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Ladies looking for men - Adults, Intermediate (3-7 yrs exp)
LAI2726 Kent, UK I am searching for a male dance partner in Ballroom & Latin dance, who is keen to participate in competitions and exams. I am 26 years old, 5ft 9 and have been dancing for 5 years. I am currently working towards my gold medal exams. I am based in Kent, UK.

I am looking for a dance partner, who, like me, is willing to commit to practising together at least twice a week and wants to take their dancing to the next level.

Please get in touch to arrange a trial - I look forward to hearing from you! georginadurant@btinternet.com

Submitted: 2 June 2023

LAI2725 Canvey Island, Essex, England Male female dance party needed. Must be prepared to work hard preparing for lesson before competition I am 5ft 6 inches. Love to dance Ballroom and Latin go out to competitions. Last year and this year 2019 won Blackpool. If intrested pleat message myself. Contact: 07974739605

Submitted: 24 July 2019

LAI2724 Brentwood, Essex Hi, I知 looking for a Ballroom/ Latin dance partner for lessons, regular practice, and social dancing. I am a Lady in my 60s, I am healthy and active 5 feet 6 inches tall. If you enjoy dancing and or are interested in learning and practicing. If you just love to dance and learn I am happy to start again if a gentleman out there wants to start at beginner level. Just looking for someone who is keen to dance. This is purely for dancing leewroe@live.co.uk

Submitted: 20 July 2019

LAI2723 London Hi, I知 looking for a serious and committed dance partner to compete in the Pre-Am and Am ballroom and latin. I have been trained as a child and have recently returned to dancing after a few years of break due to moving countries. I am 21 years old and 170cm tall without heels. The most important qualities in partner are dedication, commitment and motivation to train hard and do well out of the shared love for dancing. Honest and open communication is also very important to me when it comes to planning and setting goals. I have excellent coaches and contacts in London but I壇 also be willing to discuss and decide together who to dance with. If you have any specific questions or would like to schedule a trail please get in touch via email jockimilo@gmail.com

Submitted: 15 July 2019

LAI2722 Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK I'm Charlotte (everyone calls me Charlie!) 27 years old, first began dancing around aged 13, and have been doing so more intensively for the past 6 years - looking for male dancer 18-35 years old to dance competitively through the UK with. Preferably in the 5"9 - 6"0 height range, dancer with a minimum of Gold medal standard dancing, but due to the lack of male dancers in the north, those with lesser experience with the right potential and motivation can be considered. To be trained by former British Championship runners up and representatives of England in World Championships John and Catherine Banks. Will initially train and specialise in Ballroom, but 10-dance (Ballroom and Latin) can be a possibility. charliejreed92@gmail.com

Submitted: 25 April 2019

LAI2721 Newbury, Berkshire Hi, my name is Emma. I am looking for a male dance partner in their 20's to dance ballroom and Latin dance with me, (I am 24 years old). I have had several years of past ballroom and Latin experience but am looking to progress further with the aim of getting to the stage where I can compete in the amateur dance competitions within time. As I have past and current experience within dance, experience is a benefit but not essential just someone who is happy to work with me to progress within the dance world. If you are interested, then please send me an email on emmagbiggs@outlook.com Thank you very much!

Submitted: 25 March 2019

LAI2720 Kent Hi, I am 25 years of age, 5ft3, looking to compete regularly. Have been dancing from the age of 6 and I am now looking to get back into competing having had a few months break. Willing to practice 2-3 times a week and would like to specialise and concentrate in Latin, however open to both competing in Ballroom and Latin. Open to where we are trained and who we are coached by. Please contact me via email for any further information. j.middlewood@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 14 February 2019

LAI2719 Hampshire, UK 28 year old female dancer looking for male dancer to practice and compete with. I currently compete ISTD medalist (bronze level) and pro am (unrestricted) but would like to find somebody to compete with in other competitions. I'm very committed, willing the put the work in and can practice any evenings or weekends. I'm willing to travel for the right partner. Height: 165 cm (5'5") without heels, slender build. Please email the.infinity.jade@gmail.com for more info.

Submitted: 10 January 2019

LAI2718 Leeds, UK I'm looking for a passionate and hard-working dance partner, who's looking to progress quickly, to compete in S1 category. I'm 35 and 165cm, w/o heels. I am a regular winner in closed comps for Ballroom and Latin and an experienced dancer in other styles. I'm willing to teacher share and happy to travel within reasonable distance. If you'd like more info feel free to contact me. Happy dancing! Annax a.bennettedsv@gmail.com

Submitted: 5 January 2019

LAI2717 Birmingham Hi, my name is Kerry and I am an ex professional dancer (temporarily stopped due to injury). Looking to find a dance partner to train with and hopefully enter some competitions. 5'11, 25 years old, Birmingham based. colesk@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 17 December 2018

LAI2715 N-W Leicestershire/Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire 60+, 5'6",slim and very fit lady looking for a male dance partner for one or all of the following Ballroom & Latin/ Salsa / Argentine Tango / Modern Jive. Only interested in social (happy) dancing but would consider lessons to improve technique and repertoire. Please contact me via my e-mail initially - all messages replied to. Look forward to hearing from you 2ihopeyoudance@gmail.com

Submitted: 10 November 2018

LAI2714 Southampton Hi, my name is Carla and I'm from Spain, I study in the University of Southampton. I have been dancing for nearly 6 years salsa and bachata and want to continue dancing here. In Spain I took private lessons, but I there are none here. I am looking for a parter who has experience with salsa and bachata carlea99@gmail.com

Submitted: 7 November 2018

LAI2713 Leeds Hi! My name is Grace, I'm 21 and 5ft 4 without heels. I'm looking for an ambitious and hard-working 10-dance partner however I'm willing to specialise for the right partner. I have competed regularly at inter-varsity competitions at inter/advanced level and my partner and I were double finalists at the Blackpool IVDC Competition 2018, placing 3rd in ballroom and 5th in latin.

