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Ladies looking for men - Seniors, Beginners
LSB660 Devon/Cornwall border I am 6 foot tall (plus heels) and slim. I started learning ballroom and latin about thirty years ago (and have pretty much forgotten it all) and recently started learning again. I am looking for a regular dance partner to learn with, just for the sheer fun of dancing and possibly to go to social events with occasionally. hopefuldancer@swest.force9.co.uk

Submitted: 6 June 2014

LSB776 Bristol Hi. Would love to learn to dance. Have had a few lessons in the distance past but forgotten it all, sorry! Fit, slim, working 61 year old. Bristol city centre. 5'11". Thanks for reading! :D clunis@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 27 August 2019

LSB775 Ormskirk I have joined the U3A Ballroom dance class on a Thursday afternoon and looking for a male partner who has some experience. I am 62 years old and have danced when I was young and can pick it up quickly with the right partner. shirleykirby2001@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 2 August 2019

LSB774 Brentwood , Essex Hi, I’m looking for a Ballroom/ Latin dance partner for lessons, regular practice, and social dancing. I am a Lady in my 60s, I am healthy and active 5 feet 6 inches tall. If you enjoy dancing and or are interested in learning and practicing. If you just love to dance and learn I am happy to start again if a gentleman out there wants to start at beginner level. Just looking for someone who is keen to dance. This is purely for dancing leewroe@live.co.uk

Submitted: 20 July 2019

LSB773 Derby I’m a young at heart 36 year old.. looking for a man around that age to Partner up with.. I started ballroom/Latin America/ tango.. and love it! Would like to progress.. I am Partnered up with one of the dance helpers.. I am a quick learner. Willing to travel for lessons. I currently dance at a studio in Derby in a Tuesday Contact: 07710012937

Submitted: 1 July 2019

LSB772 Plymouth Hello, I'm looking for a tango dancing partner to have lessons with in Plymouth now & in Andalusia end of September this year (for a week) I'm a beginner & love this dance a lot! I'm 56 yo, Italian & British, 1.68 cm x 68 kg, fit & smiling! I don't consider this site a dating one. See you soon! Ciao susyb443@gmail.com

Submitted: 22 June 2019

LSB771 South West London Hi, I'm 43 years old and am looking for a male salsa dance partner to go to salsa events together and practice with each other at least once or twice a week. Whatever works for the both of us. I am 5'3 (160cm), slim build, have a fun personality. I'm looking for someone with a great sense of humour not too serious as can cause issues when making mistakes. Just to enjoy dancing together and improve in good time. Please feel free to contact me if interested in meeting for a chat and see how we get on with dancing. rubyjoshua1975@gmail.com

Submitted: 18 June 2019

LSB770 Surrey Susan - single, retired lady, 5' 6'' tall, seeks an experienced dancing partner ( Ballroom, Latin American and Modern Sequence ) to attend tea dances in Surrey. Keen to dance socially at least twice a week and with patient practice to improve. Happy to accompany you to your lessons, if required. Possibility of competitions and/or dance holidays in due course. Please contact me by e-mail: bellsusanjanems1@aol.com

Submitted: 21 May 2019

LSB769 North Lancashire, Lancaster area I am 74 years old reasonably fit, fashionable and would love to learn ball room dancing as well as the sequence dancing I already do. Difficult without a partner. Contact: 01524 941512

Submitted: 2 April 2019

LSB768 Stoke on Trent 5ft 6 without shoes. Middle aged fit lady seeks slim tall male to dance with. Ideally has a sense of humour. Ksjk_saunders41@hotmail.com

Submitted: 25 March 2019

LSB765 Halifax, West Yorkshire, England Hi, I'm 69, 6'2" tall, and have been dancing sequence for a few years. But I would really like a dance partner, so that I can improve and learn more dances. I go dancing in Manchester, Accrington, and Halifax. So I'm willing to travel. I also would mind learning to jive. Dancing is more fun with a partner. mothership01@icloud.com

Submitted: 13 November 2018

LSB764 Bolton, Lancashire Hello, I'd absolutely love a like minded dance partner, who loves dancing, loves everything about dance, the environment and the joy of dancing and wants someone who can dance.
I'm 5ft 5, slim,I live a healthy and active life. I dance at a dance school in Walkden and now I'm working towards silver. I have been in one competition for fun and in front of thousands of people and judges last year and we placed 2nd,id never danced before. Since then and for 12 months I'm utterly addicted. I can't dance on my own and I figured there must be a man out there looking for a woman like me, who is dedicated and works hard!! If you are a natural leader, love dancing and feel that the area is suitable. Feel free to get in touch. norrispepper@gmail.com

