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Men looking for ladies - Adults, Intermediate (3-7 yrs exp.)
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MAI1200 Senior 1/ Pre champ Ballroom and Latin dancer is Looking For dedicate experience female Ballroom and (or) Latin dancer For national and International Senior competition. My goal is to be the best I can. mikedobo007@yahoo.com

Submitted: 21 July 2023

MAI1199 Nottingham/Derby Searching for a female dance partner in ballroom and Latin dance, wanting to take part in competitions and exams. I’m 33, 5ft 11 , based in Derby, UK

I’m looking for a committed dance partner , who can commit to dance at least 2 times a week, with similar knowledge and experience in ballroom and Latin dancing. Looking for Someone who wants to take part in competitions but also enjoys learning to dance, having a laugh and ultimately wants to do well.

If you interested, please get in contact and we can arrange a trial. Partner must be in the Nottingham/Derby area in the UK Stephenlammas@gmail.com

Submitted: 21 January 2023

MAI1198 Hi, I'm 45 years old and am looking for a female Latin dance partner to go to events together and/or practice with each other. Whatever works for the both of us. I am 5'7, Latin, average build, have a fun personality and always ready to dance. I'm looking for someone to enjoy together, no problem about age or experience, someone very motivated to dance and have fun. Please feel free to contact me if interested in meeting for a chat and see how we get on luisuk2017@gmail.com

Submitted: 7 August 2022

MAI1197 I am 6' 4" and have been dancing only since 2014 and then competing at Intermediate and Pre-Champ, under the tuition of Surrey Hills Dance Centre since 2019. Most recently Home Counties Championship, Frimley, March 20th.
I am now looking for a partner to train with and continue to compete with in both Ballroom and Latin as soon as possible. patrickmdhunter@gmail.com

Submitted: 24 March 2022

MAI1196 UK Hello I'm 51 5'9 and like to find a Latin /ballroom partner with a good sense of humour to attend class and socials. No bossy or limp lettuces lol. Many thanks Lawrence Ibkis30@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 19 February 2022

MAI1195 Dorking, Surrey 30 year old, 6ft 1 male. I train in Dorking, currently mondays, but this is negotiable as I work locally. I've been 10 dancing for about 12 years. At the beginning of this year I dropped Latin to focus on Ballroom. Currently working to further technical concepts and add refinement. Interested in a partner that prefers Ballroom and would like working together to better understand mechanisms in addition to being able to dance them. This mentality is more important than experience. 04nimmot@gmail.com

Submitted: 24 September 2018

MAI1194 West Sussex I am a keen Latin and Ballroom dancer. 54 yr old . 6'4". I have competed in NATD Teacher/Student medalist comps and want to do more competitions and would like a partner. I absolutely love dance. I am competitive! patrickmdhunter@gmail.com

Submitted: 6 April 2018

MAI1193 Portugal Hi, I'm 175cm looking for a girl to dance. I'm not very good but I wanna be. I'm a very hard worker. I woldn't mind changing contry. My financial situation is limitaded for now. I can do 10 dances but I prefer latin. I am looking for a partner but in order to finish my high school, I can only start in September. milton.a.rosa@gmail.com

Submitted: 19 November 2017

MAI1192 LONDON Hi there, I'm looking for a female partner between 22 to 30, to learn and compete at a novice level (and hopefully higher as we get better). I am 5'8, I currently attend classes and practise in west/central London on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I'm returning to dance after a few years break. I previously competed at intermediate level at university but I want to start at novice and work up. If you're interested in partnering and competing, it would be great to hear from you! seaemdad@gmail.com

Submitted: 18 October 2017

MAI1191 London Hello there! I am looking for a female between 24 to 32 years of age, preferably between 5'4 and 5'9 tall for competitions. Whether you have a lot or little experience with dance and competing, all that matters to me is commitment, dedication and passion for dance. I believe that if we both work hard as a team and support each other we will improve together quickly and have a lot of fun too. I have some excellent world-class coaches, and am happy to share coaches with you. As for me, I live in London and I want to compete in U35 pre-champ and possibly some ex university competitions in Latin American (and if time permits, ballroom). I am 5.11 without shoes and have 7+ years’ experience of dancing Latin and ballroom on both open and university dance circuits. I’ve made a number of finals and also won a few competitions including at Blackpool. If you are interested, please get in touch! I’d love to hear from you! perfect_dark_uk@hotmail.com Thank you for reading my ad.