I'm based in Leeds but happy to travel within reason. Coached by the amazing Dale Bennett and Jonathan Luckcuck. If you'd like to arrange a tryout please email me: graciegalbraith@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 5 November 2018

LAI2712 London 28 year old dance loving lady, looking for intermediate level dance partner for either just Latin or both Latin and Ballroom, in London. I'm 166 cm/5'5 without shoes, and looking for someone who loves dancing, and would like to practice maybe once or twice a week. My goal is to compete in open circuit competitions, but as I do travel quite a lot for work, my partner will need to be flexible in regards to practices. I've been dancing different styles since I was a kid, so I pick it up fairly quickly, even though I only have about 3 non-consecutive years of experience with Latin/Ballroom. I've most recently been taking lessons in The Dance Lab in Putney for the past year. I'd love to find a partner with a similar level and attitude towards dancing. Please feel free to contact me for further information and video upon request. sanne.srensen@gmail.com

Submitted: 24 October 2018

LAI2711 United Kingdom, Surrey,West Sussex My name is Katie Schoen and I'm a dancer and dance teacher based in Billingshurst. I currently teach on Saturdays at the Guildford Theatre School, I teach Jazz, Ballet and Tap to the prep school age plus adult ballet classes. I teach for a wedding dance agency called 'Start the dance' I have also instructed basic ballroom classes on the cruise ships I worked on. I have a Zumba license and teach at the Guildford Spectrum.

I have been a passionate dancer from a young age. Up until the age of sixteen I went to a local dance school, taking part in many dance festivals including all England dance finals. I have completed up to Advanced Two Modern and Intermediate ISTD Ballet. I then furthered my training at Bird College, graduating with a diploma in Professional Musical Theatre in 2010. I also took my DDI in Modern in my third year at Birds.

I then went on to work as a production dancer and aerialist for Celebrity X Cruises, where I started to learn ballroom and latin technique, I completed four contracts with them including performing in a complete ballroom show which I thoroughly enjoyed. I am interested in basically learning ballroom and latin techniques properly? The aim being to eventually maybe be able to compete semi professionally? If this is something you think you could help me with I would be grateful to hear from you. I now work a full time normal job, but I just miss dancing so much! and would be great to get back involved again. I do still go up to London to take regular ballet and Jazz classes, but really love partner work and would love to find someone to learn from and work with. If you are interested olesss feel free to get in touch. Katierschoen@aol.com

Submitted: 10 August 2018

LAI2710 Farnborough, United Kingdom I am looking for a dance partner who is a keen dancer and a strong lead and preferably an upper- intermediate level dancer. I have been dancing Ballroom and Latin American for 6+ years. The classes I attend are mainly focused on technique. Unfortunately without a dance partner I am lacking in practice and what I learn becomes pretty redundant. Although, I am very passionate about Ballroom Dance, currently not planning to participate in competitions. I would like to have a dance partner who is passionate about Ballroom dance and keen dancer willing to improve further. waterlilly@tinyworld.co.uk

Submitted: 28 July 2018

LAI2709 Warrington, United Kingdom Hi, My name is Holly and I'm looking for a male dance partner whom I can attend classes with and attend socials. I've been having ballroom and latin classes once a week for about 4 years. I'm 5ft10 so looking for a partner of similar height or taller. Drop me an email if you like to dance! hollyville@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 20 July 2018

LAI2708 United Kingdom I'm Charlotte (everyone calls me Charlie!) 26 years old, first began dancing around aged 13, and have been doing so more intensively for the past 6 years - looking for male dancer 18-35 years old to dance competitively through the UK with. Preferably in the 5"9 - 6"0 height range, dancer with a minimum of Gold medal standard dancing, but due to the lack of male dancers in the north, those with lesser experience with the right potential and motivation can be considered. To be trained by former British Championship runners up and representatives of England in World Championships John and Catherine Banks. Will initially train and specialise in Ballroom, but 10-dance (Ballroom and Latin) can be a possibility. charliejreed92@gmail.com

Submitted: 28 June 2018

LAI2707 Surrey Hi there! I知 looking for a dance partner within Surrey who is either looking to dance socially or at competitions. I am 20 years old and therefore would like a partner of a similar age. I have been dancing on and off for the past 2-3 years. I am open to a partner with or without experience in dancing. Tara-n@virginmedia.com

Submitted: 3 June 2018

LAI2706 Wigan, UK Looking for a male partner for ballroom and Latin. Have recently joined a new competitive school and looking for someone to start competing with. :) Lucykatethompson@gmail.com

Submitted: 31 May 2018

LAI2705 London SW Hi there, I知 a 26 year old female who danced salsa (Cuban style) for a few years and I壇 like to find a partner to practice and attend occasional events. I work most evenings and have free time during the day and I can host. I知 5ft6 without heels so looking for someone 6ft or taller. moonsparkle1991@gmail.com