Submitted: 11 October 2018

LSB763 United Kingdom - Dorset I'm a recent returner to ballroom and need to practice. I do a good waltz and quickstep and I'm trying to improve my rumba one, cha cha, square tango, social foxtrot and calypso. I also love rock n roll! I'm a 5'8" slim, stylish, young 74 year old, active and energetic, do get in touch if you're over 5"8' and anywhere near. Your age doesn't matter to me, all I want is to dance! patriciaannshearing@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 4 October 2018

LSB762 Haywards Heath - West Sussex I'm an Argentinian lady, 57 years old and and I'm looking for a dance partner, man, to learn to dance tango. I could go to London because there are many places to do that there. cm.galpol@gmail.com

Submitted: 1 October 2018

LSB761 Cambridge I am a senior lady wanting to learn sequence dancing and am looking for an older gentleman to learn with me in Cambridge.I have been dancing all of my life and want to continue. embassy53@homecall.co.uk

Submitted: 10 August 2018

LSB760 Belfast- N. Ireland I love dancing especially ballroom and sequence dancing. I would just love to have a male dancing partner so that we could learn the steps together and go to lots of dancing evenings!!! valeriel321@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 3 August 2018

LSB759 Northampton I am a beginner and have a bronze certificate in latin dance. I do lessons with Step by Step dance studio in Northampton. The lessons cost £7 an hour and are on Saturdays and Sundays. The dance studio also have social events and do dance exams in June. I should like to find a partner who like me wishes to learn ballroom dance, do exams and competitions.. Contact me on vinrougeoublanc@gmail.com

Submitted: 30 June 2018

LSB758 Hertfordshire, UK Looking for a male ballroom and latin dancing partner.. must be age between 60 and 70 years old, not more than 5' 10" tall in Hertfordshire area. Contact: 07856591960

Submitted: 3 June 2018

LSB757 Bristol Hi I've been dancing Ballroom and Latin for over a year in group classes and am looking for a dance partner for social dancing and private lessons. I've also done some Salsa in the past and am keen to learn Argentine Tango, so pretty much any dance! I'm a very young 49, 5ft 6 and slim build. If you enjoy dancing and are interested in learning and practicing more then do get in touch. Thanks jjef113@gmail.com

Submitted: 30 May 2018

LSB756 St Helens, Merseyside Hi, i'm 37 years old, 5"7 without shoes looking for a Supadance comp partner, preferably with some experience. Sense of humour a must! Based in Merseyside but willing to travel for practice. Also previously taught by Paul Taylor. I've had alot of success in over 35 comps and looking to build on that and improve even more with someone dedicated but fun. emmavictoriapeachey@hotmail.com

Submitted: 1 May 2018

LSB755 WEST LONDON Hello, I am looking for a keen experience beginners/intermediate male dance partner to meet minimum once per week to improve dance technique. I am a very young looking energetic 46 years old. I am presently learning salsa in a dance school in west London but would love more practice with someone who has some experience and does not mind traveling to central London once per week minimum. Email me your details with your photo keltay52@gmail.com

Submitted: 18 April 2018

LSB754 North Devon I am 72 yr old lady dancer who loves jive and rocknroll, am 5'10'', fit, active and fun. i am looking for a dance partner with whom to share and continue. sandybrownarts@gmail.com

Submitted: 2 March 2018

LSB753 Surrey/London Hi I already enjoy dancing Cuban salsa, kizomba and bachata socially and I have recently started learning ballroom dancing as well. I am looking for a male dancer (5ft8 or taller) who would like to practice and/or go to social dances as well. I am 49 years young, 5ft 7 and I love dancing. dvdz1@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 1 March 2018

LSB752 Surrey Hi. I enjoy dancing Cuban salsa, kizomba and bachata socially. I have recently started to learn ballroom and would like to find someone (5ft 8" or above) who would enjoy practising and/or dancing socially any, or all, of the above dances. I am 49 years young, 5ft 7" and dance because I love it! dvdz1@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 14 February 2018

LSB751 Derby slim elegant Dance lady is looking for a gent (age 45 to 60) interested in learning the art of Argentine Tango to go to classes with in the Derby Nottingham area and to practise together. Ideally 5ft 10 or above. Some dance experience would be helpful. I am 5ft 7 and danced Tango many years ago but would like to get back into it to maintain fitness and for the social element when atttending dances. Pls text 07401854557