Submitted: 20 September 2017

MAI1190 Romania Hy. Male 17y.o  1.65 high. searching for a esperience dance partener very talented ready to realocate to Bucharest Romania for international, comps. details. facebook. Costi Parfenie trainer or 0040728536273.

Submitted: 3 August 2017

MAI1189 London I am looking for a female between 24-33 years of age, pref between 5'3 and 5'9 tall whether you are inexperienced or experienced. All that matters is the desire, dedication and commitment to improve with me and I will support you through your development. I am 29 myself. I dance in South and Central London. I speak to a lot of women who don't compete because they say they don't have the money to do so. I will help you with this side of things or if you don't have a dress, this also. If you're my partner, I will help us in every way through private classes, group classes, socials so that we can be amazing together. I drive everywhere and have a decent vehicle and distance doesn't really matter to me. Contact: 07538185771

Submitted: 1 August 2017

MAI1188 Central Manchester, North West 6"5 male 32, looking for partner. Not looking to relocate or train overseas. Ideally looking for a lady to train for SupaDance / IDTA leagues in the North. Dancing for me is a hobby and I've danced on and off for 15 years. Want to train hard to get better and go on a journey with someone. JJ Contact: 07590606122

Submitted: 6 June 2017

MAI1187 Central London Hello everyone, I am an italian guy, 32 years old, 1.80 tall, I had been doing competitions In my country for few years, looking for a female partner to start to compete again in Uk. If interested you can email me at alberto.corrielli@gmail.com

Submitted: 28 April 2017

MAI1186 France, Paris Hi, I am 28, 166cm without heels,C standard and C latin. I am looking for a 10 dance partner or latin only to train seriously and take part to national and international competitions (preference for WDSF).
I have a 3-year experience of competitions. My coaches are Angélik and Cédric Meyer for latin and Steeve Gaudet and Marioara Dumitrita-Cheptene for standards. camille.h.bruneau@gmail.com

Submitted: 15 March 2017

MAI1185 London Hey, I am 25 year old male looking for a female dance partner between 18 and 30 to practice, come up with awesome routines and maybe get into competitions. I've done open circuit competitions in Russia and won some Intermediate Uni competitions in UK. I ve been dancing for around 7 years but stopped when I got to London. Really want to continue! mikeglidephotography@gmail.com

Submitted: 12 March 2017

MAI1184 Thanet, Kent Female dancing partner required. Contact: 01304612980

Submitted: 29 December 2016

MAI1181 Dublin Ireland Returning adult dancer - currently competing in level 6-9 student/teacher. Training & competing in 10 dance at moment. Would prefer to stay at 10 dance but would be willing to specialise in latin. Age 35 - train weekends/evenings Dublin. elainebodwyer@hotmail.com

Submitted: 4 September 2016

MAI1180 Crawley, UK Hi. I'm 27 years old Hungarian ballroom and latin dancer with 10year exp. I have like 300 competition in Romania and Hungary. C class, Intermediate. I'm looking for partner in West Sussex. Contact: 07990104383

Submitted: 16 July 2016

MAI1179 London (central) Male 6ft 27 years old Looking for a serious dance partner. Currently learning salsa (cuban and cross body - intermediate), bachata (intermediate) and also started Kizimbo (beginner). Looking to practice 2-3 times a week on weekends and evenings (7pm +) babar.ali@live.co.uk

Submitted: 22 May 2016

MAI1178 Staffordshire, UK Hi there, I am a 17 year old (D.O.B. 28-01-1999 Height 174cm) looking for a young lady to dance pre-champ and youth. Having danced for a number of years competing in both juvenile and junior competitions and would like to continue my dancing career. Contact simonalovatt@aol.com or tel 07721 624733