Submitted: 29 May 2018

LAI2704 Essex/ London Hi, my name is Poppy, I am 21 years old and 5ft 10 in height. I have been dancing for around 13 years however I am looking to start at an intermediate level due to never having competed in competitions. I have completed up to the 10 dance (which I need to complete an exam in asap) and have been teaching ballroom and latin for the last two years at a society at my university. I am retuning back to Essex/London and would like to find a partner who is up for competing. I am willing to travel/share teachers! Thank you! poppyhall97@outlook.com

Submitted: 12 May 2018

LAI2703 York, UK I am a looking for a 10-dance partner as I have recently relocated to Yorkshire. I am 168 cm/5'6" wos, DOB 13.08.1989. (28 y.o.). I would consider specialising and/or travelling a reasonable distance for the right partner. I have been dancing competitively in the university circuit at novice/intermediate level, and have been trained by various teachers in the UK & Latvia for ~10 years. Dancing holds a very high priority in my life, and I am looking for a like-minded, dedicated partner who wants to continuously improve, work hard and enjoys dancing as much as I do. I am able to practice on weekends and potentially some evenings. Please message me for more information and to arrange a tryout. anda.baumerte@gmail.com

Submitted: 12 April 2018

LAI2702 Northampton, UK Hi, I'm Sorcha - 27 years old and 5'9" without shoes. I've been dancing Latin & Ballroom on and off about 7 years and done up to Gold Bar II in Latin and Gold Bar I in Ballroom. Looking for a partner who's up for competing, practising and having some fun along the way :) email me on sorcha_exworthy@hotmail.co.uk to chat more!

Submitted: 4 April 2018

LAI2701 Neasden, London Looking for a lied back partner to dance in novice / intermediate Ballroom only (no Latin). I can practice might be 1-2 days a week, 1-1.5 hrs. I don't mind competing U35 or just practicing. Hight 168(5'6") without heels, weight 55kg. Drop me email for tryout. Viktorija thanks alemanalondon+1@gmail.com

Submitted: 30 March 2018

LAI2699 Hey, my name is Kate, I do Latin and Ballroom dancing and I am looking for a partner to compete/perform with. I am at a Silver level, I have been doing private lessons but I would love to progress with a partner and get more practice in. I am a contemporary dance student so I generally pick steps up quickly so I would also be interested in someone at a higher level, although I would need to catch up :) I finish at 5 every day apart from Monday so would love to find someone else who is interested in practising in the evenings. Thank you :) Kate finlaykate1@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 20 March 2018

LAI2698 Hampshire, UK Hello, My name is Lisa. I am 19 years old. I have been dancing since I was a child in Hiphop/Streetdance/Jazz/ etc. however I no longer dance these and I am learning new styles! I am currently getting into Latin dances such as, Bachata, Salsa, Kizomba and will be taking lessons for Ballroom. I'm hoping to find a dance school, so compete in the future or perform! I would appreciate a dance partner whom I can practice with at classes, outside of classes, social dancing etc! I am very patient, and I am happy to dance with anyone who is a beginner - advanced. But PLEASE only email me if you WANT TO DANCE. lisa-branco@live.com

Submitted: 13 March 2018

LAI2697 Newcastle upon Tyne Hi I am Katia 32 i am looking for a kizomba (not urban) and semba partner to practice and go to competitions. I have been dancing for 3 years also salsa and bachata but I want to focus on African dances. I am willing to relocate. Thank you. Katiamenex@gmail.com

Submitted: 12 March 2018

LAI2696 Nottingham Hi, I'm Rebecca. I'm 24, 5ft4, looking for a male ballroom and latin dance partner with some experience. I've danced for a few years, never competed but would like to. Please contact me by email rebecca.januszczyk@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 7 March 2018

LAI2695 UK Hey, my name is Julia and I am 18 years old. I will move to either Sussex or London in September for University and I would like to continue dancing. I did competitions in latin and ballroom for the past four years and wish to continue in both. I am looking for a partner who is experienced, very committed and would like to compete. More importantly however I would like to find someone who is as passionate about dancing as I am. I am 164cm tall without shoes. jstmilis@hotmail.com

Submitted: 6 March 2018

LAI2694 Taunton, Somerset, United Kingdom I am a bubbly, outgoing 29 year old woman. I have been ballroom dancing for 3 years now and love every minute of it. I have learnt many ballroom dances and am keen to learn many more. I am without a partner now as he has given up, so I would like to find someone to share my passion with. Please feel free to get in touch with me. Contact: 07921 886716

Submitted: 19 November 2017

LAI2693 Ipswich, Suffolk Hi, I'm a 29 year old ballroom and Latin dancer. I've competed as a medalist for the last 3 years. Currently dancing at pre-bronze. (ISTD) I'm very keen to learn and work hard. I'm 5'7 so looking for a tall partner. Feel free to drop me an email. rebecca_baker66@live.com

Submitted: 4 November 2017

LAI2691 SW London, UK Hello there! I知 35 and 56 (1.68 cm). I知 looking for a male dance partner between the ages of 30-40 to learn and practice with Latin & Ballroom dancing with a view to attend competitions. I致e danced at university as part of a social club and taken dance lessons at various stages of my life and am now returning to dance after a few years break. I currently take dance classes in Wimbledon at the weekends and am looking to extend this to week day evenings (after 7pm) going forward. If you are interested please get in touch 07712240701. Thanks!

