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Men looking for ladies - Seniors, Advanced
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MSA460 Blackpool Hello everyone. I'm in my 70s, 6'0", slender, and have been dancing for almost seven years. Physically still in excellent shape, and I enjoy dancing the quick step to navigate a crowded dance floor with a little bit of floor craft. I enjoy dancing a lot and would want to meet a lady who shares my passion for dancing and having fun. Whether it's a waltz or social dancing, I'm always ready with my dancing shoes and a sense of humor. Kindly contact malachycraig@aol.com by email.

Submitted: 9 February 2024

MSA459 Hi there, I am eighty years of age and dance waltz foxtrot, quickstep, tango, cha cha, rumba. My current teacher asked to do comps but I declined. I have seventy years of dancing experience. I do not do sequence as i am not old enough. I am available any day or evening for lessons, practice or general dancing. I live near Chelmsford but have transport. If any of this piques your interest please feel free to call 07939377979

Submitted: 6 November 2023

MSA458 I'm looking for a female dance partner to dance ballroom modern sequence, old-time dancing. I am 6 Foot in height and have been dancing for 30 years and would love to find a dance partner who also enjoys the feeling that dancing gives you. Contact malachycraig@aol.com or Phone +447751614405

Submitted: 31 October 2023

MSA457 Lancashire, UK Looking for a lady dance partner in LANCASHIRE area. I'm happy to travel for the right lady. I'm a retired widower 66, 5 10 and average build. I dance socially Ballroom Latin and Sequence. Also do Rock and Roll. I would be willing to compete at Senior level with the right lady. Please email sjhardy123@yahoo.co.uk or phone 07948 243 397.

Submitted: 17 September 2023

MSA456 Tall,six foot three, slim , would like to partner a tall lady for ballroom and sequence. I have social grace , variety of dancing clothing, bespoke shoes. I am a widower and run a business. Why not say hello! It would be nice to dance eye to eye for a waltz. Charles. Charles@newboondock.co.uk

Submitted: 16 September 2023

MSA455 Essex, England UK Ballroom, Latin, Sequence, Salsa dancer looking for lady partner 30-60 age group in the Brentwood, Chelmsford, Southend area. Must be able to attend dance class/lesson locally in the week. Prefer single lady as retiring from work shortly, and would like to attend dance weekenders several times per year. Available for try out on practice nights. My ex-partner has retired from dance. mgeeves2@live.co.uk

Submitted: 15 September 2023

MSA454 West Sussex - Hampshire Hi. I'm now 60, 6'4", and have been dancing since 2014. I have been competing in Ballroom and Latin on the Open Circuit at Intermediate and Pre-Champ level since 2019. I currently live between West Sussex and Hampshire, and I currently train at Surrey Hills Dance Centre. I am willing to work and to improve. I work up to three evenings a week so will look to practise and take lessons during the day. I look forward to hearing from you. patrickmdhunter@gmail.com

Submitted: 21 July 2023

MSA453 Dorset I am a fit 71 year old gentleman who would like a dancing partner 60-75. I am 5'10" 11.5st. Looking for social dancing, Ballroom, Latin and Sequence. Please contact me if you are interested. John. Ph 07980312080

Submitted: 13 May 2023

MSA451 Cardiff Looking for a new dance partner... Seniors any suggestions welcome. I'm 5ft 10 live in Cardiff. Ballroom or Latin considered. roberteylert@outlook.com

Submitted: 3 May 2023

MSA450 Oxford Barry Chapman from Oxford, seeks senior lady for ballroom competions in Senior 1 category. I am 5'8" tall, very fit, having been in sport all my life, but have not competed for 6 years. I am looking for someone up to sbout 5'6" tall with a desire to succeed and prepared to train twice per week with a lesson every 2/3 weeks, comping once per month (on average). I would prefer someone living close to Oxford. This is my fourth ad, in the last six years, which I pray will be successful.

Contact Barry on 0781 1870 194 or fredthepidgeon@gmail.com

Submitted: 22 March 2023

MSA448 Darwen, Lancashire Retired Male 65 , 5' 10" medium build seeks lady for social dancing. I'm an experienced Ballroom, Latin and sequence dancer, I have danced competitions in the past, reaching championship standard. However, I now just dance socially.

