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Men looking for ladies - Seniors, Beginners

Submitted: 5 April 2022


Submitted: 10 January 2022

MSB386 Chesaer Hi I'm David I've always been a swimmer in the pool open water and can do somersaults off the diving boards. I've been dancing now for 12 months (and luv it) Done about 70 hours Salsa and 30 Ballroom. So with a bit of help can do the Waltz, Samba, Rumba, Social Foxtrot, Tango and the Cha Cha. But my slightly more experienced dance partner I think likes to watch strictly more than the effort that's needed to get the most out of dancing! I'm 6.2 and looking for a Ballroom partner for a Friday night who is more experienced and can guide me more. Look me up on Facebook if you want to get some idea of who I am David Hammersley Mold david.hammersley@openreach.co.uk

Submitted: 6 December 2017

MSB395 Hi there I am a dancer. presently looking too do more, in ballroom an sequence an Tea dancing for the joy of dancing and learning more. Open to Travel a little distance. So open too varied age group. So let 2024 be the year of enjoying the floor of Dancing : ] text msg or phone. 07440 201126

Submitted: 18 May 2024

MSB394 West Midlands Hello, I am looking for in 2019 a dance partner who has got a good sense of humour. & who loves social dancing & likes dancing LA or New York style Salsa or Argentine Tango or Nuevo Tango and or Ceroc dancing. I am looking for an energetic social Beginner, Intermediate or Improver dancer.

After going to Cuba, and having Salsa lessons while out there. I am now more into Salsa dancing, because it’s a fun keep-fit dance. So if there is someone out there who wants to improve their levels of Salsa dancing skills please, contact me. I am looking for a dance partner to practice with, with going to dance classes & social dances etc.

My dancing goal is to Practice & Improve our dancing skills even more. I am also very interested with leaning other Latin American dances e.g. Rumba, Samba, Cuban Salsa, Cha,Cha,Cha etc. If it’s a Latin dance you name & I will learn it with you.

So a Dance Partner to go too:
Salsa - dance classes
Salsa - social dances
Argentine Tango - dance classes.
Argentine Tango - Milonga’s.
Ceroc - dance classes
Ceroc - social dances

A dancer who lives in the West Midlands or Warwickshire/Worcestershire areas etc.?
A dancer who is confident, so if that sounds like you? Then let the music play & let's dance.
Please feel free to email me, if you have any questions? Bye for now.

Submitted: 12 November 2019

MSB393 Peterborough I enjoy social Sequence Dancing, I have some knowledge but am very much out of practice. I am 6foot 4 inches tall and medium build, probably not much to look at either but I am looking for a partner who would enjoy Tea dances in the area, perhaps with a brush up lesson or two. j_parkes@hotmail.com

Submitted: 12 May 2019

MSB392 Cambridgeshire I need a female jiving partner (18-50). I've been attending jive classes for a while and am keen to practise outside of classes, but need a partner. I'm a fit, youthful 51 year-old based in Cambridgeshire, but willing to travel to 50 mile radius (Northants/Lincs/Essex/Suffolk/Norfolk/Beds). I hope to hear from you. Thanks andrebenz69@hotmail.com

Submitted: 7 March 2019

MSB391 Swindon SN25 My name is Alan and I am 78 years old (quite fit)I used to do a lot of dancind but have not danced for about 15 years.I have joined a beginners class but need a partner for social dancing...not interested in competitions. alanpreston1940@gmail.com

Submitted: 12 January 2019

MSB390 Isle Of Wight I am retired (good health) 67yrs old - live on the IOW where there is virtually no dancing I'm not a complete beginner and have done about 2 years with the main dances (waltz quickstep cha cha etc) I would love to meet a man occasionally to meet up for a dance say in Bournemouth or even Blackpool or Torquay or anywhere really. Someone who is looking for a pleasant easy going non pressure dancing. Thank You astralla2013@gmail.com

Submitted: 25 November 2018

MSB389 Chicago area Looking for a lady who want to practice Argentine tango, Silver waltz, Salsa, Nightclub two step. john@bestwindows.net