Submitted: 14 February 2018

LSB750 Manchester Hi I have done a bit of Latin dance on and off. Not done anything for the last year. So I consider myself a begginer. Love dancing but need a dance partner to practice on a regular basis. I am of slim built and 5'3.email me if you are interested. netty452000@yahoo.com. Thank you

Submitted: 1 December 2017

LSB749 Derby, East Midlands I am a 60year old female, 5’7" and I really enjoy learning ballroom, Latin, jive and Salsa. I am seeking a Male who Is also eager to learn or improve. The lessons are fun and sociable and everyone learns in their own time. Please give it a try and get in touch. Dancelady83@gmail.com

Submitted: 26 October 2017

LSB748 Hertfordshire / London Hi My name is Veronica I live in Herts. I'm very serious about it and want to find a partner in the Herts / London area to train with. I'm 5'7" slim build (size 10-12) I am looking for dance partner in Kizomba & Salsa, for social dancing, for going to salsa nights and/or classes. Please get in touch! Instagram  veronicariley9912

Submitted: 1 October 2017

LSB747 Stoke on Trent Hi. I'm looking for a dance partner to learn any type of ballroom. I've only been dancing about 12 months and have fallen in love with waltz, foxtrot and I'm learning a little Argentine tango but am willing to try any style. I currently have lessons privately and am looking for someone to learn with me. This is purely for dance and not a relationship. Ruthhiggin@icloud.com

Submitted: 19 September 2017

LSB746 Coventry, Warwickshire 55 years young lady. wish to competed at social level. Want a MALE partner with same passion for dance. Dance ballroom latin sequience and old time. Willing to share private tution fees. willing to travel 10 miles radius from Coventry. I believe when it is no fun its time to stop. marksjwr2@aol.com

Submitted: 15 September 2017

LSB745 Harwich Essex Hi, I used to dance, but in my own flare!  I haven't danced in 5 years and feel so unfit and want to get fit again doing something I love. Yllek7704@yahoo.com

Submitted: 9 September 2017

LSB744 United Kingdom I am looking to  take my dancing to the next level. I would love a Intermediate and above Latin and Ballroom partner 5ft 10 or above to share my love of dance.. I am a young 40 year old that has moved over 2 years ago from other genres of dance. I take my dancing very seriously. i have competed in the Champions of Tomorrow competition in Blackpool. I would like a partner who loves dancing and wants to work hard and reach the top.. So if you want somebody that will travel, share coaches, practice 3/4 times a week . lorrainemellor@aol.co.uk

Submitted: 20 August 2017

LSB743 Stoke on Trent I do some ballroom, sequence mainly. I have been doing this for two years and love it. Unfortunately without a partner I cannot continue. I am 65years old and active so wish to find a partner who enjoys social dances in my area. With no strings attached cheswol343@gmail.com

Submitted: 10 August 2017

LSB742 Nottingham Hi, I'm Cathy. I am a young 57 year old lady from Nottingham, 5ft 8in, looking for a tall, experienced dance partner to lead me back into the world of ballroom & Latin dancing. Ideally someone to attend weekly local dance classes and possibly weekend social dances. I look forward to hearing from you. planetearth2018@outlook.com

Submitted: 3 August 2017

LSB741 West Yorkshire I am a female with a newly found passion for modern jive.  I would love to meet a man with rhythm, style and much more experience to dance with.  I am over 50 and 5'7 ish. I would consider learning other stylish dances too. nickyrose2017@outlook.com

Submitted: 30 July 2017

LSB740 Leeds UK Hello, I am looking for a dance partner to learn Swing Jive, Rock n Roll and Lindy hop. I am a beginner and starting lessons in August in Halifax and Leeds. I am also interested in learning ballroom and latin and in the process of looking for a dance class. Please contact me if you are in this area looking for a dance partner, I go out socially to 40s events and jive and rock and roll nights in Leeds, Halifax and much further afield to the 40s weekends. I am 47 slim build. Thank you. Bobby 07545 998355

Submitted: 26 July 2017

LSB739 St Albans Hi I'm a young 52 year old woman. I used to dance in tap ,jazz,ballet and contemporary dance. As ateenager I learnt some ballroom and latin but not sufficiently with a partner. I'm in good shape and pick up steps and choreography well. Is there  a man who is a little morexperienced who would like  to improve at lessons with me? I am 5.7" easy going but need a strong lead. gabrach0765@gmail.com

Submitted: 14 July 2017

LSB738 Wirral Dance partner required  for regular lessons in Latin American. Must be tall as I'm 6' in high heels!! hayseebats@yahoo.com