I have a passion for dancing and would like to find a lady who has the same passion. I dont mind the lady's standard, as I can train if necessary, As I am retired, I'm available anytime. Tel 07948243397

I now just dance socially....... but would be willing to compete with the right lady.

Submitted: 15 January 2023

MSA447 UK National senior 1 Ballroom and Latin champion is Looking For dedicate experience female Ballroom and (or) Latin dancer For national and International Senior competition. My goal is get into senior I or II Blackpool final ( was senior Latin .senior ballroom semi-final), 5"8 in shoes. 51 years old. Many thanks! maxfj@hotmail.com

Submitted: 16 October 2022

MSA446 London, Surrey 43 year old male, 5í9", looking for a dance partner to compete in Ballroom and Latin at Senior intermediate / Senior pre-champ level. I have competition experience from my uni days and have danced a few open comps since then, but not for a while.

I have a busy day job in London; a partner in a similar position would be ideal. I train with John Foskett in Dorking. If youíd be interested in a try-out, please email me or contact John on the email addresses below.
dancergareth@icloud.com or inquiries@surreyhillsdancecentre.co.uk

Submitted: 11 October 2022

MSA443 Wimborne, Dorset Male 5' 8" tall slim fit I dance all 10 dances Have lesson once a week and go to a couple of sequence/social dances a week. I m looking for a partner to share my lessons and go to social dances with. I would love to go in competitions with the right partner but not important. Contact by email porlock207@hotmail.com or phone John on 07788 811 724

Submitted: 6 July 2022

MSA438 UK My name is Bill. I am 5ft.11ins. tall, slim, in my seventies but still forty in body and mind and very fit ; I run 2 miles every day. I am mannerly, a non-smoker, like to dress well and am very easy going with good sense of humour. I am seeking a Ballroom and Latin dance partner with whom to simply enjoy dancing for pleasure ( not competitive dancing,) at places such as the Tower Ballroom, Blackpool and perhaps,eventually, dance weekends. I dance Quickstep, Slow Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba, Cha Cha Cha and Jive but not Sequence ( I much prefer the other dances.)

Myself and my wife, who sadly passed away this year, began private lessons 15 yrs.ago. Our aim was to learn to dance the basic steps very well, with a few variations to allow us to cope with a crowded dance floor. Rather than a ' social ' dance style we chose a style more akin to 'competitive'dancing; long steps with good 'rise and fall' for the ballroom dances. We set ourselves the target of dancing simply, but confidently, at Blackpool. We achieved this and went on to enjoy several dance evenings and weekends in the UK and Eire over the years. As previously mentioned, we chose not to learn Sequence, much preferring Ballroom/Latin.

I love dancing very much indeed and simply want to find someone to enjoy it with on a regular basis. An ex- competitive dancer who now simply wants to dance for pleasure would be absolutely perfect, but I am happy to chat with anyone who feels I might suit them. bridget_cooper@hotmail.com (This is my late wife's email address)

Submitted: 21 November 2021

MSA437 UK Child dance priodgy, danced from very early age until just into juniors when my partner stopped dancing. Placed 1st in every comp during this time. Had a few partner try outs but nothing clicked like my ex partner and being so young I just gave up without anyone to really encourage me to continue. I would really like to relive the experience and find a partner to continue/start competing again. I am 56, 5'11 and very fit and for the last few years I have rekindled my love of dancing through Lindy hop. A natural 10 dance competitor, gifted with natural rhythm I would like to find a partner who is equally fit and is competitive. tkindred@mail.com

Submitted: 23 September 2021

MSA436 London/Surrey Senior experienced male ballroom dancer 5' 7" tall, slim, seeks compatible lady for practice. I attend ballroom technique classes once a week and have occasional private lessons in Putney. The social dances which I go to are in the Surrey/London area. ushersomers@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 27 August 2021

MSA435 Cardiff, Wales Hi, Looking for a partner for ballroom competition, inter/pre-champ/senior, able to practise twice a week. Iím slim build, 5'3" w.o.s., Cardiff, easy going person, experienced competitor, with good results in the comps. Willing to travel & share teachers. If interested, please contact Dom: ywchow@ntlworld.com mobile: 07910422142