Submitted: 28 October 2017

LAI2688 Telford, Shropshire Hi would love to get back into dancing! Love Salsa, line dancing, Zumba etc. Danced a few years back, looking to get back into it! Looking for a partner that can move & excited to develop with! mslindsmarsh@gmail.com

Submitted: 18 September 2017

LAI2687 Lancashire Help! Lady's ballroom dance shoes need rescuing from the dustbin. My owner has competed and enjoys quality dancing but is struggling to find a pair of male shoes to partner her. She's 60s, 5'4", slim. Please save us. melodyfoxtrot@ntlworld.com

Submitted: 14 July 2017

LAI2686 Essex I am looking for a partner who is willing to train for competitions and work towards medals. I am willing to travel for the right person. I dance all types of dance. I have been dancing for around 7 years, having started with ballet, bellydancing, ciroc and jive and moved on to ballroom latin and argentinian tango. trishharrison123@hotmail.com

Submitted: 3 March 2017

LAI2685 United Kingdom Hi, I'm 27 and 5 foot 9 (1.75m) without heels. I am looking for a partner who wants to have fun, but is also dedicated. I have been a Zumba instructor for years and have passed beginners level Ballroom and latin exams. I learn quickly and just absolutely love to dance! Currently in Carmarthen working as a Locum so might be moving towards the end of the year - so don't be put off by the distance! :) loufer4@gmail.com

Submitted: 29 January 2017

LAI2684 Birmingham, West Midlands, UK Hi, my name is Zeena and I am 17 years old, born 13/10/1999. I am now looking for a dedicated 10 dance partner. I am 5ft 2" (157cm) without shoes, 5ft 5" with shoes. I am able to provide accommodation and assist a relocation for the right partner who is willing to relocate to the UK. I have full parental support and I am financially stable. I am based in Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom. I can offer overnight accommodation if necessary after a long travel. I am willing to teacher share and I am trained by Charlotte Clarke, Jamie Cutler and Rebecca Scott, at Aura Dance Studio, taking lessons and having extra practice on daily. I also take extra lessons with Charlotte Jones for flexibility. My main focus is dance and I am extremely dedicated and hardworking. y.solanki@sky.com 07975756969

Submitted: 23 January 2017

LAI2683 Leeds, UK I'm 19, turning 20 this year. I'm around 163cm tall without heels, have around 7-8 years of experience in Latin only, and I have participated in lots of competitions. I'm from Hong Kong but have I moved to Leeds recently for uni. Looking for a male dance partner and I hope to participate in competitions. / mobile:07491 927442

Submitted: 12 January 2017

LAI2682 London (South-West or Central) Hello! My name is Daria, I'm 28yo and 5'9" without shoes, with 5 (non-consecutive) years' experience of dancing latin & ballroom on the university circuit and a few open competitions.

I have competed in all 10 dances and would like to continue practising all 10 with a tall male partner, preferably at a similar level or higher, but happy to work together and train upwards from Novice level. I壇 like to dance with someone who is interested in developing creative routines and perfecting technique, and willing to take regular private lessons. For me, competitions are a motivation, but not the sole aim of practice.

I知 currently not dancing, but intending to start again in January 2017 with the University of London Dance Club as an ex-student, practising once a week (Sundays) for several hours. I would like to compete on the university circuit as Ex-student or Ex-student Novice, or as Novice/Intermediate on the open circuit, but not necessarily to do every competition. Also happy to do social dancing and to explore different dance venues, classes and practice spaces. d.a.gromyko@googlemail.com

Submitted: 22 December 2016

LAI2681 Aberdeen, Scotland Hi all, would be great if you could read my advert. Im 19 and have danced Latin and ballroom for a few years but no longer have a partner and miss it so much! Looking to compete around the world and and eventually do it full time. Willing to travel. I'm 5'3 and slim. If you'd like to see any photos of me or a video of my dancing feel free to ask! Thank you! gemma.simpson1@gmail.com

Submitted: 6 December 2016

LAI2680 Bristol I have danced professionally before and I am looking for a partner who shares my passion and love for latin and ballroom dances. I have done all 10 dances in the past up to higher-intermediate/lower-advanced level. I am 170 cm tall and 18 years old. If you are interested please drop me an email jovanamilosevic2107@gmail.com

Submitted: 30 November 2016

LAI2678 Gloucestershire, UK Gold Bar 1 in both Ballroom and Latin. I've danced all my life and trained 10 dance for 6 years, including a few competitions. I'm now looking to get back into it after having 8-10 months away from dancing completely. More for the enjoyment! Mainly lessons and social dance but would compete if suitable. Please email or text to get in touch. Leannejacquicollins@hotmail.com or 07717363416

Submitted: 24 November 2016

LAI2677 Staffordshire, UK Hi! I'v been dancing for a few years 6 ballroom&latin which I quit because I couldn't find anyone to dance with. Then 3 years jazz&modern which I quit due to unforeseen circumstances. It's now a three years break and would like to go back to dance. 5.5 with shoes. Burton area. DOB 1995. mszwejuk@gmail.com

Submitted: 2 November 2016

LAI2676 Staffordshire Looking for o35 int-prechamp male partner for ballroom & Latin in open circuit. I have been on the open circuit with great success in top platings in both sections. Needing a partner with drive and ambition to continue to the top. I'm 37 and 5ft 4. Wos willing to teacher share for right partner. Please get in touch for to arrange tryout. dancingshell8@hotmail.com

