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Ladies looking for men - Adults, Professional
LAP1007 Cambridge UK Hi,I am looking for a senior male dancer to compete with in ballroom competitions. I am slim† and fit, 5.3 tall, and I can have regular practice over 4 times per week, also driving is available, and would like to share top coach fee with right partner, I am married but my husband does not like to dance. Please text me on phone 07522162084 or email: callamaria@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 14 July 2017

LAP1015 Manhattan, NY, USA I am a pro in progress and training advertising for the right dance partner for competitions in the US and internationally. 5' 6" in high heels, approximately 168 cm. D ancing Standard more than ten years. Trained with Paul Holmes, Charlotte Jorgensen, Igor Litvinov, Kora Stoynova, other coaches.

Prefer experienced partner for a positive working collaboration, financially secure and able to relocate to Manhattan or very close to it for practice and coachings.

I cannot offer employment or accommodation. Contact dancer774@live.com or p15@verizon.net

Submitted: 26 August 2022

LAP1014 Bournemouth UK Hi I am Carrieanne. I am now seeking a dedicated partner to compete in Standard or 10-dance nationally and internationally. I have competed in amateur ballroom for the last 5 years but will consider other categories, pro, S1 etc. I am 172cm tall.

Based in Bournemouth UK, willing to teacher share/travel and relocate. Available week days, evenings, weekends and fully committed to the lessons and practice required to be successful. Please contact me here or my teachers @warrenboyce @niceandeasydancestudios @_marcus_mitchel_ Add my Insta dance_ca1 Meyrikdance304@gmail.com

Submitted: 1 April 2022

LAP1013 Vancouver Canada Hello my name is Kessa I am 38yr 5í5.5", 166.5cm WOS, my latest achievements:
  • 2 time Canadian standard finalist
  • 2015 Canadian closed championship Bronze medalist
  • Canadian representative at the 2015 WDSF world championships in Lithuania
I have recently turned professional, I am Looking for a hard working competitive standard partner to build a professional ballroom career-Competing, performing, teaching. For more info, Videos and tryouts Please contact me at kwills.costumes@gmail.com

Submitted: 29 August 2018

LAP1012 Canada Hello, I am seeking someone to re-locate to the beautiful West Coast of Canada with the goal of competing nationally (within North America) as well as internationally. Standard ONLY. Financial provisions in terms of housing etc. if partner can obtain both US and Canadian VISA. Available for try-outs at Blackpool.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/imperfectlycharming
Email: Aquarie_X@yahoo.ca

Submitted: 27 April 2018

LAP1011 Athens Greece Hi, my name is Sandra Gavala, Owner of Arthur Murray dance studio in Athens, and I am looking for a male dance teacher willing to relocate and work in my studio. I offer salary, accommodation and free training in Arthur Murray dance system. Please send your C.V. to sandra@vivadance.gr

Submitted: 7 February 2018

LAP1010 Midlands, UK Hi, I'm looking for someone with whom I can work on music / songs that appeal to us both so as to freely dance and express ourselves, using any background we both have (I am Ballroom + Latin trained, with a love for any kind of expressive body movement). If that resonates with you at all, get in touch. varumba17@gmail.com

Submitted: 15 July 2017

LAP1009 Italy Hi, I'm Barbara from Italy. I'm a professional Ballroom, I'm 173 cm tall. I was finalist in The Best European competitions. I'm searching a good dancer (minimum age 30). If you're interested, please write me to: titab@libero.it

Submitted: 27 May 2017

LAP1008 United States I am looking for a serious partner that is either already professional or wants to become a professional. I live in the Midwest in the United States, and am looking for someone who is serious and interested in relocating. I'm looking to compete in smooth, but am willing to do standard. I am 26 and 5 ft 5 in or 165 cm without shoes info@ballroomdanceexperience.com

Submitted: 8 January 2017

LAP1006 Pensacola, Florida, USA I have about 15 years experience in ballroom and Latin. I currently teach at a studio part time. I have a passion for dance and need a partner to practice and develop my skills with, even create routines for performance/competition. I love all styles from American smooth to salsa and country. Jae_25@hotmail.com