Submitted: 18 April 2016

MAI1177 Kent, England I'm searching for a dedicated and hardworking female 10 dance partner to compete in Pre-champ and Youth. I am 16, 17 at the end of July and 5ft 11" without shoes. I am trained by Mark and Jayne Shutlar and am happy to teacher share. I'm located in West Kent/East Sussex border. Mtimbers75@gmail.com

Submitted: 11 April 2016

MAI1176 London SE9, UK London Hi! My name is Raul Simarro from Spain. I have been 3 years living in London and I miss dancing so much. I received private lessons for 5 latin dances but never for standard, however I would love to start with all 10 dances. Before moving to London I used to compite around Spain in the Category of B Adult for just latin. Looking for a nice parter ;) 6 feet and 27 years old! Please do not hesitate to contact me raulsibar@gmail.com Raul.

Submitted: 10 April 2016

MAI1175 London SE9, UK 17 Year old male seeks experienced dance partner in the London and South East area. Height required is less than 5'7 in shoes. Must be willing to train and practise hard for competitions. Call 07905 624060 mbishop@dancewise.co.uk

Submitted: 08 January 2016

MAI1175 London, UK Hi, I am looking for a highly motivated girl to specialise and compete in international Latin at intermediate/pre-champ level (class B). I am 26, 183cm (without shoes), athletic build with very good results in past competitions. Please contact me for more info and to arrange a try-out! Daniel danielvalero@gmx.com

Submitted: 14 December 2015

MAI1174 London, UK 38 year old, 6' 2'' tall, unattached Londoner. MAI1171 London, UK I have several years' experience in many types of dance, ten dance Latin and ballroom (silver stage), swing dance, Charleston and salsa. I tend to go out dancing about three times a week; group classes and socials and I take private lessons about once a week. I have also taken part in amateur performances. I am interested in meeting new people who share my passion for dance, and am keen to hear about new events in London. Ray@comanandco.co.uk

Submitted: 04 December 2015

MAI1173 Leicester, UK Looking for a male dance partner preferably between the age 18-30. I am 5"1 and had just over 3 years dancing experience on the university dancesport circuit. Looking to start dancing on the open circuit. Send me an email if you are interested. e.l.collins5@hotmail.com

Submitted: 20 November 2015

MAI1172 Essex, UK Hello, My name is Grant I am 34 years old i`m looking for a Ballroom and Salsa partner in the Essex area for social practice, Discos, Night Clubs, Bars. I have been dancing Ballroom for a year and a half and Salsa about a year, i`m looking to do competions in the future, I look forward to hearing from you.
contact: 07745540283

Submitted: 10 July 2015

MAI1171 London, UK I have several years' experience in many types of dance, ten dance Latin and ballroom (silver stage), swing dance, Charleston, salsa and tango. My favourite dance is foxtrot. I enjoy jive and Latin dances. I tend to go out dancing about three times a week; group classes and socials and I take private lessons about once a week. I have also taken part in amateur performances. I am interested in meeting new people who share my passion for dance, and am keen to hear about new events in London. ray@comanandco.co.uk

Submitted: 10 July 2015

MAI1170 Mansfield, Notts, UK Hi I am 34 years old of medium build who is 5 foot 9 without shoes on. I am looking for a ballroom\latin dancer to compete under 35 intermediate\prechamp. Please email me if you are interested in a try out. amandajwells@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 27 May 2015

MAI1169 Maidstone, Kent, UK I am 18 years old, 5'9" and looking for a dedicated hard working 16-21 year old girl 10 dance partner to compete regularly at open competitions in Intermediate/Pre Champ and to progress to Amateur/Under 21's. I currently train 3 times a week but am willing to do more for the right partner. Based around Maidstone, Kent and trained by Mark & Jayne Shutlar. May consider a teacher share. Please message me for more details. Matthew.dancing@outlook.com

Submitted: 01 May 2015

MAI1168 Staffordshire, UK Young male dancer age 16 DOB 28-01-99 Height 5'6" is looking for a dedicated young lady partner to dance in youth open competitions. simonalovatt@aol.com

Submitted: 01 May 2015

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