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Men looking for ladies - Seniors, Intermediate
MSI459 Croydon, Surrey I am very keen on social dancing and go to various tea dances around London. I have private lessons once a week and attend various group lessons (Kingston, Reigate and other places). I'm looking for a lady who shares my passion and would like to improve with a regular partner for lessons and social dancing. I would consider competitions with the right person. I am 60, retired, 5'9", slim, very fit (handicap 9 at golf -I play almost every day). I have a car and my free Oyster card so travel is no problem. I dance all the ballroom and Latin dances but I particularly like ballroom (foxtrot is my favourite - I love the music). Please phone or send a WhatsApp message for an initial chat: 07848 933 969 Mike

Submitted: 10 July 2019

MSI468 Solihull, West Midlands Very successful juvenile and junior back in the late 70s early1980s and now 40 something years later at 59 I would love to find a motivated and dedicated partner to get back into competitive dancing, possibly both Latin and ballroom or to specialise in one. After a couple of recent lessons with Kyle Taylor at Aura dance studio I would love to find a partner local to myself near Solihull if possible to focus on dancing time rather than travel time and get the most out of lessons to get ready to compete. Around 5,11, very fit and motivated to work hard. Please email for a tryout :) Tkindred@mail.com
Thanks Tim

Submitted: 13 March 2024

MSI467 Lancashire Looking for a dance partner around Lancashire for social dances, who can dance or would like to learn popular sequence and old time. I'm 56 5ft8 and slim build, I have been a regular at the tower ballroom and would like a lady to come and dance with me and share classes if preferred also I would be happy to compete in ballroom if wanted. firthm646@gmail.com

Submitted: 23 October 2023

MSI466 Hi there , i am a Dancer of intemediate level and now have more time too dance abit. I,M 5,10, can do ballroom and even abit of sequence. Looking to get more dancing in, So am open to Tea dancing also, can travel, so distance should not be a problem. Hope to hear from you soon. [T] : ] julintom440@yahoo.com

Submitted: 2 June 2023

MSI465 Wakefield, Sheffield, Leeds. I'm 5'10 and slim, 65 but told I look 5 years younger. Currently in Wakefield, but dance Sheffield( chapel town), Tadcaster, Skipton, Rawdon, and Leeds. Widowed recently, but wants to maintain amateur / intermediate ballroom, Latin, and / or sequence. Need to keep fit in body and mind or I'll go mad. Need reasonably slim / average size woman who likes dancing once or twice a week. Will help novices. Will send reciprocal photo if required. Only women who are between 50 and 66 please. Anthonybaldwin734@gmail.com

Submitted: 20 September 2022

MSI464 Hi, 57yrs old, 5' 9", slim build, and have been dancing ballroom/Latin (including sequence dances) for about 5yrs. I also dance Argentine tango (novice) and modern jive. I am looking for a keen female follower (of any ability level) for lessons, medals, and social events. Rooney125@btinternet.com

Submitted: 5 April 2022

MSI463 Thanet, UK Good morning, I am a healthy, athletic and single man looking for a dance partner for ballroom, Latin and/or Jive classes and workshop events around the Thanet area. I have been triple-jabbed and 100% healthy. If you have any questions, you can contact me on 07840 163288 or BillJohnston2020@gmail.com Have a great day, take care and stay safe. Bill Johnston

Submitted: 29 October 2021

MSI462 Strong and experienced pre-champ competitor now seeking a dedicated, committed, loyal ballroom partner for senior competition, to get to the next, full championship, level - Senior 1 or 2 and/or o50. Recent UK Closed Inter champion, National League winner at Inter level, Bournemough finalist at pre-champ and ISTD Gold Star o35 National winner.

Just as important, probably more important, as the competition success is how much we enjoy the feel of the dancing with each other, and the learning process.

