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Ladies looking for men - Juniors, Beginners
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LJB711 Manchester Hi i am 16 years old and i'm from manchester , i used to dance when i was younger and then gave it up , in the last 2 years i've been dancing solo and dancing in all nations comps , i'm looking for a partner that can help me get started again. i am a very quick learner and can pick things up very quickly. georgiabergin4@gmail.com

Submitted: 5 January 2024

LJB710 Hamilton, Canada Hi Iím Ellie I am age 11 looking for a Latina salsa dance partner, I am 5í1 the partner Iím looking for should be these standards :
  • height 5í2 -5í11
  • no girl friend lol
  • can travel (because I canít :( )
  • preformed before
And the rest we can email about. Contact: jasonmonrad@icloud.com

Submitted: 25 July 2019

LJB709 Ashford Hi i am 13 years old. I am a beginner in ballroom and latin but I have done other forms of dance. I have been doing ballet ever since I was 2. I would like someone with some more experience to help me progress. I am very good at picking things up very quickly. 008112hutchinson@homewood.kent.sch.uk

Submitted: 24 September 2017

LJB708 West London, England My daughter, Lurdes, is 12 and is looking for a dedicated dance partner who can compete in competitions with her, in ballroom and Latin. She is 160cm tall and is a beginner. Lurdes is a talented and hard working girl, who enjoys dancing. We are based in West London, England. Please contact me for further information. ilonas@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 25 June 2017

LJB707 Reading Hi, I have a 13yr old girl who has been dancing for 1.5yrs now. She is taking group and individual lessons in both ballroom and latin and her teacher feels she has great potential. Her height is 160cm wout shoes. Ideally we would want to find a partner who lives in or near Reading who is happy to share the cost of occasional private lessons. Lana Contact: 07825197639

Submitted: 13 January 2017

LJB706 Russia Hi! I'm looking for a dance partner for my daughter. She was born 06 December 2007. Now her height is 137 cm. We are from Khabarovsk city, Russia. Watsapp +79142188375 bravissimo@bk.ru +79142188375

Submitted: 23 November 2016

LJB705 Eastbourne England Hi I'm Georgia, I am 14 years old. I'm looking for a partner who is my age or older (14-17). I used to do dance when I was younger but gave up to pursue other performing art topics. I have started thinking about dance recently and would like a dance partner who is either willing to help me and compete or at the same level as me and can do lessons together. I would be willing to do private lessons to keep up to your standard. I am very determined and hard working. Please get in contact. And I have free train travel so I can travel anywhere to get to wherever is ideal to meet my partner. Thank you:) Contact: 07808870143

Submitted: 27 June 2016

LJB704 Nuneaton, England Hi I'm 12 and need a boy dance partner to dart competing with. I am in junior section. I have won British and European championships in Blackpool winter gardens in formation team ..."starburst".Willing to do teacher share. I do many open competitions. I have been dancing since April 2015. I will be 13 in October. Contact: 02476731387

Submitted: 20 June 2016

LJB703 Wembley, London PAULINA JAGIELSKA is now looking for an Junior Open ballroom and latin dance partner to continue her successful dance carrier. Her DOB - 17th May 2002. HEIGHT - 150 cm WOS. Paulina lives in West London. Trained by Emma Lee, Danny Stowell & Djordje Tanasievic. She is talented, motivated and determined to get the right partner so she can continue to achieve great results. Paulina is a very nice & hard working person and she would be expecting same from her partner. Any more information please PM me. Thank you. Phone +44 (0)7443 481789

Submitted: 18 April 2016

LJB702 Wiltshire, England I'm 16 and am looking for a partner to dance with me in my classes and start doing competitions. I do weekly classes but could start more and looking for someone who shares the same passion! shannon_evans20@icloud.com

Submitted: 8 April 2016

LJB701 Cheshire, England Sienna Street - DOB 31/12/2006 - 9 years old - Height 134cms without shoes... Hardworking, totally dedicated and well trained young lady looking for a juvenile boy partner to compete on the juvenile open circuit. Regular winner and placed finalist in all competitions. Grand finalist at Champions of Tomorrow 2016. Trained by AJ Pritchard and Adrian Pritchard. Please contact me either on 07966 017767, via email gemma_street@hotmail.co.uk or Facebook - Gemma Street

Submitted: 26 March 2016

LJB700 London Hi, I'm an 11 year old from London. I attend ballet, tap and modern classes and enjoy all of them. mignonsr@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 22 March 2016

LJB698 Hampshire, UK Hi, my name is Hazel, I'm 15. I'm looking for a dance partner for ballroom and latin. They don't need to have a significant amount of experience. It would be preferable if you are free on Tuesday nd Thursday nights because that is when I have my classes but it is not necessary. I am looking for a partner as my mum cannot keep up at the classes we take but I would lile to carry on with dancing. My classes are at Waterlooville and I live near Petersfield.
contact: 07592675385

Submitted: 08 January 2016

LJB697 Swansea, UK Hi! Im a 15 year old girl about 5"6 and I am looking for a male partner for ballroom and jive , beginner is fine but a little bit of dance experience would be good! Only for classes at the moment but do have competitions in mind after becoming more experienced. Email me if interested! contact: 07881654751 bobbyrowden@hotmail.com

Submitted: 04 December 2015

LJB696 Nottingham, UK I'm 15, I've been dancing for a couple of months now and would love to find a male dance partner around my age to join me at competitions and training. Chelsea@alpha-byte.co.uk

Submitted: 28 October 2015

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