Submitted: 25 April 2018

MSB387 Diss Hi just taken up Ballroom dancing (only had 4 lessons) looking for partner to join me. I'm 46 5.10 medium build. Contact me via kcfencing@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 8 February 2018

MSB385 Solihull I have been learning to dance dancing ballroom and latin for a year. I go regularly once or twice a week to improver beginner classes.  I am looking for a lady partner of similar standard of dance to meet at lesson or pick her up from nearby Solihull or South Birmingham area. I am 64 y. o. 5ft 11" with few extra pounds. mssa49@gmail.com

Submitted: 10 November 2017

MSB383 Huddersfield My name is Mike.  I'm 62, single, fairly fit, 6'2" tall. I'm looking for a lady dance partner to learn ballroom dancing with, as a friend. I have had some lessons a long time ago so would need a bit of practice! I also enjoy swing Jive and I'm trying to learn Lindy Hop. Please get in touch.  Thank you. Contact: 07766 151101

Submitted: 15 October 2017

MSB382 Chorley Lancashire I am a senior male dancer (67) seeking a female dance partner. I am 5'10" of average size just over 11 stone. I have been doing Line dance for around 9 years and started Ballroom and Sequence around November 2016 so not very experienced. I would like to find a partner for classes and possibly social dances. Would prefer some one who is local slim ish but isnt too large. bowman47@hotmail.com

Submitted: 2 October 2017

MSB381 Reading, UK I am a complete novice when it comes to dancing. I am 5" 4 and slim build. I am interested in learning and practice on a regular basis, particularly in ballroom, latin or anything. I would be happy to accompany a complete novice like myself to beginner dance classes so that we could learn together. I play sports on a regularly basis so I am keep myself fit. dance@missingspace.co.uk

Submitted: 1 October 2017

MSB380 Southend On Sea Essex UK Hi I'm Chris I have fallen in love with Tango. I am a beginner and taking lessons locally. I would like to share my learning with a lady of similar passion for this wonderful dance. I am 5'-7" a senior, athletic, with a strong desire to improve. Think 'Scent of a woman" with 20/20 vision. chrisgregorysnr@btinternet.com

Submitted: 18 September 2017

MSB379 Forfar. Dundee area Hi. I would like to get in contact with a lady who would like to go to tea dances 2 or 3 times a week I am not an expert  but am getting better.  Travel is not a problem.. ballroom .and sequence  preferred  .thanks. Martin. Mdbtie@gmail.com

Submitted: 24 August 2017

MSB377 West London I am a 5'11'' slim Salsa lover dancing in Central London for 2 months and now an improver. I would like to meet a similar lady who would like to practice with or go social dancing at weekends. ygill2017@gmail.com

Submitted: 8 July 2017

MSB375 North West, UK I have learned Ballroom and Latin but still consider myself as a Beginner. I dance Salsa and Ceroc to Intermediate level and would like to meet a partner to dance Ballroom through the medals. I'm 54 years old and love dancing. My favourite Ballroom dance is Quickstep but I would love to learn Foxtrot. cerigriffihs75@icloud.com

Submitted: 18 May 2017

MSB374 London Hi am 48 6ft 1, slim build and looking for a ballroom/salsa dance partner. Dance Salsa a couple of nights a week getting back in to it after a break. Have done a little bit of ballroom and would love to do more as do like the music and suppose am looking for regular partner for this. Sense of humour a must! I make a lot of mistakes, Can't promise I will be a Fred Astaire but you never know in the future. If you are looking to learn with someone please get in touch. Thanks elqdude@gmail.com

Submitted: 12 April 2017

MSB373 Lancashire Hi, my name is John. Took up ballroom and latin dancing again last year (2016) but would dearly like to find a partner. I attend classes two nights per week. Prefer a partner under 50. I am just over 6ft and athletic build. Partner height not important just like someone keen to improve with me. ucoolrunner@gmail.com