I am 5'10, 1.79. Happy to teacher and travel share, and will match your efforts. I look forward to hearing from you braverhubarb@yahoo.com

Submitted: 18 September 2021

MSI461 Hi, I'm 57, slim, fit, 5'9" and a keen ballroom/latin dancer and looking for a dance partner for lessons, and social events. Working towards my silver medals (delayed due to COVID). Also dance Argentine tango and modern jive whenever I can. So if you are as keen as I am to dance please drop me a line. Rooney125@btinternet.com

Submitted: 9 September 2021

MSI460 I am looking for lady between 45-55 to practice latin dancing. I am intermediete level and try to improve. Preferred country Ireland. My email aristogeorge@hotmail.com

Submitted: 5 September 2021

MSI459 Croydon, Surrey I am very keen on social dancing and go to various tea dances around London. I have private lessons once a week and attend various group lessons (Kingston, Reigate and other places). I'm looking for a lady who shares my passion and would like to improve with a regular partner for lessons and social dancing. I would consider competitions with the right person. I am 60, retired, 5'9", slim, very fit (handicap 9 at golf -I play almost every day). I have a car and my free Oyster card so travel is no problem. I dance all the ballroom and Latin dances but I particularly like ballroom (foxtrot is my favourite - I love the music). Please phone or send a WhatsApp message for an initial chat: 07848 933 969 Mike

Submitted: 10 July 2019

MSI458 St Helens, Merseyside I am looking for a keen & reasonably experienced female partner for practice, improvement/development & social, at least 3 nights a week, but ideally more. If you are looking for a competition partner then that would be a bonus because (I was competing in the supadance league from 2012 to 2018) I have been dancing ballroom/Latin for approximately 10 years and am a 59 y.o. male 5ft 7, slim build and a good fitness level. I live in St Helens, Merseyside. I take the IDTA medal tests annually and have achieved GB3 in November 2018. Obviously I am willing to travel to meet at venues in your area or in between and hopefully you will also be willing to do the same. maa138@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 20 June 2019

MSI457 Wrexham/Chester, UK I am looking for a female partner for comps. Age 50, 5'10", gold bar 3 level in medal tests. Experienced at comps and want to do more especially Champs of Tomorrow in Blackpool. Willing to travel if not too far. Currently dancing with Ross Millar's school in Oswestry but no partner means no real dancing! hodavies@btopenworld.com

Submitted: 23 May 2019

MSI455 London Hi I am a New Zealander Living in the UK, I am single and in my early 60's a slim 5 ft 10in fit and active, my passion is dancing. Ballroom, Latin, New Vouge and Rock n Roll, I dance socially at a good level but have not done competition so far. I am looking for a fit lady 50s to early 60s who can complement me on the dance floor, learning new steps and making old ones look great. mikecodlin@gmail.com

Submitted: 25 April 2019

MSI453 Richmond Surrey I am 62 years of age, I can do ballroom, salsa and Argentine tango...... attashejavani@gmail.com

Submitted: 8 March 2019

MSI450 Isle of Wight Hi I am looking for a male dance partner in the isle of Wight - I am 61 years of age and attend the Riverside Centre on a Tuesday evening - have just completed the beginners classes and hoping to move up a class in 2019. Contact: 07870568572

Submitted: 24 December 2018

MSI449 Solihull I am looking for an additional partner, as my current partner is having to give up dancing due to health issues. Initially to dance once a week with maybe a lesson in chachacha. Assuming that we get on ok then more to follow later in the year. She should be about 5ft 2/4 inches tall and slim please. I am 5ft 6inches and slim and a septuagenarian. I have been dancing regularly for the last 13 years doing ballroom and sequence. dancemandave@gmail.com

Submitted: 24 December 2018

MSI448 North Birmingham Hello ladies my name is Ted I am 73 179cm tall blond hair glasses fairly fit.looking for a nice lady as a dance partner for afternoon and evening dances, ballroom Latin and modem sequence. If you would like a dance e mail me ted.ware@gmail.com

Submitted: 10 December 2018

MSI447 N. Middlesex Male amateur intermediate B&L dancer, 70s, 74 kg, 178 cm. Much out of practice through foot injury. Seeking compatible female partner to restart training, practice and social from the New Year. Ultimate aim: to be the best that we can. Private lessons present no problem. Prepared to travel somewhat, but N. Middx, S. Herts., N. London preferred. Otherwise open to suggestion and mutual agreement. farrier0918@gmail.com

Submitted: 20 November 2018

MSI446 Warwickshire My Uncle's lifelong dream is to dance at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom and as Nov 2019 holds an important birthday for him and he has said that he would dearly to celebrate by dancing just once with a lady on that magical dance floor. He is slim and still very active (no stick) and in his hay day used to ballroom dance with his sister (my mother) who died a few years ago. He has a bronze ballroom dancing award. If you can ballroom dance and live near to Blackpool and would be willing to give up an hour of your time to realise my uncle's dream please respond to this ad. Happy to pay for your time and any reasonable travel costs. ljshrubb@outlook.com