Submitted: 12 July 2017

LSB737 North-East Surrey I'm looking for a male (65+) dance partner for regular, weekly, beginners ballroom and latin lessons.  I'm slim, 57, 5ft 6in and have been dancing for less than one year. Contact: 07786 102822

Submitted: 9 June 2017

LSB736 Chester Hi I am Nat, I used to dance when I was younger and would like to get back into it. I'm very passionate about dancing and would like to find a partner to train with. I'm 5'1" and did compete previously, but it was over 15 years ago! Please get in touch! beautyworx22@gmail.com

Submitted: 18 May 2017

LSB735 Derby, UK Seeking male dance partner to learn and improve social dancing in ballroom, latin and jive. I am 60 years old and have taken lessons for over 2 years but it is difficult to to improve without a regular partner. If you have always wanted to learn or know the basics and want to improve, please email Dancelady83@gmail.com

Submitted: 28 April 2017

LSB734 Stoke On Trent Hi, I'm looking for a male dance partner preferably 5'10 or taller. I have recently started beginners classes in ballroom dancing and Latin American at a dance school based in Stoke and would like to continue there as the teachers are excellent. I am 5'8 and a slim build and would be looking for someone with a similar build. If you require anymore details please email me. Linz.hods@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 18 April 2017

LSB733 Liverpool Hi I have been learning to dance ballroom and Latin for a couple of years and love it . Im not really a beginner I'm more of an improver. I'm 5 ft 3 and looking for a male partner to progress and practice dancing with and to start competing . Janetbrooker@ymail.com

Submitted: 11 March 2017

LSB732 Warlingham, Surrey Hello. I am keen to find a male dance partner for Latin and Ballroom on a regular basis. I am at Silver level but hope to progress further. I attend classes twice a week but need a partner to share practise. enalou@me.com

Submitted: 6 March 2017

LSB731 East Midlands I am a lady looking for male dance partner for hobby latin and ballroom dancing. To go dancing regularly at venues and also dance lessons - possibly dance workshops. Would also consider going on dance holidays. I am 5ft 1inch in height, slim build. I love dancing and want to dance. Contact: tel 0115 963 4056

Submitted: 26 February 2017

LSB730 Wigston, Leicester would like to find a male ballroom dancing partner for beginner ballroom dancing lessons, must be regular weekly attendance, consistent and perhaps to practice a couple of times during the week between lessons when possible. Contact: 07496933797

Submitted: 16 December 2016

LSB729 Wolverhampton UK Male dance partner, up to 3years experience wanted for private lessons, lessons and practice session in Perton, Cheslyn hay and Cannock. Needs to be dedicated. I dance for fun and enjoyment. Natalieworton51@gmail.com

Submitted: 8 December 2016

LSB728 Great Wyrley Hi, I've previously danced ballroom, Latin-American, and Rock 'n' Roll but it was a very long time ago. I'd love to recapture that feeling of exhileration and fun but need a dancing partner. I'm 5'8", and would prefer someone 5'11" or above...with lots of energy. andsarer46@gmail.com

Submitted: 28 November 2016

LSB727 Paignton, Devon Hi. I am Sharon. I love any type of dancing and would love to learn ballroom of any sort. I'm 57 years. Have good rhythm and want to dance. Thank you. Sharon. Contact: 07730529118

Submitted: 18 October 2016

LSB726 Huddersfield Hi I'm 37 and have not danced for a while due to no partner. Would love to meet someone to jive with ldstorey@btinternet.com

Submitted: 1 October 2016

LSB725 Weston Super Mare, Somerset I am learning ballroom and Latin and some sequence dancing. I am 5 feet 4 inches tall slimish niclely dressed mid 60 s. very good learner and and would like a gentleman to learn more with me. classes or social. can travel have car. please get in touch. anitahcharlton@g-mail.com

Submitted: 20 September 2016

LSB724 Chester/North Wales Looking for a male dance partner for beginners Ballroom last week next week 21st Sept at Broughton in Chester for beginners Ballroom and Latin christinebeaumont@uwclub.net

Submitted: 15 September 2016

LSB723 Belfast Northern Ireland I am coming back from a knee injury and nerve damage in both legs. It feels like starting from the beginning, it's been so long I don't know if I remember the dance steps and I need a male partner who is patient and kind. I thought ballroom is a good start on recovery. Mcguiganliz@icloud.com