Submitted: 31 March 2017

MSB371 South East Essex I have a Senior 2 over 50's male looking for a partner in Latin and Ballroom. Former winner of Britain's Best Beginners, runner up in Novice. Happy to do all grades for the right partner both medallist and open. 5'8 wos. Based in South Essex, willing to coach share within a certain distance. Please contact me Peter Nash for further information and try outs. Contact: 07795274148 or https://en-gb.facebook.com/peter.nash.39

Submitted: 8 January 2017

MSB370 Manchester Tall, v young early 50,s male...danced on and off for 4 yrs..seeking an adult female partner who can move. Any NWest area, to dance at least once a week. Just dance pls...Not after rtnshp. petergolley62@gmail.com

Submitted: 29 December 2016

MSB369 Greater Manchester UK Richard 39 years old. Looking for keen and enthusiastic partner who is not taller than 5'7" . Would like to practise two or thee times per week. Keen to become proficient (currently I'm intermediate). baileyrichard1977@gmail.com

Submitted: 16 December 2016

MSB368 Sandbach, Cheshire Hi i'm 50 yr, 5'10" old and have been learning ballroom/latin for about a year, also just started Ceroc classes. Very keen to improve and attend events. rooney125@btinternet.com

Submitted: 14 October 2016

MSB367 Herts, Beds, North London Hi I've been doing modern jive 4 years blues 1 year. I've just started learning tango. I would like a partner to practice with go to classes milongas if you do jive blues that would be great too. whiskey3565@gmail.com

Submitted: 20 September 2016

MSB366 Lichfield Hi there my name is Mark.I am 62 and a Teacher. Have been dancing ballroom for about 18 months... absolutely love it and would like yo dance more often but need a regular partner in the Lichfield area specifically on Sat night for social dancing. If you are interested contact me by email m.fisher448812@gmail.com. Happy to exchange photos or mob numbers prior to meeting. All the best Mark.

Submitted: 10 July 2016

MSB365 Jersey, UK Hi there, just started salsa lessons but would like to practice more so need a partner. I'm 46 and 5'7". Contact: 0782 9988 067

Submitted: 5 July 2016

MSB364 London I have been going to ballroom and dance class for about 1 and a half years now. And I have been going once a week to Argentinian dance class for about 5 months. I am looking for a dance partner to attend social dances to practice with or to come to dance class so that we can learn a routine together. I love dancing and find it frustrating not having a regular dance partner. mo.jackson65@gmail.com

Submitted: 26 March 2016

MSB363 Bristol I am a virtual beginner, with a vague idea of some of the steps, but I am serious about dancing, and keen to learn to do it properly and well; and I am willing to put in the hours. I am 60, fit, slim and presentable, though some may debate the last as I currently have a short beard. I am willing to travel a reasonable distance, say up to 1 hour's driving, for joint lessons in ballroom and latin. I am looking for a keen and personable lady to share this venture with me, but I am not treating this as a dating site. prs1685@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 5 February 2016

MSB362 Reading Berkshire I am looking for a petite lady to compete at Novice level with a view to going into intermediate level. My height is 5ft 1 and I am of slim build. I have won Blackpool, Champions of the future and Masters plus medal competitions. The ideal partner would need to be slim, petite and willing to compete ( not every Sunday) I am Reading Berkshire based and trained by Sharon Vickers sharonvickers@btinternet.com

Submitted: 29 January 2016

MSB361 Cardiff, UK Hi i am a lot more than an enthusiast .i.m quite at ease on floor lookin for similar ,i am 6 ft tall 15 1/2 st .good personallity david@dhughes090.orangehome.co.uk

Submitted: 04 December 2015

MSB360 Hinckley, UK I am 42 years old male 5ft 6 tall looking for a female partner to dance with im new to dancing had 7 private lessons and few other lessons im a very keen learner and can travel. darrenlfcpatmore@gmail.com