Submitted: 2 September 2021

MSA433 Surrey Looking for a Senior lady to dance Latin American for at least Senior II competitions [and possibly Senior 1]. Would like a reasonably experienced lady who can dance at least 3 times a week which would include a weekly lesson and practice sessions. I am 173cm tall, very dedicated and passionate about dancing. If these criteria are you or you come close to them, please contact me [Glenn] at dancelatin2513@gmail.com

Submitted: 22 November 2021

MSA432 OXFORD My name is Barry Chapman and I am looking for a lady, totally committed to ballroom dancing, to compete with at Senior 1, 2 and/or 3. I am 70 years old but look MUCH younger, so people say, I am extremely fit having been in sport all my life. Ideally I'd like a partner who lives local to Oxford but I will consider anyone if the circumstances are right. I'm 5'8.5" tall, slim and raring to go. I do not want my partner to be too short because I have a long stride and try to make the most of it. I dance for pleasure and always attempt to make practices enjoyable; I would expect to train twice per week, for 2-2.5 hrs each time, with a lesson every second week and a comp once per month. I am none the less extremely flexible, but do want a very committed person. chapmanandco@gmail.com or Tel: 0781 1870 194

Submitted: 3 June 2021

MSA431 Germany Hey girls! I'm a tall, slim, experienced Ballroom boy, 185 cm / 6'1" wos. Competed at Blackpool, International Championships etc. I'm looking for an experienced Senior 1/2 Ballroom lady for practise and may be to dance international competitions again. Will be available at the International, London in October. I look forward to hearing from you! ballroomdancing@posteo.de

Submitted: 28 August 2019

MSA430 Bristol I'm very tall at 6'3" ...been jiving for 20yrs, Ballroom for 8yrs keen and enthusiastic looking for a dance partner near Bristol. Ladies around the 50/60s might be ideal. Experienced in Ballroom and Sequence. steve.welliboot.sw@gmail.com

Submitted: 10 August 2019

MSA428 Bristol Looking for lady 50+ for latin and ballroom. Want to do practice and private lessons to improve technique and go to social dances. I am 6ft tall,early 60s with about 9 years experience. bazzerc@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 20 July 2019

MSA427 St Helens, Merseyside I am looking for a keen & reasonably experienced female partner for practice, improvement/development & social, at least 3 nights a week, but ideally more. If you are looking for a competition partner then that would be a bonus because (I was competing in the supadance league from 2012 to 2018) I have been dancing ballroom/Latin for approximately 10 years and am a 59 y.o. male 5ft 7, slim build and a good fitness level. I live in St Helens, Merseyside. I take the IDTA medal tests annually and have achieved GB3 in November 2018. Obviously I am willing to travel to meet at venues in your area or in between and hopefully you will also be willing to do the same. maa138@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 18 June 2019

MSA422 Merseyside I am looking for a keen & reasonably experienced female partner for practice/improvement & social, at least 3 nights a week, but ideally more. I have been dancing ballroom/Latin for approximately 9 years and am a late 50ís male 5ft 7, slim build and a good fitness level. I live in Merseyside. I am willing to travel to venues in your area or mid-way and hopefully you will be prepared to do the same. maa138@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 25 March 2019

MSA420 Gloucestershire Hi ladies looking for lady for competition level of dancing in more of style modernjive than ballroom. Also can offer you lifts /arieals. I am 51 yrs old but let that turn u off as beening dancing for over 22 yrs in this style .idea dab ie partner would be willing to learn new moves ,willing to try new ideas. Have a good sense of laughtered as we will gets funny moves ,bring you a game as. Can do over 200 moves (lifts ) I am willing to travel are you willing to learn ..so if you are 4"11 to 5"8 tall give me a call or get in touch via email . 07742513932 Mrk_safe@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 11 February 2019

MSA417 Solihull I need a lady dance partner for Ballroom, Sequence, Latin tea Dances and lessons in the Solihull area. I am a septuagenarian 5ft 6inches tall and slim. I need to dance as I need the exercise because of diabetes. I am looking for a slim lady of about 5ft 2 to 4inches. I hope to have a good, happy fun seeking relationship as life is too short for solemnities. Keeeep dancing as it is fun. dancemandave@gmail.com

Submitted: 24 December 2018

MSA416 London 6ft tall, 38 year old male, seeks 5í7"ish (170cm) ballroom lady with her head screwed on and who recognises an unbelievable bargain, to practise in and around London area e.g. Cheam on a Thursday night. Are you willing to make sacrifices to get results? Would you prefer to dance regularly with an independent thinker rather than pay to dance with a professional for £60 an hour? Are you a young over 35 year old lady that wants to compete in Senior 1 and realises that you canít do it solo and that a paid partner is no partner at all?