Submitted: 5 September 2016

LSB722 West Wiltshire, UK I have been dancing 18mths and really love it, but do not have a regular dance partner. Would love to be able to find someone to dance with at my regular lessons. I'm only 5ft tall, but am happy to dance with any height (currently dancing with gent over 6ft). Please email me if you think you might be able to dance with me. mike.sherene@btinternet.com

Submitted: 6 July 2016

LSB721 Maghull Merseyside Looking for a dance partner , preferably local . Ballroom and Latin . Contact: 07980895294

Submitted: 5 July 2016

LSB720 London central I am beginner ( six months) but extremely keen. So difficult to progress without a partner. Not interested in competing at this stage just social events and practice. Jenkins.debra1407@gmail.com

Submitted: 27 June 2016

LSB718 Northfield, Birmingham Looking for a dance partner for Latin American, ballroom and sequence dancing. I am an attractive 60yr old - recently retired. I go to Longbridge Social Club on Mondays and Wednesday's. Also Tower Ballroom monthly. susankeane29@gmail.com

Submitted: 26 May 2016

LSB717 North Tyneside, N.E. England Fit attractive 69 year old woman seeks male beginner dancer for Ballroom, Latin and/or Sequence dancing. I dance in Whitley Bay and Newcastle area. susansharkey1@hotmail.com

Submitted: 4 May 2016

LSB716 Skye and Lochalsh, Scotland I'm 5'7", keen to attend any ballroom and latin classes in my area, or Inverness, with a partner. Willing to travel. I'd really like to progress to medals and competitions. I'd be happy to share private lessons in order to progress. Miriam.little@hotmail.com

Submitted: 2 May 2016

LSB714 Buckingham/Milton Keynes areas I am a 52 year old lady and love dancing and different music. Danced modern jive for a few years, but now looking for a dance partner to go to Argentine Tango or lindy hop classes with and hopefully go to tea dances etc, also do ballroom. Looking for a man about 6ft tall who enjoys dancing but can have a laugh also when the partner makes a mistake, etc. I like to learn but have fun too. no1star2677@aol.com

Submitted: 1 April 2016

LSB713 West Sussex I am an experienced ballroom and Latin dancer of 15 years on and off so would like to pursue a platonic relationship with a male dancer. apcockrell747@gmail.com

Submitted: 26 March 2016

LSB712 Tayside / Fife, Scotland Stylish lady, n/s, 62yrs, 5'7" seeks similar gentleman for ballroom, Latin, sequence classes and social dancing. Professional work background and young outlook preferable. Not yet retired but planning to dance life to the last. Chance to chat and compare notes would be nice. rms23@outlook.com

Submitted: 22 March 2016

LSB711 Oxford Hi, I am looking for a tall male ballroom/latin partner in Oxford. I have been dancing for 2 years now and take regular private and class lessons and work toward exams. I like a challenge and learning new steps. I am at present working towards my Bronze Bar Ballroom and Bronze Latin. I am a musician by trade so find rhythm second nature.! I also attend social dances and balls. I am 5'8" tall and medium build. My age is 61. denisejaneevans@gmail.com

Submitted: 16 February 2016

LSB710 Reading, UK I have a student looking for a male partner. Catherine is 54 years old, and 5ft 8inches. She is looking for a regular partner to take part in classes and social practises. Ideally Catherine would like to continue training at her current school in Reading, although would consider sharing and travelling for social dances. dan.bridle@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 15 February 2016

LSB709 Manchester Hi my name is Lorraine Murphy and I am looking for a 35 to 45 year old male dancer to help me advance my dancing career. I recently danced the pro am competition at Blackpool beginners level and fell in love even more with dancing. I am hoping to compete ballroom and latin and want to develop into a first class dancer [I have a long way to go] . I am 5'6'' slim build and live in the South Manchester area. Please email me. lorrainemellor@aol.co.uk

Submitted: 8 February 2016

LSB708 Nottingham, UK Blond, mature and slim lady with good sense of rhythm who has basic steps in most dances seeks male dance partner. ssutcliffebinnes@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 28 January 2016

LSB707 North West, UK Hi, I'm 35 and 5"7 wos looking for a dedicated, taller male partner over 35 years old. I have danced Supadance for a number of years for a school in St Helens but am willing to dance opens. This is my first year in over 35 and have made every final with a lot of success. Ideally looking for someone with some comp experience, however wouldn't mind a beginner if willing to work hard. I am willing to travel within reason and teacher share. Looking to practice 3-4 times a week as i'm very dedicated but also looking to have fun :) emmavictoriapeachey@hotmail.com