Submitted: 20 November 2015

MSB359 London, UK Charlie.. 60yrs guy. 5.11, ave build, fit, light on feet and v good rhythm/musicality. I enjoy Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Jive, and some sequence dances that I have recently learned, these are all to about silver medal standard... but can't get to grips with Argy T. I'm looking for a lady ptnr, any age, (well 45 to 70) for social dances, practice, and fun. I have dvds, books, even old videos, but need a practice ptnr to get any real benefit from them. I don't mind what standard you are, and if you have a natural aptitude, a beginner is fine, I can teach you. Ideally you are fun, open minded, non judgemental, and tactile, (one of my favourite dances is Kizomba!) non chav, not materialistic, and, goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway, intelligent. Drop me an email, telling me a little about yourself, and we'll take it from there. Meanwhile... Happy Dancing mrclion@msn.com

Submitted: 12 October 2015

MSB358 London Essex//Herts/Suffolk, UK Male Dancer Bronze Standard 5ft 10ins looking for partner to do beginners and Novice comps have done a fair number of comps so very experienced lead work part time so very flexible re lessons/practice contact: 0208 597 1771 stephengerman@btinternet.com

Submitted: 18 September 2015

MSB357 Reading, Berkshire, UK I'm a 42 years old looking for a dance partner interested in learn together or to improve dances such as, salsa, bachata or kizomba. If you are interested please contact me. titoside@hotmail.com

Submitted: 14 August 2015

MSB356 Manchester, North West, UK 60 year old man , 5ft 8in , have just started dancing 2-3 months ago, I love it, and I cant get enough of it, am taking one on one lessons and attending classes, would travel far and wide to go dancing, my enthusiasm and passion for dancing is a little greater than my ability, for now anyway, but hopefully that's going to change, thanks devans5605@talktalk.net

Submitted: 14 August 2015

MSB355 Manchester, UK Hi I am looking for a nice man to be my dance partner to practice salsa.Beginner to intermediate level.I dance on and off.only goes to classes as no dance partner to go out with.hope that will change if you are the right person for me. netty452000@yahoo.com

Submitted: 10 July 2015

MSB354 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK For the last 2 years I've been learning to dance at the Arthur Murray Dance School in Baker Street, London. Over the last few months I've been having some private International lessons (Arthur Murray is American style). Just moved into Cheltenham and would like to find a dance partner to practice with. I'm 52, so an ideal partner would be aged somewhere between 30-60. M :) mikestevenson@mac.com

Submitted: 29 June 2015

MSB353 Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK Started ballroom and Latin in January. Need partner over 5'2" to come to regular classes locally on Tuesday evening and maybe do some private lessons.am male 61, 6' tall. myopic54@outlook.com

Submitted: 12 June 2015

MSB352 Barnet, UK Hi am a a 68 year old active man who loves ball room dancing. I have been attending weekly ballroom classes now for about 5 months now. I am looking for someone to come to Saturday night dances in the Barnet area to practice what I have been learning. The dances are fortnightly. Mo.jackson65@gmail.com

Submitted: 13 February 2015

MSB351 Solihull, UK Hi really only had 5 lessons. I had a great time and love to develop my dancing abilety and meet new people..... paulhyde71@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 6 February 2015

MSB350 Fareham, UK 58yr old (married) man recently taken up ballroom dancing and keen to improve, looking for female dance partner to practice with and improve together. I go to a class Wednesday evenings in Fareham. Disclaimer- I do have 2 left feet!
contact: 07962181474

Submitted: 6 February 2015

MSB349 Ipswich, Suffolk, UK Male, over fifty years, 5'10 looking for similar aged lady for beginners and novice ballroom and Latin, ISTD and NATD medallist. Based in Ipswich,hard working,would like lessons and a practice per week. Please contact Sue at the IPSWICH SCHOOL OF DANCING Suejmatthews2@icloud.com

Submitted: 23 January 2015

MSB348 Wiltshire, UK I am 38 years old lady, 5'5. always enjoyed dancing and have done many classes but never done it professionally. seeking for a partner to attend latin and barroom classes in Trowbridge or Bath ideally. thank you contact: 07725444661 edices007@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 19 December 2014

MSB347 Warwickshire/Coventry, UK Hi ,I began a bit of ballroom & rock n roll dancing a few months ago. But the lessons ended. I did enjoy it & would like to learn more. I have a bit of rthym in me and can do a bit of it, I need someone who can bring me along with it, hapy to drive around but dont know where to go for lessons, Thanks Tony tonyrowles@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 19 December 2014

