular social dances and get dance crazy in the process! The steps taught are not too complicated, but anyone starting to dance will get a real enjoyment from doing them. The 4th DVD is a full length professional Argentine Tango show 'Midnight Tango' performed by Flavia and Vincent together with 4 other couples at West End theatre. We give it 10 out of 10. Here is ...more info or visit our DVD Department

2014 UK Open Dance Championships on DVD UK Open Dance Championships held in January in Bournemouth, England are one of the most prestigious competitions in the world and every year world's best dancers participate. This year the standard of dancing went even higher than ever before! If you missed it - you can still watch it on DVD, now available from us. Two separate double DVDs are available: 2014 UK Open Professional & Amateur Ballroom and 2014 UK Open Professional & Amateur Latin For more info visit our DVD Department

FREE sole brush Keep your dance shoe soles free from dirt and dust and have a better floor connection. This month we are offering a FREE sole brush with every pair of shoes ordered from us. To claim your gift you all you need to do is write in the special instructions section (at the checkout stage) "FREE brush". Visit our Virtual Shoe Shop

WINTER SALE: Special offers available while stocks last.
  • DVD SALE 2013 World Super Stars now reduced! Also Blackpool, UK Open and more. Last few copies!
  • SHOE SALE Perfectly good shoes, some top of the range. One off special offers.
  • DANCEWEAR SALE Updated with new items and more price cuts
  • TANNING PRODUCTS Super Tan, Sexy Tan, Profi Brown and more
  • HAIR PIECES Instant hair-do for Ballroom comps
Santoria 2014 Panthera collection Hot! Brand new for 2014 Santoria Dancewear collection for Latin Ladies and Ballroom Ladies is now available from us! Since 2001 Santoria designers exceed themselves in designing fabulous, but practical tops, skirts, trousers and dresses for lady dancers for practice, small and big occassions. This year they raised the game again producing a hot, new collection. For more info visit our Dancewear dept.

Casa Musica latest CD release Ballroom Flavour CD featuring Mirko Gozzoli and Edita Daniute on the cover page is the very lastest release from Casa Musica, the undisputed world leader in delivering you beautiful dance music. On this CD there are is great blend of Waltzes, Tangos, Foxtrots, Viennese Waltzes and Quicsteps. Everything one may expect and more. Now in stock. For more visit our Music Department

2014 Blackpool Dance Festival Official Wall Calendar now available at half price! Beautiful, large size wall calendar featuring fantastic photos of Blackpool Top Professional Ballroom and Latin Finalists in action is now available from us. Last year this calendar got completely sold out, so do not delay. For more info or to order visit Calendar info

2013 World SuperStar Dance Festival on DVD Since 1997 it has been the most awaited DVD release of the year and this year's treat has just arrived. If you have not seen it yet - you must. If you want to get someone impressed with fabulous dancing - this is the title to show him or her! Two separate DVDs are available: 2013 World Super Stars Standard and 2013 World Super Stars Latin For more info visit our DVD Department

2013 Dance Legends The most talked about event of this year. April 2013, New York. Eleven Mega Star couples performing breathtaking shows! You can see it all on a double DVD available from us now! ... see more info or visit our DVD Department

We also have some copies of 2012 Dance Legends double DVD and if you buy this title you can also have another DVD from a list of 30 absolutely FREE of charge. ...more info

Chrisanne 2013/14 Ballroom outfits collection inspired by Morena and Roberto The latest fashion release is an "all Black" collection of very elegant ballroom skirts, tops and dresses inspired by Morena Colagreco and made by Chrisanne. For very smart occassions. ...see the collection

Also available now: 2013/2014 VESA for Chrisanne. A second Latin dancewear collection designed by VESA and made by Chrisanne follows the success story of the first one released last year. For more dancewear visit our Dancewear dept.

Ray Rose shoes now available on Dancesport UK We are very happy to announce that we are now partners with Ray Rose, the manufacturer of probably the most professional and most competitive dance shoes on the market today. Ray Rose have been Bryan Watson's and Carmen's favourite shoes throughout their professional careers and helped them win the World Championship title 9 times! You can now check Ray Rose Ladies Latin, Ladies Ballroom Men Latin, Men Ballroom, Girls and Boys. For more shoe styles visit our Virtual Shoe Shop

Chrisanne Menswear collection has been a great success at Blackpool Dance Festival and is available from us now. See new shirts for Ballroom Men as well as Latin Men or visit our Dancewear Dept.

Stretch Cotton Ballroom Competition shirt We are proud to announce the launch of our new Stretch Cotton Ballroom competition shirt. The shirt is made in two versions: with body fitting and on shorts. Either way it will never pull out from your trousers. For more info visit our Mens Ballroom Dancewear page or drop to Dancewear dept..

International brings colours and new designs to their already impressive shoe range. Remember the days when all dance shoes were made only in white, flesh and black? Nowadays we are spoilt for choice with new colours and design ideas. Have a look at International's new colourful Crystal Range and Plaited range. For more info visit our Virtual Shoe Shop

Preparing for Blackpool Dance Festival?. We are having a great clearance of top quality DVDs including all previous year Blackpool DVDs, which may prove very helpful in preparation to the next Blackpool Festival. You may be able to check who you will be competing against. See our DVD SALE list or visit our DVD dept.