Submitted: 20 January 2016

LSB706 Wiltshire, Trowbridge, Devizes, UK Hi Gentleman, I'm looking for several gentleman (5)who would like to partner some of the ladies in my classes, they are learning ballroom, latin and sequence and all of difference experience and ages. We have a lot of fun as well as learning to dance, so gentleman if you are reading this please give me a call, you won't regret it. Many thanks Louise
contact: 07917573831

Submitted: 20 January 2016

LSB705 Edinburgh, UK Hi my name is Gina and although the category i have put myself in is slightly encouraging it is the nearest i can get realistically I have just finished my first 6 weeks of training in ballroom and Latin American but i do intend to continue next year i am looking for somebody to partner me with a little more experience and patience june.smith661@gmail.com

Submitted: 23 December 2015

LSB704 Teeside, UK Hi, I am a 52 year old lady, 5ft 2 in WOS looking for am male partner 50 - 60 years of age and no taller than 6ft. I am trained by Danyelle Clark and David Barnes who are top professional Latin dancers. I am very committed to my dancing and will work as hard and practice as much as it takes to reach a high standard. I am wanting to compete on the open circuit in beginner / novice / intermediate sections. I am willing to travel and teacher share if necessary. If interested please either e-mail me or my teachers on:07503 171914. mandy.spence222@virginmedia.com

Submitted: 6 November 2015

LSB703 Glastonbury, Somerset, UK I've been learning salsa for just over a year and more recently bachata, zouk and cha cha. I'm 56 5'6" tall and looking for a dance partner in the Somerset or surrounding areas. iridescea@gmail.com

Submitted: 6 November 2015

LSB702 Amersham, UK Hi,I am 50yrs old, into sports but love to Salsa. A beginner although had a couple of lessons before going to Cuba last yr to experience the real thing.5ft 4ins, slim build and a quick learner looking for a partner to go to classes and or clubs to improve. macroandmotion@virginmedia.com

Submitted: 28 October 2015

LSB701 Gloucester, UK Youthful 63 year old with some dancing experience looking for a man of any age, no experience necessary, to go for regular dance lessons together in my local area of Gloucester. suep_21@hotmail.com

Submitted: 28 October 2015

LSB700 Teesside, UK Hi, I am a 52 year old lady looking for a male partner for Ballroom and/or Latin. I am being coached by top professional Latin dancers. I am willing to work as hard as it takes to get to the top and willing to travel within 50 mile radius of Teesside. I am also willing to teacher share if necessary.
If interested please contact my teachers on 07503171914

Submitted: 28 October 2015

LSB696 Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK Lady 60's 5ft petite, slim. I would love to do some Ballroom/Latin dancing again. Strictly Dancing! as I have a partner who isn't interested in this type of dance but doesn't mind me having a dance partner.I know some of the basic steps and would like to either go to classes or share a private lesson to learn more. It would also be great to go to an occasional tea dance to practice the steps. I'd be happy to dance with a beginner and equally if you are an experienced dancer. I'm not interested in competitions, just want to keep fit and have fun. lydia.joseph565@btinternet.com

Submitted: 28 September 2015

LSB695 London, UK Hi, I am looking for a dance partner to take Latin and ballroom lessons with. I can't believe this website puts me into the senior section at 44:). I certainly don't feel senior. I have danced latin and ballroom in the past but I really would like to learn to dance properly this time. Dancing is fun. dagmar_french@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 02 September 2015

LSB694 Newark on Trent, UK I am a 5ft 2 60 year old lady looking for a nice man to start dancing with again. I saw an ad for sequence dancing in my town and it reminded me of what I've been missing. Thanks for reading my ad. paddyvenus@outlook.com

Submitted: 14 August 2015

LSB693 London, UK I am a 60 year old lady and love dancing and different music. I went to some classes years ago and now would like to try it again. I'm looking for a partner who enjoys dancing but can have a laugh also when the partner makes a mistake , etc. I like to learn but have fun too! montse_mat@hotmail.com

Submitted: 10 July 2015

LSB692 Chester/North Wales, UK I am looking for a dance partner to learn ballroom tango I am a ceroc dancer but would like to lean more dances I live in North Wales but could travel to Wirral or cheshire christinebeaumont@uwclub.net

Submitted: 29 June 2015

LSB689 Northampton, UK I'd like to get back into Ballroom and Latin dancing. I did dance Silver but that was some time back so am starting again from scratch. I'm 43 43 years, 168cms and looking to join the Weston Favel Classes during the week. Please call, text or email me if you are interested. Thanks. contact: 07812 594 834 lightwalker72@gmail.com