Submitted: 22 October 2016

LAI2675 Bedfordshire, UK My name's Kamila. I'm 19 years old, I have a 6 years dance experience, also in competitive dancing (class C in Poland). Looking for a dance partner for trainings and competitions (ballroom and latin). kamila.jasinska@interia.pl

Submitted: 15 October 2016

LAI2674 Tameside, Greater Manchester Hi, I'm Cat. 29 from Ashton u Lyne. I have never danced professionally but do dance to a very high standard. I am semi trained in salsa and after a committed dance partner to work with! I haven't danced salsa since copa cabana Manchester closed down. I would love to go professional. Please get in touch to arrange a 'try out' dont let the fact I am untrained put you off! You will be suprised :) 07707752153 catrionamholden@outlook.com

Submitted: 15 October 2016

LAI2673 Kent Looking for a 10 dance partner to compete with on local compititions and Medalist of the Year. I am Under 35 Bronze. Have been dancing for a couple of years now. Dedicated and train twice at week. Height 5ft1. Sarahjpaige@aol.com

Submitted: 10 October 2016

LAI2672 Durham, UK Hi, I'm 22, just over 5ft 4 without shoes and am based in Durham as a postgraduate student. I'm looking for an experienced partner to compete on the open and/or student circuit. I would like to compete in both ballroom and latin but would consider specialising for the right partner. Contact: 07896329425

Submitted: 30 September 2016

LAI2671 Birmingham, East Midlands, UK Zeena Solanki, 16 years old, 10 dance, dancing at intermediate level looking for some to begin her competition journey with, very committed has daily lessons and full parental support . Teachers are Charlotte Cutler, Jamie Cutler, Martin Cutler and Rebecca Scott at Aura dance studio.

Can offer accommodation some sponsorship etc if you can relocate to uk. Contact: y.solanki@sky.com, 07975756969

Submitted: 9 September 2016

LAI2670 Ireland Looking for male partner to compete on Irish circuit. I train in Dublin in evenings / weekends. Previous exp as juvenille / junior. Returning to competitive dancing now as an adult having competed in student / teacher comps for past 18mths. Dancing at medal level 6-9. Prefer to do 10 dance but would consider focusing on 5 dance Latin with right partner. Elainebodwyer@hotmail.com

Submitted: 4 September 2016

LAI2669 London I dance ballroom and latino and I am looking for a partner to continue dancing after a 3 years pause. I was a National Champion of Montenegro 3 years ago. I now live in London. My highth 170cm. Contact: ovanamilosevic2107@gmail.com

Submitted: 31 August 2016

LAI2668 London 23 year old, medium built 5"6 (without heels) with 5 years experience looking to get back to ballroom dancing after a 5 year break. Looking for someone to practice and compete with, so some experience needed (class D). Willing to travel but based in South West London. Get in touch and we can try out/ talk over coffee! :) elisa.tiensuu@hotmail.com

Submitted: 26 August 2016

LAI2667 Gloucestershire I hold my associate IDTA Ballroom teachers and will be starting my Latin. I have not done any medals and I am looking for a partner for general practice. mirandadancekenmare@yahoo.com

Submitted: 30 July 2016

LAI2666 Widnes, Liverpool, North West England Female, 28 (dob 1988), 5ft 7ins (without shoes) I have been dancing Competitively for around 3-4 years now, I currently train with Paul and Paulene Taylor and have previously trained with Margaret Redmond and Kieran Kelly.

Currently competing at Intermediate level but looking to move higher and to dance in Pre-Am comps also. Due to my partner no longer wishing to compete I am currently looking for a new partner. I am a dedicated, enthusiastic dancer, I work hard but I have fun with it!

I would be willing to specialise in either ballroom or latin for the right partner, however ideally i would like to do both. I would also be willing to teacher share if you would want to continue to train with your teacher. kate.1988.dancer@outlook.com

Submitted: 17 June 2016

LAI2665 London Looking for dance partner for HOBBY BALLROOM DANCING, 1-2 times per week. kata_kerekes@hotmail.com

Submitted: 7 June 2016

LAI2664 Peterborough I am a 17 year old looking for a dance partner to train with in a variety of different dances. I have been dancing for nearly 7 years and take regular exams in order to improve. Currently dance at a school in Peterborough once a week. lillieaimee@hotmail.com

Submitted: 24 May 2016

LAI2663 London, England Hiya, are you looking for dedicated, hard working girl to dance with :-D ? I'm 35 years old Latin dancer, 172 cm (5'6'), have 3 years Latin experience on competitive level (intermediate) with couple of years break when doing intensively other sports. I have re-started serious training with aim to compete and I'm urgently searching for London-based partner, who's willing to train min x4 days a week, preferably more. I'm not looking for a partner for social dancing btw. Please drop me a line if interested! pavlovakamila@gmail.com

Submitted: 14 April 2016

LAI2662 London, Greater London Hi!I am looking for a great Salsa dancer se we can practice and share our knowdledge joining latin venues sometime and I am open to rehearse if an opportunity of competitions arrives..I have been training Salsa Cubana for more than 4 years and now Im learning Salsa en linea ,I have perfomed Salsa rueda de Casino in Mexico City with a Company .I am a proper Dancer (Jazz,Musical theatre Street Jazz etc ) as I am an Actress. siarisiari@hotmail.com

Submitted: 31 March 2016

LAI2661 Rochdale, UK Just moved to the area would love to continue dance classes and leisure. Have transport so can travel. I have a Facebook and will willingly provide pics. Pls get in touch. letitiatraynor@hotmail.com