Submitted: 26 October 2018

MSI445 Scotland Looking for intermediate level dance partner for practice and possible classes, 36-55, Highlands, Scotland but will travel Aberdeenshire or south. Must have good training ethic! Me 5'10", slim, fit, approx 4 years ballroom/Latin. ric0007@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 23 September 2018

MSI444 London Comming from Denmark to stay in London. Senior male dancer looking for a female partner to do stand competition. I have been a Danish champion in the senior dancing here in Denmark. sm@sharebnb.dk phone +4522843098

Submitted: 16 August 2018

MSI443 Bournmouth/ Poole I am looking for a lady who is as serious about improving her dancing as I have qualified for Blackpool over 65's for the last two years. I am Bronze/silver level of the ISTD and have lessons with Suzanne and Julie at Keep Dancing. Before moving to Dorset I also had lessons with Raymond Miles in Reading.

I am 5'8" slim and fit. I am looking for a lady to share lessons with, I don't mind sharing teachers as well using my routines. I also hire a village hall once a week to practice my routines and go to a couple of social dances each week. My email address is: allerford7@yahoo.co.uk or 07788 811724

Submitted: 10 August 2018

MSI442 Derby, UK Hi my name is Ray I am 5-7tall I dance 4 times a week at Derby and Heanor Ballroom and some sequence and latin I have 2 lessons per week. I passed bronze, silver and gold medals and am looking for a social dance partner and to take lessons. By the way I'm a mature gentleman average size and active if you like what you see my number is 07810168632

Submitted: 28 July 2018

MSI441 West Sussex I am looking for a mature lady as a social dance partner in the Portsmouth/Chichester/Worthing area. I am 6ft tall, of average build and have been dancing for a number of years and am probably somewhere in the improvers/intermediate level. I am in my early 70's and quite fit. I am not interested in competition dancing. My interests are Ballroom and Latin, Ceroc/Jive, Rock'n'Roll and Sequence.I am willing to share teaching and dance lessons and travel if necessary. Any offers of interest please e-mail maplehurst49@aol.com

Submitted: 27 July 2018

MSI440 Nottinghamshire Looking for a tall lady as I am 6'2" to do Ballroom/Latin and Sequence Dancing. Willing to travel and share teachers as required. I have danced for 9yrs and competed in Ballroom/Latin & Sequence competitions also in Formation Team Competitions enjoying some success over my competing years. A good sense of humour and willingness to improve technique & availability to practice and/or attend social dances to dance regularly is a must. If this is you too then call or text me on 07860197372 for a try out.

Submitted: 2 June 2018

MSI439 Weston-super-Mare I'm 42, 6ft, looking for female dance partner/any age, done a few comps at novice level. Social dancing+poss comps. Danced for 4 years-looking to go to next level. Contact: 077577 68667

Submitted: 10 April 2018

MSI438 Huddersfield Mike from Huddersfield. 62, average build and reasonably fit, 6ft 2in. I can dance very basic Waltz, Quickstep, Social Foxtrot, Sequence, Swing Jive. I need someone to dance, learn and improve with. I also want to learn Lindy Hop. Please contact me on, m.critchlow511@btinternet.com or 07766151101. Also on Facebook.

Submitted: 29 January 2017

MSI435 North Cumbria I am in my early seventies, danced for about six years ballroom and Latin, I'm five foot eight and ten stone. I am keen to improve, but I can't do that without a like minded partner. I am prepared to travel or accommodate the right partner to attend quality lessons and dances, but someone local would be preferable. I will not be offended if you give it a try and then decide that it's not for you, nothing ventured and all that. Contact: 07724674288

Submitted: 21 November 2017

MSI434 Morden, London Hi I have been dancing for few years but after a long break now I wish to start again† if you want to practice for social dance and some club night get If you are into salsa and bachata† like to hear from you. Iím Francesco37y. Francesco2989@gmail.com