Dance Legends DVD - Great gift idea If you enjoyed watching World Super Stars DVDs, then Dance Legends will be an equal or even better treat! A new Dance Super Show event started in New York attracting 10 of the absolutely best couples of the world, who gave performances of their life. Now you can see it all with your own eyes recorded on two DVDs. We guarantee you will be amazed.
... more about Dance Legends 2013 DVDs
... more about Dance Legends 2012 DVDs
or visit our DVDs department

Santoria 2013 SILVA COLLECTION. Sophisticated yet practical dancewear collection is now available from us! When it comes to ladies dancewear Santoria established themselves as leaders in trend setting and practical designs. In this collection you will find comfortable and great looking practicewear for Ballroom Ladies and for Latin Ladies. For more info visit our Dancewear dept.

Insurance for dance teachers When looking to insure a profession like dance teaching it is much more complicated than simply insuring your house or your car, though no less important. It can be difficult to get your head around the different covers on offer ...more

Shine TV production company are currently looking for Junior Ballroom dancers that have demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to finding the right partner. They are looking for a UK based junior dancers that are now dancing with a partner that has come to join them from overseas. If you know any couples that fit that description could you please get them to contact

Britainís Got Talent is back and they are keen to hear from choreographers and dancers who want their vision to be shown to the masses. After an extremely successful series, they are looking for acts to audition who want to push the boundaries of dance and bring something new and innovative to the table. If you have an act who you think would be the next big thing, following in the footsteps of Four Corners and Kai & Natalia, then they would love to speak to you about auditioning this autumn. Please contact Danni on 0207 691 6392 or email, she will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Rhythm to Result CDs Learning how to listen to the music and how to find the right beat is often a great challenge for beginners and it can take a long time before it comes naturally. But there is help. Rhythm to Result CDs are a great teaching tool offering Rhythm only recordings and Voice counts for any particular dance. You can learn how to listen to the music by practicing to a single instrument characteristic to the dance. The CDs also offer voice counting, so a dance teacher can save one's own throat! We also have 18 new music CD releases. When was the last time you updated your CD collection? For more info and/or to order visit our Music dept.

Santoria Nebula Collection It is amazing by Santoria is getting better and better with every new collection they release. This years latest Nebula collection is bigger and more diverse than the earlier ones. There is a nice choice for Ballroom Ladies and for Latin Ladies. Have a look and you will find something for yourself for this season. For more info and/or to order visit our Dancewear dept.

New Music Releases: Blackpool Music CDs Just in time for Blackpool Dance Festival we are proud to be able to deliver you 3 volumes of Blackpool music on Double Album CDs. These songs are the best of the best and they never age! Other major new music releases include The Ultimate Ballroom Album 15 and The Ultimate Latin Album 13. When was the last time you updated your CD collection? Visit our Music dept.

Carlos Custodio and Elena Plescenco chosen as ambassadors of the new, innovative ZEM Dancesport UK dancewear collection. We are proud to present new designs of dancewear for medal competitions, social dancing and practice beautifully modelled by Elena and Carlos. All garments from this collection are made in UK and are available from us from stock. For more info visit our Dancewear dept. or jump directly to Latin dancewear or Ladies Ballroom dancewear or Evening dancewear or Mens Latin shirts or Mens Latin trousers or Mens Ballroom shirts

Distributors wanted We are looking for business partners interested in distributing ZEM Dancesport UK dancewear range across the world. If you are a business or business minded person contact Eva for details.

Dance to Your Maximum Since its first publication approx. 5 years ago this book has become a Bible for competitive dancers all over the world. We are proud to announce we now have in stock its 2nd edition, now in hard cover. For more info see Dance to your Maximum Book or visit our Books dept.

THE OFFICIAL IDTA Technique of Ballroom Dancing by Guy Howard is now available on DVD! It is a breakthrough DVD. The Ballroom dancing community has had to wait for 50 years for this release. Now learning the official ballroom technique can be achieved five times faster, as students and teachers do not have to visualise the steps from boring tables in a book. It has come alive for us all, with the wonderful demonstration of David Sycamore and Denise Weavers, five times World and European 10-Dance Champions. ...more about this release For more DVDs visit our DVD department

New shoe ideas from International When it comes to creativity International Dance Shoes have always been in the lead. Now this world leading shoe manufacturer has created three new ranges for ladies: Plaited range, Sequin range and Crystal range. All three are definitely a breath of fresh air in the dance shoe world. For more info visit our Virtual Shoe Shop

New DVD release: Advanced Latin-American Technique After The Advanced Standard Ballroom Technique with Mirko Gozzoli and Alessia Betti released in 2010 the World has been screaming for the equivalent DVD with Latin-American Technique. Finally now these requests have been answered and we have The Advanced Latin-American Tecnique demonstrated by Michael Malitowski and Joanna Leunis. A delightful, highly educational release. ...visit our DVD department