Submitted: 5 January 2017

LAP1005 Washington DC I am originally from England but moved to America 15yrs ago. I am in search of a Theater Arts partner I've been competing for several years but my partner is now moving back to his home country. I own a Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Washington DC and if you would have any interest in coming to America, I can take care of visa's and relocating, I could offer a job teaching at my studio and a very exciting future please let me know if its worth chatting further. You can visit my studio's website at www.DanceReston.com Contact: susannahmoss@me.com

Submitted: 19 December 2016

LAP1004 London UK 24 y.o and 169cm tall without shoes - currently looking for a dance partner to compete in amateurs latin, ready to practice 6 days a week and share coaches. I've got over 15 years of training and performance experience and I am fully committed. I've got a possibility to use the studio in Oval, whenever needed, very flexible with the timings of the practice. For more info please email me at mazurekk91@gmail.com or message at 07424616597 thanks ;)

Submitted: 18 September 2016

LAP1003 Russia 20 years old, 170cm tall with 15 years of dancing experience, regular competitions, hard-working and ambitious with fluent English looking for a determined partner ready to work for career achievements in ballroom dancing. lkrylann@yandex.ru

Submitted: 9 June 2016

LAP1002 USA, Ohio, Columbus I'm looking for a partner for the professional Latin American program , and also, I can do 10 dances too. Search only for those who will be the champion! And will practice every day! nick.pushnikov@gmail.com

Submitted: 5 June 2016

LAP1001 UK London Hello:) Iím searching for a dance partner to compete in Amateur Latin. My name is Avital, Iím 21 years old, height 160 cm WOS,based in London. Iíve been dancing for 12 years. My teachers here are Marika Doshoris, Carol Macraild and Goran Nordin. Between the dates 1/6/16-3/6/16 Iííll be in Blackpool for tryouts. Please feel free to contact me by email to arrange a tryout and for further inquiries. avital.svet@gmail.com

Submitted: 19 May 2016

LAP1000 Pleasant Hill, CA, USA World class professional coach and competitor in Latin American ballroom dancing. With 15 years of teaching experience and coaches successful competitor couples is looking for an amateur partner who likes to compete/perform with a professional dancer. It would be similar to Dancing with the Stars, but in this case you are the star/amateur dancer. info@sizzlinglatin.com

Submitted: 16 May 2016

LAP999 Prague Hi, my name's Caroline. I'm 17 years old. I'm looking for latin partner. It is possible to communicate more via facebook.Thanks in advance for your answer. karolinasuchankova161@seznam.cz

Submitted: 3 May 2016

LAP997 Kent Hello. I'm looking for a dedicated, experienced dance partner for competitions and shows. Please feel free to contact me on 07834 536395 or nkelegante@gmail.com. Thanks

Submitted: 15 February 2016

LAP996 Knoxville, Tennessee, USA Lady pro dancer in central Tennessee, USA, seeks male pro partner for practice, teaching, shows and comps, American and/or International styles. Gay, straight, married, single, doesn't matter to me. I'm 5'9" in shoes, fit, sort of skinny, young-looking, not hideous facially, Christian, vegan, non-smoker, non-drinker, dog and cat mom. I fancy myself quite funny. Love BBC America shows like Ab Fab and Top Gear. I've been dancing since 1989 and teaching since 1993 with a 4-year hiatus during the Great Recession. Call/text +1-865-684-7831 or e-mail LeeAnnTheEditor@gmail.com to discuss possibilities.

Submitted: 8 February 2016

LAP995 London, UK I looking for professional dance partner. ketidanc73@gmail.com

Submitted: 5 December 2015

LAP994 Europe I am looking for matching dance partner to compete for professional WDC, ballroom, latin, showdance, and 10 dance possible, to build up highest quality of dance and good dance partnership, to represent on Worlds, European and other world major competitions.
I am 167 cm without shoes, a thin and slim person. ...because of dance..to perform best.. firedancingspirit@yahoo.de