I know the answer to that last one from experience. I will dance with you for nothing except your open-mindedness and effort. You should have the relevant experience of being able to dance basic and advanced syllabus (or just basic beautifully, but preferably both) on time, correctly, solo: without a leader. If you can answer yes to these questions and requirements, then send me a response with a video of your dancing to tendancer@yahoo.co.uk Best response wins; in more ways than one.

This link is me dancing: https://youtu.be/ezCNt_iFqpk Good luck! tendancer@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 21 December 2018

MSA414 West Midlands Senior 2/3 Ballroom Dancer is seeking a new partner to continue DPA National league and other competitions. Can also dance Latin if required. I am 5'11" tall and medium build. The ideal lady should be 5'3"-5'8" tall and between 53/60 years of age and have Ballroom/Latin comp experience however, this is not essential if the lady has commitment to work hard, attend regular lessons and practice as this is more important. stephenrichardson100@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 10 October 2018

MSA413 West Lancashire or Merseyside I am looking for someone who is interested in dancing and would like to be a Latin dancer. No dance experience is necessary, but it would be helpful. After learning the dance then we will take dance classes together. onlylatindance@gmail.com

Submitted: 28 September 2018

MSA411 London 6ft tall, 38 year old male, seeks 5í7"ish (170cm) ballroom lady for practise and competing in and around London area i.e. Cheam, in Senior 1 category, or younger for practise. Are you willing to make sacrifices to get results? Would you prefer to dance regularly and win with an independent thinker, rather than pay to dance with a professional for £60 an hour? Are you a young over 35 year old ballroom lady that wants to compete in Senior 1 and realises that you canít do it solo and that a paid partner is no partner at all (or younger, if you canít find someone your own age and want to practise)? I know, from experience. I will dance with you for nothing except your open-mindedness and effort. If you can answer yes to these questions then send me a response with a video of your dancing to tendancer@yahoo.co.uk Good luck! Best response wins, in more ways than one.

Submitted: 28 August 2018

MSA410 Midlands U.K. Hello, I am an experienced Latin Dancer based in The Midlands U.K. I am International Professional Standard. I receive invites to perform locally. I am looking for a lady to master Latin Dance Routines with me that include Cha Cha Cha, Rumba & Salsa. I have access to a dance studio. If you want a try out reply to me. email butterflycopa@gmail.com

Submitted: 8 August 2018

MSA408 England Looking for a tall female partner (45-65) Lady who can dance up to a high ballroom standard for competition. I am active, healthy and financially independent male. Willing to travel for the right partner. labour08@live.co.uk

Submitted: 13 July 2018

MSA404 Epsom Looking for a female dance partner (preferable ageed 30-55) for Ballroom/Latin/Argentine Tango in Kingston upon Thames area.† I have achieved 2nd gold star in Ballroom and Latin, and 2nd President's award in Argentine Tango. sandy.smyth@gmail.com

Submitted: 19 November 2017

MSA402 Cambridge, UK Hello Iím James. I have been doing ballroom and latin dancing for 9 years. I am now a teaching assistant. I am looking for a female partner to go to social dances with in the greater Cambridge area ie within 20 miles of Cambridge (United Kingdom). Dancing experience is extremely desirable. I place strong emphasis on leading and following. Classes could also be of interest if fairly close to Cambridge. Expressions of interest from less experienced dancers also welcome. I also have some experience of salsa, argentine tango and ceroc (modern jive) if these are of interest. Sorry but I am not interested in competitions. Look forward to hearing from you. iamnotanumber006@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 9 October 2017

MSA399 Bolton Lancashire Hi I am seeking a lady of any age for Social Dancing in this area. I am proficient in Ballroom, Latin, Sequence, Latina, Rock n Roll. If you want a photo, just ask.Regards Ken. kenneth.wenlock@btinternet.com