Submitted: 30 March 2016

LAI2658 London Hi there! I have danced Latin couple and solo dances for four years now and just completed a ballroom intermediate level. I'm quite ambitious to start competing so please let me hear from you if you have the same interest! Regards, Reija PS. Hight 161cm (5,4) staattic@gmail.com

Submitted: 25 March 2016

LAI2656 London I am looking for a male Latin or 10 dance partner to compete under35 pre champ. I have been dancing for 6 years. I am 5'62 (168cm) without shoes. alemanalondon+1@gmail.com

Submitted: 22 March 2016

LAI2655 Wigan, UK Seeking an intermediate male, willing to train with an end goal of competing! Scooby2196@hotmail.com

Submitted: 22 March 2016

LAI2654 Ware, Hertfordshire Hi, I'm 19 years old (DOB: 30/6/96) and I'm 5'10. I've have been doing latin and ballroom for many years now and have done many competitions. I compete in the open circuit in the categories beginners, novice and intermediate. I love competing and would like to keep it up...I'm friendly, hard-working and fun to work with. Please feel free to contact me :) katielm3006@aol.com

Submitted: 22 March 2016

LAI2653 Hertfordshire I compete in the open circuit (beginners, novice and intermediate sections) and wanting to improve and build a strong dance partner relationship. I'm a friendly hard working person who loves to dance and adores competing, I just want to do more of it!! katiemiller96@virginmedia.com

Submitted: 22 February 2016

LAI2652 Stoke on Trent Tina Baker-Woolley is looking for a 10 dance male partner to dance in open competitions. She is 20 years old (DOB 22/08/95), 5ft 3inches WOS and has been dancing in open for 6 months where she was a regular finalist in Sunday comps. Tina is trained by Jackie Conway. Tina is extremely committed to her dance and wants a partner who is willing to have regular lessons & practice each week. She is willing to travel and teacher share for the right partner. Tina has full parental support. Please email stacy.darlington@yahoo.co.uk or telephone 07782980011.

Submitted: 19 February 2016

LAI2651 London Hi everyone! I am looking for a guy to practice and compete in 10 dances (or St only/LA only) at intermediate level. Last year I was dancing for the University and now upon graduation I am looking to continue. I am 28, 168cm, average build. Send me an email to request a video and to arrange a tryout. tanyalex87@gmail.com

Submitted: 15 February 2016

LAI2650 Huddersfield, UK I am a 16 year old girl (U21 age category) looking for an experienced 16/17/18 year old male dance partner to compete and work their way up with in ballroom and latin. Currently dancing in the north west but originally from the north east and have 7 years experience. Also have competed in national finals including modern and classical sequence. rosie.murray9@outlook.com

Submitted: 8 February 2016

LAI2649 Nottingham, England 5 ft 4 without shoes, 9/10 years dance experience. Looking for a male partner to compete in the intermediate category in the uni circuit. Enthusiastic and committed. tashadoughty96@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 25 January 2016

LAI2647 Isle of Wight Hello, I'm a 33 year old dancer with ballroom (gold medalist exam level), argentine tango, salsa and Latin dance experience. I'm 5'3 and slim in build. I'm looking for someone to practice with and attend social dance events. I like to laugh, dance and I like good company. Contact: michellelouisewalker83@gmail.com

Submitted: 24 January 2016

LAI2646 Cheshire/North Wales, UK 21 year old who has been dancing for about 3 years, looking for someone who is motivated to learn, practice and potentially compete yenita@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 08 January 2016

LAI2644 North West, UK Hi, I am searching for a dance partner, I am 5'6 without shoes and have recently danced intermediate/pre-am. I am looking for a partner who is 5'7 or taller. I can travel within distance and can teacher share. I am open to dancing with someone from any level as long as they enjoy thier dancing and are willing to work hard. Please e-mail me if you want any further info :) mmiller00@live.co.uk

Submitted: 08 January 2016

LAI2643 Leicester, UK Hi i'm Katie! Looking for a male partner to train and compete with. Started dancing a few years ago but never managed to find a partner before I stopped dancing due to work/education commitments. Achieved up to silver in latin/ballroom and was halfway through completing gold bar 1. Would love to find a partner who is just as enthusiatic and hard-working as myself. katie_griebel@msn.com

Submitted: 23 December 2015

LAI2642 Ottawa, Canada I am a tall, slim, athletic and dedicated dancer who wants to work hard to achieve results. I am looking for an adult standard partner for competition at the pre-championship level, who wants to practice, take lessons and compete regularly. Must be a minimum of 5'10" (180cm). Willing to consider 10-dance or senior 1 for the right partner, and would move up or down a level for the right person. Also open to a resonable distance partnership with teacher share, and may be able to assist with accomodatation for a partner that is willing to relocate. Please contact for more information. pammie003@hotmail.com

Submitted: 23 December 2015

LAI2641 West London, UK I am 35 years old lady, height 173 without shoes. I am looking for Amateur ballroom male, to practise, social maybe to compete standard ballroom, can dance Latin for fun. I am going 3 times per week to group classes and having 1 private lesson with professional dancer. If you are interested please email me ingridab6@gmail.com, please specify your height, age and dancing experience. contact: 07752364750 ingridab6@gmail.com