Submitted: 21 November 2017

MSI433 Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire I'm 53, have been dancing on and off for 15 years. I am fit, slim build, 6'1" tall and have a very active job so movement is not an issue. I have the basics in hand for most ballroom and latin dances except for Argentine Tango, Salsa, Viennese Waltz, all of which I have a passion to learn. I am based near Stratford-upon-Avon but willing to travel. bjam1964@hotmail.com

Submitted: 6 November 2017

MSI432 Berkshire I am looking for a mature lady for a dance partner, both for Ballroom and Latin dances, with view of entering Medalist competitions and may be the Open circuit competitions as well. Possibly, do Black tie social dances if situation allows, to dance on a more relaxed atmosphere. I am 5í8" tall and 58 years young. Share expenses and possibly car share to events and comps if we happen to be from same direction. My level is Bronze over 50s in the ISTD. The intention is in view of commencement beginning of 2018, but, hoping to meet up to try together before end of dance season this year 2017, iif attainable. To express your interest, text me on the number given below, name is Joey. Contact: 07838067749

Submitted: 2 November 2017

MSI431 Cardif, South Wales I am searching a new dance partner in both Ballroom and Latin at Intermediate/PreChamp/Senior 1 standard. My name is Mark and Iím 39 years old, 183 cm tall and live in South Wales I am willing to travel around Wales and the South West areas, possibly further for the right partner.† I am very passionate about dance and would love to take my passion to the next level. My achievements in dance career:
  • Winner of Stars of the Future 2016 Intermediate Latin
  • Winner of Britains Best Intermediate Ballroom and Latin 2016
  • Finalist at Blackpool Champions of Tomorrow Intermediate Ballroom and Latin 2016 gaining a 3rd and 4th place.
  • Finalist in Bournemouth Dance Festival Ballroom and Latin Intermediate and Pre Champ 2017 gaining 2nd, 3rd 4th and 5th place.

Submitted: 28 October 2017

MSI430 Dartford I am looking for a dance partner for dances, tea dances and possibly joint improvement lessons. If you are reasonably competant, good fun and enjoy dancing please contact me. Thank you. dsssully@yahoo.com or 07572642748

Submitted: 25 October 2017

MSI428 Cheshire Keen older dancer. 5' 8". Loves Ballroom, most standard Sequence, Latin American. Seeks Lady Partner for serious dancing. Any Ability. Any Age. Social fun dancing only - no competitions. Happy to take lessons. fmc2017@btinternet.com

Submitted: 16 August 2017

MSI426 Huddersfield, West Yorkshire My name is Mike. Aged 60, fairly fit, 6'2", I've been dancing 6 beat jive/rock n roll for sometime but need a regular partner to improve with. I also want to learn lindy hop. I can dance some very basic ballroom steps and would be happy to improve on them as well. Please email as below, thank you. Mike Mikecritch511@gmail.com

Submitted: 31 July 2017

MSI425 Grimsby Hello, I m an 41 Italian man working here with passion in Cuban Salsa. I went in Italy to Cuban Salsa school for more than 2 years and with big success because I have talent in dancing. Its very difficult found the perfect dance partner fit for me. I m 185 cm tall and with very nice appeal. I need a dance partner to improve in all steps. Contact me ale76mail@libero.it in object Cuban Salsa Partner and we can see.

Submitted: 17 June 2017

MSI424 Chelmsford, Essex, UK Hi, Iím Martin, Iíve been dancing for a number of years, and previously taken lessons in Ballroom, Latin, Argentine Tango and Sequence.† Iím looking for a partner living locally for regular evening social dances and Tea-dances, Iím not interested in taking medals, but if my partner wishes to practice any routines, thatís OK with me. folkie21@yahoo.com

Submitted: 5 June 2017

MSI420 Berkshire / Surrey Hi; I am looking for a hardworking, but fun, ballroom partner to compete at intermediate / prechamp level, and eventually senior 1, predominantly in standard, but open to Latin - which might require a lot of work from me - as well. I am 5'10, 46 y/o, happily married, and mad about dancing. I take coaching in Reading and Surrey, but am happy to teacher and travel share. Hope to hear from you :-) buddleialimited@aol.com

Submitted: 31 March 2017

MSI418 West London I am 36 years old lady,173 cm wos, slim built dancer looking for a ballroom dancing partner, pre Champ intermediate level. I am happy for teacher sharing. My coach is Zoey Price, want to practice 2-3 per week, looking for hard working person. Ingridab6@gmail.com, 077523 64750.