Cindini dance shoes We are quite impressed with the new range of shoes made by Cindini. The ladies Latin shoes we have tried are very soft and have thick padding in the soles, in our opinion they are not in any way behind the more famous brands. Cindini have also released fun to wear silver and gold sneakers. For more info visit our Virtual Shoe shop

Another new DVD release: MUSICALITY by Arunas Bizokas and Katusha Demidova with commentary by Geoffrey Hearn. If you are looking for new ideas for content-full, action-packed, danceable, advanced ballroom groups with top of the world demonstration available in slow motion - you have just found it! Now in stock and shipping. For more info visit our DVD department

Oliver Wessel-Therhorn 1960-2010 Following the sudden passing away of this great Teacher and Lecturer at the age of 50, a collection of 8 lectures showcasing his talents has been put on DVD. All profits from the sale of this release are directed to the Oliver Wessel-Therhorn Trust Fund for the continuance of his two children. For more info visit our DVD department

Pursuit of Perfection by Arunas Bizokas and Katusha Demidova This is a great instructional set of 4 DVDs taught by the current undisputed World Champions. This DVD is an eye opening lesson concentrating predominantly on proper technique and less on choreography. For more info visit our DVD department

Shopping with even more confidence: We have extended our return period from 30 to 60 days, so if the items do not fit you can return them for exchange or refund within 60 days from invoice date, no questions asked. All we require is that the items have not been used and are returned in resalable condition quoting your original order number. Full terms of business

The Irvine's Legacy is a new double DVD (and a book) release compiled by Oliver Wessel-Therhorn with William Pino and Alessandra Buciarelli as supporting actors. Do not think it is just a celebration of Bill and Bobbie's memory, this is actually a very educational DVD containing a vast compedium of knowledge you would normally acquire only by taking a large number of private lessons with Bill or Bobbie. We give it 10 out of 10. For more info and to order visit our Video/DVD dept.

New ABC's of Ballroom DVDs now in stock! This is probably the most eagerly awaited DVD release of recent years. After the release of ABC of Ballroom on video tapes in the mid- 90s with Augusto Schiavo and Caterina Arzenton there was no product on the market to match it for a long time... until now! Now Caterina Arzenton comes back with a new DVD release. In our opinion a must for any serious Ballroom dancer. For more info and to order visit our Video/DVD dept.

Debut of the year .... and the winner is Jason Cutler of ELITE COUTURE (the costume designer for Strictly Come Dancing Star Matthew Cutler as well as many international dance stars) with his quality mens latin shirts made to your real measurements! Not of the peg S/M/L sizes. All done within around 7-10 days. All items can be easily ordered online through our Dancewear dept.

PRECIOSA stones Did you know we also offer Preciosa stones, a cheaper alternative to Swarovski stones and only a very experienced eye will see a difference! For more info visit our Stones dept.

Swarovski stones Did you know we sell Swarovski stones too? Glue-on and Sew-on types. Check our latest very competitive offer in our Stones dept.

New generation Tail Suits Revolution in tail suit making: New technologies have crept from other sport disciplines into ballroom dancing. Now ballroom dancers can benefit from improved top line and lighter tail suit that never creases. All these thanks to Pure Class new Feather Touch Tail suit. For more info visit our Dancewear dept.

ISTD official Latin-American Syllabus and Technique now on DVD For anyone studying a technique book these DVDs will come as an enormous relief, as now you can see how things should be done rather than having to imagine them. For more info and to order visit our DVD dept.

Interviews and news from Russia International Standard and Latin syllabus on DVD By popular demand we are happy to announce we now have the complete Ballroom International style Standard syllabus and International style Latin syllabus on DVDs! For more info visit our Video and DVD dept.

Holiday and Dance now has a new website with full listings of our holiday events and electronic newsletter. For more info visit

Dance for England is another new site creating opportunity for young dancers to enjoy dancesport with the support of subsidied training programme. For more info visit

A Technique of Advanced Standard Ballroom Figures The DVD the whole ballroom industry has been waiting for for decades is finally released! A visual reference book showing 97 advanced ballroom figures categorised by Geoffrey Hearn and beautifully demonstrated by Mirko Gozzoli and Alessia Betti. This DVD is becoming the new ballroom Bible. For more info visit our video and DVD dept..

The Ultimate Argentine Tango DVDs: Now also Leaders Technique, Followers Technique, Milonga, Vals, Milonguero. Finally the Ochos, Ganchos, Boleos, Barridas, Paradas, and other mystery Argentinian Tango steps are demystified. Recommended. For more info visit our Video/DVD department

19 years of internet trading Being one of the oldest companies in the world promoting Dancesport on the internet, ZEM Software - Dancesport UK fusion is celebrating the 19th anniversary in business. During those 19 years we had over 5 million website visitors and had the visitors counter lost and restarted three times during various system upgrades. We sent over 60,000 parcels with various dance related items to 23 countries of the world. Many thanks to all of you for so many years of continued support.

Dancesport UK does not send any unsolicited emails We are frustrated to hear that some people received spam apparently signed by ZEM or Dancesport UK webmaster. Please be assured we do not send spam or any unsolicited emails to anyone. If you received such message in the last few weeks please report it to to help us investigate who sends them.

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