Submitted: 23 December 2015

LAI2640 Northamptonshire/Leicestershire, UK Hi, I'm 21 years old and have been ballroom dancing for just over 3 years now. Prior to this I did ballet, up to RAD grade 7, but wanted something more sociable. I'm keen to develop my dancing, learn more and willing to commit to training. I'm 5'3'', slim and although have not competed as of yet would certainly be interested in this if I found a commited dance partner. Please do get in touch. Thanks, Emily emily-spence@hotmail.com

Submitted: 14 December 2015

LAI2639 Hull, UK Hi my name is Cara and I'm 27 years old. I've been dancing for 5 years and have recently in the past year started competing. I am 5"4 without heels. I'm looking for a male 10 dance partner that can take lessons with me at A.Ward dance academy in Hull as I cannot commute due to work commitments. My teachers are Amy Ward and Fabio D'Angelo. Please email me if you have any questions. carajbourne@aol.com

Submitted: 14 December 2015

LAI2638 London, UK 30 years of age, 5'11" and based in South West London. Have been dancing competitively in London at beginner level for four years, including three competitions abroad in Europe. Currently train twice a week but supplement with gym five days a week. Looking for a competitive partner and willing to train more for the right partnership. Please get in touch to try out together. contact: 07510910172. shannonjmorley@gmail.com

Submitted: 4 December 2015

LAI2637 London, UK Hi everyone :) I'm currently looking for a dance partner, who has some experience in the Open circuit or looking towards competing in open competitions. If you have a lot of experience in an open circuit, I'm willing to put extra hours to work to your level, I'm a very determined person. I've been away from the competition circuit but not been away from dancing. I prefer latin to ballroom but will do 10 dance. I always put 110% into everything I do and would love to have a dance partner who will do the same. About me: I'm 5 ft 2 wos and am 23 years old, and am willing to train 3-4 times per week, preferably in the evening but am flexible. Don't hesitate to email me :) Have a nice day. snow.hsu1@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 20 November 2015

LAI2636 Essex, UK I am 18 years old and have approximately 7 years dancing experience. I am about 5ft tall. I am a part of the NATD and looking for a male partner to compete on the medallist circuit and eventually go to the open circuit. lucy.adams310@gmail.com

Submitted: 20 November 2015

LAI2635 Salisbury, UK I'm 25 years old, 5'2" (157cm) tall, slim, looking for someone to dance Latin with. My favourite dances are Rumba, Chacha, jive and Samba, beginner in Paso Doble. Willing to travel for short distances, practise on weekends, possibly weekdays if not too far away. Preferably a partner with similar build and age, looking to improve stamina and flexibility for competitions.
contact: 07599825353

Submitted: 20 November 2015

LAI2634 London/Hertfordshire, UK Hi - I'm 25, 5 ft 4 & looking for a partner for either ten dance or ballroom only (better at ballroom!). Looking to practice 1-2 times a week and compete in pre-champ (or intermediate or even amateur depending on partners level..). I work full time in Hertfordshire but have regular hours and can easily make it into London for evening practices. I have 5 years ballroom & latin experience, along with many more years dance experience, although have only really competed (successfully!) on the university circuit so far. Always work hard and eager to improve. Please email me if you are interested and would like to arrange a trial. zoekelly1@googlemail.com

Submitted: 06 November 2015

LAI2633 Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire, UK My name is Charlie and I'm looking for a novice/intermediate leader to compete on the open circuit for a bit of fun. I currently live in Hertfordshire but will be relocating to Bedford next summer. I am 23 years old and 5' 7" wos. Charlotte.gwood@hotmail.com

Submitted: 28 October 2015

LAI2632 Manchester, UK Hi, My name is Nina, I知 23 and my height 168cm/5 ft 6 1/2" without shoes. I知 looking for a 10 dance partner to compete in pre-champ on the open circuit. I am looking for a partner who is hard working, committed and willing to train at least 4-5 times a week. I live in Altrincham, Manchester UK. I知 am not able to relocate I知 afraid due to commitments in England until July 2016. I am trained by Margaret Redmond (latin) and Paul Taylor (ballroom). If you would like more information, please email. Thank you :) modaknina@gmail.com

Submitted: 28 October 2015

LAI2631 London SW, UK Hi, I am Victoria, 34 years old and 5.4" looking for a male dance partner to share classes, practice and potentially compete. Someone in a similar level or better would be great. I am doing this mostly for fun and exercise but would like to keep improving. Please contact me if this is of interest. Vicwright@gmail.com

Submitted: 28 October 2015

LAI2630 Monmouth / Bristol, UK Hi, I'm looking for a partner to train with in both ballroom and Latin (tho at the moment I'm more keen on ballroom, as I've been dancing pro-am with a professional Standard competitor for a year now and have somewhat neglected my Latin). I'm Asian, 5'7 with heels and 32 yrs of age. I'm moving to England in November, will most likely spend my time around Monmouth or Bristol. So, if you're interested and in the area, please email me and we can arrange a tryout. contactlaurena@gmail.com

Submitted: 28 October 2015

LAI2629 Manhattan, New York, USA ***Looking for a male Latin partner in New York***
I just graduated from high school and am relocating to New York to further pursue my dancing and education. I'm 18 years old and am eligible for Youth Latin through next nationals, and will also dance U21 or even Amateur with the right partner.
U.S. National Amateur Danceport Championship: Former finalist in Junior 2 Latin (2013). Current finalist in Youth and U21 Latin (2015).
W.D.C. World Championships: Top 14- Youth Latin (2014). ganderson@mmm.edu