Submitted: 26 February 2017

MSI417 Gloucestershire Hi, I'm J. Genuinely a nice easy going guy who's looking to dance again after a break. Here are my stats:
  • Age: 36
  • Height: 5.9 (170cm)
  • Built: Slim
  • Location: Between Bristol and Gloucester
  • Dance experience: PreChamp in Latin / Novice in Ballroom (but willing to invest time in ballroom!)
  • Aim: improve and compete at senior level
  • Current status: Have taken a couple of years break after 6 years of continuous dancing and competing. Looking to kick start again and bring back the best years of my life with a good partner. NOTE: I'm happily married and would have 0 interest in anything other than a good dance partnership and hopefully friendship
What I'm looking for. (I'm not looking for preference but these stats will help to ensure a partnership that 'looks right'.
  • Age: 35 - 40 (or look)
  • Height: MUST be shorter than 5'9 (170cm) with shoes
  • Built: Slim
  • Location: Ideally fairly local to make regular practice happen
  • Dance experience: intermediate plus at least in Latin
  • Goals: must want to work towards competing
Thanks it, hope to hear from you :) Please txt or call to get in touch. Contact: 07803529593

Submitted: 19 February 2017

MSI416 South East Essex I have a Senior 2 over 50's male looking for a partner in Latin and Ballroom. Former winner of Britain's Best Beginners, runner up in Novice. Happy to do all grades for the right partner both medallist and open. 5'8 wos. Based in South Essex, willing to coach share within a certain distance. Please contact me Peter Nash for further information and try outs. Contact: 07795274148 or https://en-gb.facebook.com/peter.nash.39

Submitted: 8 January 2017

MSI414 London looking for a dance partner, can practice with, as well as keeping fit. oneforgot@outlook.com

Submitted: 19 December 2016

MSI413 Cirencester, Gloucestershire Retired young 61 years , 5'8" looking for a partner to practice in 10 Dance: Ballroom: Waltz, Quickstep, Foxtrot, Tango and Viennese Waltz. Latin: Rumba, Cha Cha, Samba, Jive and Paso Doble DJBarry07760884439@gmail.com 07760884439

Submitted: 18 December 2016

MSI412 Chester Easy going, widowed male, with success in Superdance D1 and D2. I am 5'8" tall, slim build and seeking a slim/petite lady for quality social Ballroom, Latin, and Sequence dancing but not comps. Apparently, I move well with good feet. I have easy access to South Lancashire and Cheshire along the m56 corridor and I have access to excellent practice floors. You may be a beginner, improver or experienced dancer but importantly have a passion to dance well and enjoy those shared experiences. cheshiredancer@gmail.com

Submitted: 7 December 2016

MSI410 South West Somerset 72 year old, 5ft 10" man, looking for tall slim lady, at least 5ft 5" for Ballroom, Latin and some popular sequence dance's, had lessons 30 year ago, need some practice, to go to local dances. Contact: 07503611550

Submitted: 21 September 2016

MSI409 Cambridge looking for partner shorter than 5'6". I have done daning about 10 years then stopped for some time. I am a product of LEN goodman dance school.. I am looking for some oen who can spare time at least once a week for dancing.. probably some one from Cambridge or Cambridgeshire area..i live in Peterborough and work in Cambridge. looking for some one who want to do compitition or meddle dancing.. cpliya@gmail.com

Submitted: 5 September 2016

MSI408 Greater Manchester I am looking for slim to medium lady.50-70 years, for ballroom, sequence, latin, dancing.I am 5ft 7 tall, very smart and not bad looking, and I smell nice! I am laid back with a good personality. I live in the Greater Manchester area, but will travel. You won"t be disappointed. Ken. 0203corky@gmail.com

Submitted: 24 August 2016

MSI403 Worcester, UK Looking for slender senior lady for general modern sequence dancing, all types/classes but not modern ballroom, This area preferred or south of Birmingham (West Bromwich maybe) allenyeomans@fsmail.net

Submitted: 24 June 2016

MSI401 Petersfield, Hampshire Shall we dance? Tall (6'1") slim gentleman looking for a dedicated lady partner for Senior 3 and Senior Pre-Champ. competitions, ballroom only. Preferred minimum height 5'7" w.o.s. Willing to travel reasonable distances, and share teachers. elwyngunter1@aol.com