Submitted: 17 April 2015

LSB688 Bury St Edmunds, UK Lady beginner looking for a male partner to learn Bachata or Salsa or even better....both! Bury St Edmunds area. 'In tune' lady with good sense of humour. Please text or feel free to call. Sally
contact: 07724 573425

Submitted: 13 March 2015

LSB687 Huddersfield West Yorkshire, UK hi im a begginer ive had 4 or 5 lessons, in ballroom, and know some jive, im wanting a dance partner, to practice to competition level prefrebly a non smoker. im 5ft 3inch tall, im also a slightly larger lady,i am wanting to take part in the blackpool amatures international dance festival in blackpool. tbottomley2@gmail.com

Submitted: 02 March 2015

LSB686 Exeter, Devon, UK Hi, I am 50 years young, married but unfortunately my husband doesn't dance but, is happy for me to gain a hobby. I am 5'6 slim and have just started Ballroom and Latin dance classes. I would like to partner up to gain some experience and hopefully win a few competitions? I am looking for a serious dancer at least a few inches taller than me in heels. Must be able to have lots of patience and hopefully local to exmouth or Exeter. paulabird64@gmail.com

Submitted: 02 March 2015

LSB685 Cheshire/Merseyside, UK OK Guys I am looking for a dance partner (obviously..lol) i have been dancing and competing in the supadance league for 20yrs plus and have been successful in competitions.I am looking for someone to enter into the open circuit competitions in the senior section. (my dance teacher says I should enter at intermediate level, but as I've never competed on the open circuit I am willing to start in beginners) i am fun to dance with have an excellent memory for routines,have fantastic rythum and timing and musicality,im just all round fun to dance with!!!! i am looking for a senior male. someone who has some experience in ballroom and latin (although not necesseraly at competition level) someone who is willing and able to practice and attend the competitions...someone who is fun to dance with and has a good sense of humour. someone who can keep up with me.lol, in return i can promise you will have loads of fun and laughs, get fit and hopefully win a few tropheys,i want someone who is willing to work hard and train hard....i am willing to travel and have no problems coming to you if you have a regular teacher,,I just want to dance, compete and hopefully WIN.. come on give it a try, what have you got to lose? Contact: 07985705805 cherylcannon66@gmail.com

Submitted: 02 March 2015

LSB684 Manchester, UK Looking for a dance partner aged between 45-55 to go to regular salsa classes.may be practice outside classes when possible and going out dancing. netty452000@yahoo.com

Submitted: 02 March 2015

LSB685 North West, UK Looking for an over 35 male partner, i'm 35 5"7wos and have been dancing for a couple of years on and off and looking for a regular, dedicated partner to grow with. Probably beginner/novice, prefer someone with some comp experience but not necessary if prepared to put the work in. Based in the North West but willing to travel and teacher share. dancernorth@hotmail.com

Submitted: 06 February 2015

LSB684 Surrey, UK Lady slim and fit currently dances jive. I wish to find a partner for ballroom/salsa/chacha/tango even! Not all in one go!Must be relaxed and not to competitive. Someone who likes to keep fit doing something they enjoy. L.pearcenee@btinternet

Submitted: 06 February 2015

LSB683 Haywards Heath, England, UK Looking for Male ballroom dance partner to practice with in Sussex, who doesn't live too far away. pingping54321@gmail.com

Submitted: 23 January 2015

LSB682 kings lynn, Norfolk east anglia, UK Tall 5ft 11 lady, A Young fit 51 yr" Attractive and slim, bubbly fun sense of humour. Previous Junior old time dancer to championship level. Now Returned intermediate Social Ballroom, Seek fun enthusiastic male to dance, laugh, enjoy, and develop dancing skills. lisasv1000@aol.com

Submitted: 23 January 2015

LSB681 Bury St Edmunds, UK Mature Lindy Hop beginner would like to find a partner to attend dance events with. cjames_barrow@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 23 January 2015

LSB680 Wiltshire, UK Hi, I am 38 years old lady, 5'5. always enjoyed dancing and have done many classes but never danced professionally. seeking for a partner to attend Latin and/or ballroom classes near Warminster, Trowbridge or Bath ideally. thank you
contact: 07725444661 edices007@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 23 January 2015

LSB679 South West London, UK My ambition is to join a dance class in 2015 - either Balroom, Lindy or Salsa. And I would like to find a partner - ideally a N/S who is of medium build and height.I am 5'3" tall, slim, fit and do Pilates,Yoga etc. I live in Putney,S.W.London but am willing to drive. mobile no. is 07532173846.
contact: 07532173846