Submitted: 20 November 2015

LAP993 London, UK Hey! My name is Evangelina .i am looking for a partner with high level of dancing.I am 18. I have been dancing for 12 years in Russia. Last 2 years I am in U.K. to do my studies but I really want to continue my dancing career too. Please don't hesitate to contact me , feel free.;))
contact: 07585974823 evangelin.arak.96@gmail.com

Submitted: 28 October 2015

LAP991 Florida, USA Looking for a Pro- Partner. No taller than 5.8 ft. Ballroom and Latin. Vids and Pics on request. Join me in sunny FLorida. Opportunities are great here. Looking for Shows Ballroom/Latin/Smooth.
contact: 0203-519-1096

Submitted: 13 March 2015

LAP990 Poland Hi, I'm looking for a pro/am partner to Ballroom dance (10 dance or International Latin only). I have 26 y.o. (S latin and A standard) I live in Poland and I work here as a teacher of Ballroom dance (adult and senior couples). I had a break in the dance competition, but I am willing to work very hard and train to get back on the floor again. I consider to relocate if I will have a financial conditions. yanamlekcje@gmail.com

Submitted: 13 March 2015

LAP989 North of England, UK I am looking for a partner to begin competing professionally. I am new to teaching but would also like to pursue competing on a professional level. I would be able to dance in u35 years age category. Please contact on dance_2341@aol.co.uk

Submitted: 13 March 2015

LAP987 Osaka, Japan 20 years old, dancing since 5th grade, 160cm tall, international latin and Ballroom, 3 years experiences in professional competitions, well kept proportion, looking for a partner to compete in the world as well as in Japan, who mighjt be willing to (learn Japanese) or happy to come to Japan for the practice, competitions, and teaching dancing. Let's exchange video clips to decide if you are interested. I would appreciate it if you could give me some e-mails. globalgraviton@yahoo.co.jp

Submitted: 19 December 2014

LAP986 London, UK I have 20 years of technical training and have performed in many competitions in England. Some of my performances have been in the Royal Albert Hall, Her Majesty's Theatre and Sadler's Well. I am looking for an opportunity to dance with someone else who has similar experience and technical training. sabrina_pyneeandy@hotmail.com

Submitted: 21 November 2014

LAP985 London, UK Experienced 10 dance competitor,looking for a dance partner to continue competing only in ballroom. I am a hard working person, devoted to dancing and I am looking for a serious hard working, advanced/professional dance partner to compete, practice and giving shows with. I have access to great coaches and dancing studios. If you are interested in, please contact me. dk.eora@gmail.com

Submitted: 07 November 2014

LAP983 Tokyo, Japan Hello, My name is ATSUKO. I am ballroom professional dancer in Japan. I'm 160cm tall, it's 40years old, but looks very young. I'm looking for ballroom dancer who can play an active part together in japan. I don't understand English well, but make an effort for communication. perase came to japan, Let's dance together in japan! twinkle_mylittle_star@yahoo.co.jp

Submitted: 19 September 2014

LAP982 Notts/Derby, UK Hello. I am a professional dance teacher who runs a very busy school teaching children and adults how to dance Ballroom and Latin dancing. I am looking looking a for a male dance partner who I can dance with socially and share dance/figure ideas. I am IDTA trained and am currently completing my Licentiate Ballroom exams. I am already qualified to Licentiate level in Latin and Freestyle. I am 45 years of age, 5'6" tall WOS and am a size 10. If you are a professional or experienced dancer who wishes to continue with the learning of dance and banter ideas and routines please get in touch. dancingsharron@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 19 September 2014

LAP981 London, UK Hi. I'm currently looking for a dedicated dance partner to continue competing in Professional Latin competitions. If you would like any further info, please feel free to contact me. Thank you. alldance08@gmail.com

Submitted: 15 August 2014

LAP980 Cumbria, UK I am a professional dancer and train hard in Latin and ballroom but brand new to competing. Am looking for a male partner to train with and perhaps compete either as top amateur or professional level, ideally someone with competition experience. I am 5' 7 1/2 without shoes. I have studios available in Cumbria, I train with my coach in Blackpool. Financially stable and willing to travel. Info@dancerz-Cumbria.co.uk

Submitted: 07 July 2014

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