Submitted: 16 June 2016

MSI400 Plumstead, London Several years salsa experience on a non-regular basis, but want to get better. Can train after work, ie 7pm-9pm everyday. Anyone that can commute to Plumstead within 20 mins would be ideal. Can use youtube and other salsa videos, plus go to clubs for lessons. Contact: 07961779206

Submitted: 5 June 2016

MSI397 London / South East Hi, I'm a 37 year old male, 5í9", looking for a dance partner to compete in Ballroom and Latin, initially intermediate but looking to dance pre-champ relatively quickly. I have competition experience from my uni days and have danced a few open comps since then, but not for a while. Would really like to get back into it. I have a fairly busy day job in London; a partner in a similar position would be ideal. I train with John Foskett in Dorking. If youíd be interested in a tryout, please email me on dancergareth@icloud.com or contact John on spookhilldanceclub@btinternet.com

Submitted: 3 May 2016

MSI396 Arbroath, Tayside, Scotland Seeking a partner for social Ballroom and Latin classes in Tayside area. Have 3 years experience learning under professional teacher to Bronze Plus level. Fit and healthy non smoker. Married so just seeking a dance partner. Able to travel to classes in Dundee, Carnoutie, Forfar, Arbroath etc. tonyward119@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 2 May 2016

MSI395 Fleetwood, Lancashire I am a 55 yr old Male, I have danced on and off over the years to Gold Bar level although maybe a little rusty now. I am 5'9" and looking for a lady over 25 who has dance experience to at least silver, who has a good sense of humour. I am into Ballroom or latin or Modern Sequence and looking for once or twice a week michaels1960@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 25 April 2016

MSI394 Huddersfield. West Yorkshire My name is Mike. Aged 60, fairly fit, 6'2", I've been dancing 6 beat jive/rock n roll for sometime but need a regular partner to improve with. I also want to learn lindy hop. I can dance some very basic ballroom steps and would be happy to improve on them as well. Please email as below, thank you. Mike Mikecritch511@gmail.com

Submitted: 22 March 2016

MSI392 Sutton Surrey, UK I have been dancing for a number of years I love Sequence Dancing, Ballroom,Latin and line dancing and Salsa. Would like to meet a man who likes to partner me for Ballroom.but my main partner would be for Sequence Dancing, so if you would like to give it a go please contact me. Local person would be ideal. marion.joseph@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 22 March 2016

MSI390 Reading Berkshire I am 5ft 10 slim build. Looking for a lady who is keen to share my lesson and compete approximately 6-8 times a year. I would like to enter senior intermediates in Ballroom and Latin. I have also decided to take to go back into the medal system to improve and maintain my basics. I am trained by Sharon Vickers and based in Reading Berkshire. Sharonvickers@btinternet.com

Submitted: 29 January 2016

MSI388 West Midlands, UK I am in my fifties and have been dancing for 20 years including ballroom, Latin, Argentine Tango and salsa. I have a good sense of humor and Iím interested in finding a partner for practice and social dance however I am not interested in competing in competitions. Please contact me (Francis) on the email address provided. anthony1972@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 08 January 2016

MSI382 Cheshire (East), UK Hello there, I'm Steve and I would like to find a dance partner based locally, ideally with greater or similar experience to myself for lesson sharing, social dancing and possibly to compete. I've been attending lessons in Ballroom and Latin for almost 4 years. My ballroom is much stronger than my Latin, and I have done some medal tests, medalist competitions and a handful of other ballroom-based competitions. I'm 6ft (just over in shoes) and for ballroom would ideally like to find a good height match, but not so worried for Latin. I have always tried to keep an emphasis on constant improvement with a smile and open mind. I'm hard-working and happy to dedicate time to practice. Tel: 07968 191 882. Please feel free to get in touch. totallyballroom@gmail.com