MSB346 Derby, UK I love dancing and have just completed beginner course in basic ballroom and would like to improve with a partner. I have danced Ceroc and Salsa in the past. m.j.crosbie@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 21 November 2014

MSB345 Derby, UK I love dancing and have just completed beginner course in basic ballroom and would like to improve with a partner. I have danced Ceroc and Salsa in the past. m.j.crosbie@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 21 November 2014

MSB344 Southend, Essex, UK Would be interested in meeting a lady dance partner for latin American salsa, tango. Gold medal standard but partnership has broken up. very happy to practice at least twice a week but can do more. 6ft 2in in height
Contact: 01702-354282

Submitted: 21 November 2014

MSB343 Torbay, UK Started Latin this April and have progressed to Intermediate 2. 6'1", trim, with a strong background in Pilates ... and so interested in moving with an element of precision! Would like to predominantly focus on Ballroom in NY and so looking for a lady, beginner or experienced, who is happy to practice alongside lessons/dances. Jd127@live.co.uk

Submitted: 14 November 2014

MSB342 Herts/Beds, UK Hi im looking for a modern jive partner. Been doing ceroc/m.jive blues several times a week for over a year now. Would like to develop my dancing further with a regualar dance partner
contact: John 07905519433

Submitted: 14 November 2014

MSB341 Newcastle upon Tyne, UK I am 5' 8.5" tall, average build (go to the gym regularly), mid-fifties, and would like to find a partner for swing dancing. Currently learning Balboa and Salsa but would like to learn other dances.
contact: 07703313587

Submitted: 14 November 2014

MSB340 Garboldisham, South Norfolk, England, UK Looking for a lady partner to help me to become better in ballroom and latin dancing. I have one years recent experience and would like to make more progress.
contact: 07876156602

Submitted: 24 October 2014

MSB339 West London/Middlesex, UK I am 40 years old male medical professional looking for Salsa dance partner at the beginner level, for once or twice weekly session to dance and chill out after work.
contact: 07590308120

Submitted: 26 September 2014

MSB338 Wrexham, UK Hi there Looking for a dance partner in the wrexham / chester area . I have some experience but would love to learn more Latin and ballroom and jive nick1962005@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 29 August 2014

MSB337 Withernsea, East Yorkshire, UK Hello my name is Andy, I am 6'3" tall, age 53, Average build, and have been told I have a good frame, (apparently). Started learning ballroom dance in Oct 2013. and am thoroughly into it and at a level now getting in need of a regular partner to practice and train with instead of my teachers. I am interested mainly in:- Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Cha cha chah, Tango, Rumba and eventually Viennese waltz. NOT jive, ciroc or salsa. Am looking for a taller, long haired, partner 40 to 57. who wants to see what level we can attain and have fun seeing where we can take it to, as I want to become very good, suave and romantic in appearance. boxa1100s@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 25 July 2014

MSB336 Bury St Edmunds, UK I have been taking ballroom dancing and Latin dance classes for almost 2 years. I am 5 feet 3 inches tall and I am a senior. I would love to find a new partner within my area. christinetitcombe@yahoo.com

Submitted: 25 July 2014

MSB335 London & South east England Hi, I have been Dancing for a couple of yrs now, an have some free time in the afternoons, plus weekends to Dance. So anyone who is open to these times to dance, feel free to get in contact. Especially Tea dancers of any age. Contact: 07903260932

Submitted: 28 June 2014

MSB334 London, UK Beginner (Feb, 2014) jive/balboa seeking partner. 5'8", average build. Weekday evenings preferred. Currently taking classes at Holborn and Green Park 07817 959722
contact: 07817 959 722

Submitted: 20 June 2014

MSB332 Worcestershire, UK It's time for me to learn some proper dances...prefer latin american but open to suggestions. six foot, posh aftershave, loves music. drop me a line! guitarboy335@gmail.com

Submitted: 20 June 2014

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