Submitted: 09 January 2015

LSB678 Nottingham/Derby, UK Hi my name is Rachel, I'm 40 years old and 5' 3" WOS. I've been dancing ballroom, latin and some sequence for nearly 3 years. I'm currently IDTA silver in both ballroom & latin though my gold ballroom exam is in a couple of weeks. I'm looking for an enthusiastic, reliable dance partner with a good sense of humour for weekly training, social dances & social competitions. I'm not expecting to become a world champion but I do hope there's still room for improvement! rachel_fiona@hotmail.com

Submitted: 21 November 2014

LSB677 London, UK I am a proficient Ceroc dancer with elementary Tango experience and am looking for a partner for Tango preferably for a Monday or Tuesday evening. The classes I have found are in Fulham. pen00001@yahoo.com

Submitted: 21 November 2014

LSB676 Hertfordshire, Essex, London and Surrounds, UK Hi, looking to continue to compete in O35s latin and ballroom (latin preferred but both danced), based in Herts, happy to travel and teacher share. A comp per month would be the ideal. Taught by Lea Walsh, LSW School of Dance - can be contacted on facebook as well as email - pls msg if interested debbie@animalman.co.uk

Submitted: 07 November 2014

LSB674 Stamford/Bourne/Market Deeping/Peterborough, UK Hi I am looking for a gentleman that I can learn to dance ballroom and latin with. I attend classes once a week in Stamford but would really like to have a partner rather than dance alone. I am not worried about your age; as long as we get on and you want to learn to dance, that will be great. page35@btinternet.com

Submitted: 19 September 2014


Submitted: 05 September 2014

LSB671 North West Hi I'm 5"7 without shoes, aged 34 so going into Senior next year looking for an Open dance partner. I have been dancing for four years in Supadance and am looking to go into Opens once I turn senior. Would probably be in the Beginner/Novice category but willing to work and train hard. Would like someone easy going but hard working who is taller and has some comp experience. Based in the North West and willing to travel within reason. Please email if interested thanks :) emmavictoriapeachey@hotmail.com

Submitted: 28 July 2014

LSB670 UK Hello, I'm a young senior 1 lady (5'6 wos)and I'm looking for a partner to dance ballroom only. I'm looking for someone who wants to get to the top and isn't afraid of working hard and putting in the hours to achieve this. I don't mind where you're from as I'm willing to split travelling and I can also help with accommodation here in the UK. Please get in touch if you'd like to know more. Hope to hear from you. want2dance10@gmail.com

Submitted: 25 July 2014

LSB668 Torbay, UK Hi, Been dancing since Oct 2011, lots of private lessons, classes and dance hols. Around silver/gold level ballroom, probably silver for latin. I'm a young 59, 5'7" approx in heels, slim. Would like a partner to attend classes/private lessons, social events or practice sessions. Do some sequence too. Also do a little Modern Jive/Ceroc. Partner's age immaterial. jenclarke100@gmail.com

Submitted: 07 July 2014

LSB667 St Helens, Merseyside, UK Blonde hair blue eyes 5ft 6 without shoes I am looking for a dance partner 55-65 years old who is5ft 10 or above who has had a couple of years dancing experience.I would like a man who is a strong lead and enjoys attending lessons to improve and to attend any social dance events. Strictly dance partner only dee.wallace@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 07 July 2014

LSB666 St Helens, Merseyside, UK Hi my name is Carole, i am 56yrs old, 5"6", slim build. I have been dancing ballroom, latin, and sequence for approx 18 months. At the moment I dance on average 2/3 times a week. I am looking for a keen and dedicated partner to attend classes, practice sessions and socials, maybe with the hope of competing in supadance next year. I am prepared to travel within reason for the right person to your area/school and obviously you must be prepared to do the same. P.S. I am not looking for anything more than a dance partner. contact: 07563625562 or Carolev2009@live.co.uk

Submitted: 07 July 2014

LSB665 Semington, Wiltshire, UK I am an enthusiastic dancer and am looking for someone who enjoys dancing and has the desire to learn ballroom, latin and sequence dancing. Also someone who has a good sense of humour! jen@gard3n5.plus.com

Submitted: 07 July 2014

LSB663 Aylesbury, Bucks, UK I am looking for a dance partner for ballroom dancing and possibly ceroc a couple of evenings a week. I am 55 and a bit rusty but have danced up to medal level when younger.
contact: 07850038199

Submitted: 20 June 2014

LSB661 Crowborough, UK Looking for a dance partner for ballroom and latin dancing. jlizscott@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 02 June 2014

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