Submitted: 4 December 2015

MSI381 Merseyside, UK I'm a 55 year old male 5ft 7, slim build in St Helens, Merseyside. I have been dancing ballroom/Latin for approximately 7 years and I have competed in 4 seasons of Supadance including the finals at Blackpool and was a finalist in the IDTA medallist competition in Blackpool in 2013. Last year and this year my current partner and I have reached the finals in all our competitions and achieved 1st to 3rd in a number of these. All in all, with classes, practice, a weekly private lesson, social etc, I dance on average 5-6 times a week. I am looking for a keen and committed female partner (height between 5ft 4 & 5ft 7) for competitions, social/practice and private lessons etc. I would prefer to remain in Supadance with my existing school in St Helens but will obviously be flexible on that for the right partner. Obviously, I am prepared to travel but you must also be equally prepared to travel to my area and dance school and I of course am willing to travel to your area/school (or other venues) as required. (Please note, I am not looking for a social dance only partner) My contact details are mobile 07967 385393; e-mail mark.ashton205@o2.co.uk Thanks. mark.ashton205@o2.co.uk

Submitted: 6 November 2015

MSI380 Plymouth, Devon, UK Gentleman Dancer 60's 5'6" young minded no ties. Previously trained up to gold medal standard in Ballromm, latin and rock and roll, seeks attractive similar lady to permanent partner at weekly dancer lessons.Prepared to start at beginners/intermediate if necessary.With idea of attending future weekly socials of ballroom/latin or rock and roll.Attended beginners puttin-on-the-ritz lessons in plympton last year but partner moved away. surreydancer@hotmail.com

Submitted: 28 October 2015

MSI379 Suffolk, Norfolk, UK Gentleman, late 60s, 5'10'' slim build. Currently doing my bronze medals. Seeks lady partner to dance Ballroom and Latin social dancing to a good/high standard. kenhust2@btinternet.com

Submitted: 12 October 2015

MSI377 South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, UK Hi, I am looking for a slim ballroom/latin dance partner (approx. 35-45 years old) for regular lessons, social dancing, and possibly competitions. I am 5'7, slim. If you are interested and would like to arrange a tryout dance or have any further questions please email me on podv285@gmail.com

Submitted: 02 October 2015

MSI376 Alford, Lincolnshire, UK Looking for a lady 50 to 65 who can sequence dance. jf45@btinternet.com

Submitted: 21 August 2015

MSI375 Weald o kent, UK Looking for fixed dance partner ballroom and Latin , Argentine tango , ceroc looking for experienced partner preferably better than me quick learner , can travel to your classes and vice versa happy to tryout at your venue if we don't hit off no problem nothing lost Not looking for romance as married , I'm 5' 7," in socks 11.5 stone in reasonable Nick for my age 58 Pastimeplay@tiscali.co.uk

Submitted: 31 July 2015

MSI374 Solihull, West Midlands, UK I am seeking a lady dance partner for a regular Sequence Tea Dance on every Wednesday between 1.30 and 3.30 in Olton, Solihull. My current regular partner can't make this one. It is a very nice friendly social dance doing mostly sequence with a couple of line dances. dancemandave@gmail.com

Submitted: 12 June 2015

MSI373 Glasgow area, UK I am a fit retired gentleman, non-smoker sober with many interests, including ball-room dancing. I have a good sense of humour and out-going personality. Would like to meet a lady with similar attributes for fun and dancing. stuartlaid@gmail.com

Submitted: 12 June 2015

MSI372 Derbyshire, UK Hi I,m phil and am looking for a dance partner in modern jive,think I am a very progressive dancer and am looking for the same in a partner! Must be passionate about there dancing as I am and looking to take it on to the next level! And always with a smile on your face,because for me that's what dancing is all about! Definately need work on dips drops leans seducers but am a willing student who excelled outside his comfort level! Must be willing to travel Daventry rugby in fact uk wide,if interested drop me a email or text as I would love to hear from you! bye for now take care phil! contact: 07514107928 butchbyard101@gmail.com

Submitted: 27 May 2015

MSI371 Dudley West Midlands, UK Looking for someone to practise Ballroom and Latin. elloyd2009@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 01 May 2015

MSI370 Sheffield, UK Hi, Iím looking for a ballroom/latin dance partner for lessons and regular practice. I have regular private lessons but no dance partner to practice with. Ideally, I am looking for someone who is willing to have regular lessons and willing to train on a regular basis. The number of years of experience is not important. I just would like to be able to dance more often in addition to having lessons. I am 5í7, slim build. Please email me (bldance123@gmail.com) for any more information. Thank you. bl.dance123@gmail

Submitted: 01 May 2015

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