Submitted: 22 June 2017

MSA398 Blackley, Manchester Lancs. Good looking man, 7 years dancing, age 66.looking for slim-med, lady in the greater Man-area age 40-70. I am very easy to get on with. Good sense-humour and good personality. You don't have to be very experienced, just good company. Get in touch you won't regret it. Kind regards. Ken. 0203corky@gmail.com

Submitted: 25 May 2017

MSA397 Lancashire/Cheshire Keen experienced partner needed. Non competitor.†I dance all Ballroom and Latin dances to a fairly good standard and also know all the 'popular' sequence dances. My favorites are foxtrot, quick step and rock & roll. Am 5'8", but I am happy to dance with taller ladies. Older (age is only a number); so do not be put off by age. fmc2017@btinternet.com

Submitted: 19 May 2017

MSA396 Havant Hampshire I have been dancing 35yrs plus, seeking lady of good standard for social† dance partner, latin, ballroom, for T-dance ,and Saturday evening socials, can travel , (50 miles). My age 68, and 5'8"tall.and fit. steppingout@talktalk.net

Submitted: 16 May 2017

MSA395 North Manchester Serious ballroom dancer required for quality social dancing three times a week. DanceProject2017@gmail.com

Submitted: 28 April 2017

MSA394 South Essex I have a Senior 2 over 50's male looking for a partner in Latin and Ballroom. Former winner of Britain's Best Beginners, runner up in Novice. Happy to do all grades for the right partner both medallist and open. 5'8 wos. Based in South Essex, willing to coach share within a certain distance. Please contact me Peter Nash for further information and try outs. Contact: 07795274148 or https://en-gb.facebook.com/peter.nash.39

Submitted: 2 January 2017

MSA390 Reading Experienced dancer looking for a partner to compete at Senior 2/3. I'm 5'7" in shoes. Willing to travel and teacher share for the right partner. JMR43@yahoo.com

Submitted: 13 November 2016

MSA386 North East I'm looking for a committed hard working lady to compete Latin only in senior 1 on the Open circuit. I'm 35 and 5ft6 based in the North East of England. matthewbramley@hotmail.com or 07817139444

Submitted: 24 August 2016

MSA384 Surrey/London I am 5' 7" tall, slim, serious social dancer looking for a lady to share lessons, dance socially and possibly compete. All my lessons and classes now are in ballroom. Robert ushersomers@yahoo.co.uk, mobile: 07714489964

Submitted: 9 August 2016

MSA383 London I am a 74-year old man. I do not do ballroom dancing at all, but I have over 40 years experience in traditional jazz jiving, and love the music. I seek a fit slim lady dancing partner who likes the same as me, so that we can practice together different dancing moves. I do not do ceroc or modern jiving, as it does not fit in to the music at all. It would be nice if I could find a nice lady partner. I am a non-smoker. bernsyh@gmail.com

Submitted: 1 August 2016

MSA382 West Yorkshire, England West Yorkshire based male slim, 6ft tall, mid fifties requires senior lady for open competition . over 35 pre championship to senior one ballroom and intermediate to pre championship latin. Tel no 01484 682552. e-mail s.berry231@btinternet.com Mob 07982186887

Submitted: 20 June 2016

MSA381 Petersfield, Hampshire Shall we dance? Tall (6'1") slim gentleman looking for a dedicated lady partner for Senior 3 and Senior Pre-Champ. competitions, ballroom only. Preferred minimum height 5'7" w.o.s. Willing to travel reasonable distances and share teachers. elwyngunter1@aol.com

Submitted: 15 June 2016

MSA378 London/Bedfordshire/Hertfordshire Experienced Senior competitor looking for dedicated partner for Senior Pre-Champ and Senior 3 Standard (Ballroom) competitions. I am slim build, 5ft 10 ht. The ideal lady would be about 55 years, and be between 5ft 4, and 5ft 7,and able to practice twice a week. I am a very easy going person and able to travel. If interested please contact me at: dancetogether21@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 21 April 2016

MSA376 Reading Looking for a Ballroom and Latin partner for lessons, practice and competitions but would specialise for the right person. I am a dedicated and serious dancer with a number of years experience on the Open Circuit and want to work hard to continuously improve and be the best I can whilst at the same time keeping things fun. I currently compete at Senior Intermediate and Senior Pre-Champ but would like to progress to Senior I/II. I am 47 years old, 185cm tall, medium build and fairly fit. I am enthusiastic, easy going and have a good sense of humour. I commute into London for work so am able and willing to have lessons and practice in central London. If you are interested then please get in touch. swingandsway1@gmail.com

Submitted: 11 April 2016

MSA374 Reading, Berkshire Hi I am 49 and looking for a dance partner only. I used to be of gold level and after a break of a few years decided to take it up again. I am looking to dance 2 x 2 hours per week plus shared private lessons. Happy to concentrate on ballroom only or both latin and ballroom.
I am of slim appearance, fit, 5' 10í (178cm) with strong work ethics, however, fun is important. Iím friendly, enthusiastic, positive, easy-going, driven and determined. If interested, contact me on zedin0705@gmail.com

Submitted: 30 March 2016

MSA372 Cambridge, UK Hello. My name is James. I have been doing ballroom and latin dancing for about 8 years. I am looking for someone to go to social dances with in the greater Cambridge area ie within 30 miles of Cambridge. I would also be interested in finding out about social dance events (tea dances, balls etc) to try. I am also looking to try new classes if you can signpost any please. I look forward to hearing from you. iamnotanumber006@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 22 March 2016

MSA371 Southampton 58 year old,5'10" Former Pre-Champ Ballroom & Latin dancer returning to dancing after a while away. Looking for partner for training/practice/social dancing. Willing to travel a reasonable distance for lessons and practice. paul.leach3@googlemail.com

Submitted: 23 February 2016

MSA370 Oban, Scotland Hello, my name is Oskars - the rules are: One partner must have reached his or her 35th birthday or more in the calendar year (1981 or before - Senior Ib). The other partner must have reached his or her 30th birthday in the calendar year (1986 or before - Senior Ia) I will turn 30 this summer, so looking forward to compete in international arena this year september, ballroom and Latin. Goal is to become World Champion in Senior 1. I have 12 years expierence in competing. 186cm tall. For more information please write to @ mail. o08@inbox.lv

Submitted: 26 January 2016

MSA368 Cardiff, UK I am a 5'4" gentleman,64 years old,looking for a partner to go to dance classes and practices in the Cardiff area. I am a non driver so would need to rely on public transport to get to venues. I have recently been dancing in Bristol for the past three years but now need to dance closer to home. Stephen.kass@me.com

Submitted: 04 December 2015

MSA367 Midlands, UK Experienced senior 1 Latin dancer, 5 10", looking for a dance partner to take lessons in Ballroom, practice both Latin and Ballroom. Not looking to compete at the present moment,just focus on getting the Ballroom to a good standard, then look at competing. if interested contact, ian on 07808649021 or email. imbonner@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 12 October 2015

MSA366 London/Bedfordshire, UK Experienced Senior competitor looking for dedicated partner for Senior Pre-Champ Standard (Ballroom) competitions. I am slim build, 5ft 10 ht.The ideal lady would be about 55 years, and be between 5ft 4, and 5ft 7,and able to practice twice a week. If interested please contact me at: dancetogether21@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 02 October 2015

MSA365 Manchester, England, UK UK Male aged 34 (35 in January 2015) Looking for a partner to compete in Senior Latin only competitions although 10 dance for the right partner would be considered. I have not competed for many years but have danced as both amateur & professional in the past. Ideally looking to start training asap and will be able to compete from January 2016 when I turn 35. I am based in Manchester but can travel, I am not currently attached to any dance coach. dancenw@outlook.com

Submitted: 02 September 2015

MSA364 London, UK Hello. I am 6'1" and slim. I have been doing Ballroom, Latin, Salsa and Argentine Tango for over 20yrs now. Previously, I competed to amateur level in Ballroom. I am keen to find someone I can practise with and have lessons to achieve a competitive level of dancing however I am happy not to compete; I would like to enjoy dancing without it becoming too serious. I am happy to dance with someone with less experience than me. Paul colemanpaul@live.com

Submitted: 19 June 2015

MSA363 Clearwater, Florida, USA Male 6 ft. Located in Florida, looking for good level dancer, for competitions and Dance Shows. email or call for more details. contact: 02035191096 admin@tangotoes.com

Submitted: 12 June 2015

MSA362 Solihull West Midlands, UK I am seeking a Senior Lady dance partner for a sequence tea dance on Wednesdays in Olton, Solihull. I prefer a slim lady about 5ft 4inches who has some experience. Dancing 1.30 until 3.30pm. I am a fit septuagenarian with Wednesdays free. dave.bayliss@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 12 June 2015

MSA360 London, UK Experienced 10 dance competitor focusing now only in Senior 1 Standard Ballroom Discipline, 1.81 cm extremely fit, requires dedicated equal to aiming to practise 4 times a week as aiming to return on the competitive dance floor asap. London based, only serious experienced, dedicated Senior 1 competitors. Please specify height without shoes in cm, age and if possibly picture. Lexh0409@gmail.com

Submitted: 24 April 2015

MSA359 Glasgow, Scotland, UK Experienced Male dancer seeking slim, attractive Lady partner for training/practice in Ballroom and L/A. Ideally age around 50 and height approx 5'-5/6"(in heels). 5yrs previous Ballroom experience preferred, either in classes or lessons. I'm located just outside Glasgow boundary. contact: 07732508957 macraeart@gmail.com

Submitted: 17 April 2015

MSA358 Sussex, UK Hi. I am looking for a dance partner for open Latin American Pre-Champ competitions (Senior level 35 to 45). Someone who is prepared to meet halfway for evening training. I love the Latin music vibes. I have over 10 years dance experience (Latin American, Ballroom and Salsa). I have been training under Gunnar at Dance Options Cheam for about 3 years and love his style / training technique. We both have similar ideas how to dance. The last two years I have qualified for the Pre Champs comps in Blackpool. I am looking for someone that has a good technical ability or is willing to learn, a good understanding of how to interpret the music (how to extend holds if the music says so) and is competitive. I am 5'8" wos, slim build, short dark brown hair and brown eyes. I always work hard at everything I do but at the same time like to have a laugh. Looking for a Latin American Dance partner, aged 33-45s, slim build with a good technical foundation, outgoing personality, competitive and not afraid to express themselves within the music. I am happy to travel to South London. If you fancy a challenge then contact me :-) contact: 07904 481396 davidsloper@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 13 February 2015

MSA357 Athens, Greece I am 34 years-old and I have more than 10 years of experience in dance and very good knowledge of techniques of ballroom and latin dances. I have participated in national and international competitions such as the Open Championship 2012 in Cervia-Italy and the May 2013 Blackpool Festival. My target is to turn from Professional to Senior 1. I am looking for a 35 to 40 years-old lady partner for ballroom only, with 10 years of experience, to achieve best results in Senior 1 at Blackpool. A partner who is just coming up from amateur or even a professional coming to Senior 1, is welcome. I am 5' 10'' (179cm) tall, slim built, and a lady 5' 5'' (165cm) - 5' 7'' (170cm) w.o.s. will be prefered. I currently live in Athens, Greece, but I am willing to relocate for a good ambitious and hardworking partner, in case that a job will be offered to me. I have more than 10 years of ballroom and latin dances teaching experience. If you're interested and would like for more information please contact me at vladimirmoroch@gmail.com

Submitted: 06 February 2015

MSA356 Merseyside, UK 36 y/o male, former pre champ level competitor, 5'11" based near liverpool, looking to practice and compete regularly. Ideally looking for a partner 34-45 years old, based in the north west, but willing to travel for the right partner. northwestdancer@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 06 February 2015

MSA355 Manchester, UK I am a 55 year old male ceroc / modern jive dancer. I would like to enter one of the northern based UK competitions in 2015. I could practice a couple of times per week. Please email for further details ceroc2015@gmail.com

Submitted: 06 February 2015

MSA354 West Yorkshire, UK Looking for senior lady to dance ballroom at senior pre to senior one [not senior two].latin at senior int to sen pre .with a view to dancing sen one in both ballroom and latin in the future. tel no 01484 682552 s.berry231@btinternet.com

Submitted: 23 January 2015

MSA352 London, UK Hi, I dance salsa for more than 7 years at an advanced level, and am learning argentine tango. I am interested in dancing with a partner in both or either of. Preferably Central/North London but flexible to travel a little further. I am 1.69m height and 70Kg weight. vvalsamakis@gmail.com

Submitted: 09 January 2015

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