Submitted: 28 October 2015

LAI2628 Northern Ireland, UK Taking private ballroom dance lessonsweekly and loving them. Attended several ballroom dance weekends.I am in love with the foxtrot and the modern waltz. I Have been doing saLsa for five years and run a contemporary dance class each week. I posess natural rythme and so keen to find a committed dance partner.Prepared to travel within reason.Happy to forward picture to genuine potential partner. sashkasheils@gmail.com

Submitted: 12 October 2015

LAI2627 Essex, UK I am a 41 year old female, 5ft 2" of slim build. I have 3 years dance experience, getting to intermediate level however haven't danced for some years but am now keen to dance again. Am looking for someone who is keen to learn with me at the same level or higher (I am a fast learner). Only looking for a dance partner and nothing else. caratwinkle@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 12 October 2015

LAI2626 Sevenoaks, Kent, UK I am looking for a committed partner to do competitions together! I am a 10-dance dancer. I dance in under 35 and I am 172cm tall without shoes. I live in Sevenoaks in Kent and I am happy to commute to London/other areas if mutually my partner will be willing to come over here. I have been dancing for 4 years and have learnt most of the syllabus with the exception of a few as I'm concentrating more on the technique rather than steps at the moment. I spend around 8 hours on dancing a week with 5 of these hours doing private lessons and practice with a teacher. I am happy to do private lessons together as well. I have competitions experience through medallist competitions and I would be happy to do open circuit competitions and learn competitive routines with the right partner. I am available for training during daytime of the week as well as evenings and weekends. janetravina@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 12 October 2015

LAI2625 London, UK Hi, I recently moved to London from Canada where I completed DVIDAS teaching certificate for bronze level Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cha Cha, Rumba, E.C. Swing, Waltz, Tango, and Foxtrot. My favourite dances are in the Latin, but especially Cha Cha and Rumba for routines and I love to freestyle Salsa and Bachata.
I am looking for a partner to go out with and dance socially, and to introduce me to the dance world in London. I am a very quick learner so I feel like I can keep up with someone slightly more advanced than me or different dances. I do not have the funds to travel far or take lessons, but am willing to dance 5+ times a week, as that was my previous schedule.
I am 164cm without heels, 55kg, 24 years old. konstantinova@live.ca

Submitted: 02 October 2015

LAI2624 Totnes, UK I have been dancing for many years but have recently had a long break after having a son and also not having a dance partner. I am looking for someone to dance ballroom and latin with. Before my break i was in the process of completing my medals and got to Gold Bar 2 level maxgarner@hotmail.com

Submitted: 18 September 2015

LAI2623 London, UK Hi there :) I'm 168cm (5'6") wos looking to compete under 35 intermediate / pre champ Ballroom and Latin. I don't mind to specialize. I'm slim, very hard-working, passionate about dancing. tester02@inbox.lv

Submitted: 02 September 2015

LAI2622 Scotland, UK Looking for a dance partner of any experience to continue in competitions. As long as you are comitted, experience doesn't matter. I've only competed in standard but I'm more than willing to dance latin as well. I'm passionate and hard working, but also very friendly and kind ☺ dreamkrystaldance@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 21 August 2015

LAI2621 Cardiff, Wales, UK Looking for a partner to train and compete in ballroom and Latin. I used to compete on the university circuit, would be interested in competing as an ex student and on the open circuit. Please be in touch: sophieannot@gmail.com

Submitted: 24 July 2015

LAI2620 Munich, Germany Hi I'm looking for a ballroom dancing partner who is willing to relocate to munich. My temporary dancing partner and I have taken part at the GOC and we will finish our common time in October at the International Championchips in Brentwood/London. I'm 173cm high and 24 years old. If you are interested please let me know! Greetings Amelie. contact: +491715132844 Ameliebuchner@gmx.de

Submitted: 17 July 2015

LAI2619 SW London, UK Hi there, I'm 25 years old, 5'7". Originality from St Petersburg where I had competed in Latin and Ballroom dancing (Level /Class 'A' category) for 7 years before I moved to London. I really miss dancing and after a few years break I'm looking to get back to practising again but as a hobby only, possibly even with competitions for the right partner, preferably Latin only. I'm based in SW London so both travelling slightly further South or centre London is fine by me. Please email me if you are interested in a try out. slivkiberry@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 29 June 2015

LAI2618 London, UK I am 22, 173 cm, with 6 years experience looking for a dance partner. miglebalciute@gmail.com

Submitted: 19 June 2015

LAI2617 Swansea, UK I am 19 years old and have been dancing for 11 years I am fairly new to open competitions but have had good success on the medal circuit . Looking for a partner to go to the ne t level in competitions colette1450@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 19 June 2015

LAI2616 Alicante, Spain Hello, my name is Rosa. I need a male DanceSport partner (category Adult IIB), although I have been competing on Adult I. I am currently preparing for A. I am preparing at the academy "Elegance" in Alicante where I have a room available at my disposition to train. I need a partner with dance ambitions willing to train hard and clear dedication. rpalmeror@hotmail.com

Submitted: 01 May 2015

LAI2615 Maidstone, Kent, UK Hi, My name is Eve and I am looking for a 10 dance Ballroom and Latin partner. I am of average build and 5'5 wos. I will be 16 in July, however, I have been successfully competing in the Under 35s Intermediate and Pre-Champ sections for the past year, with great results. I train in the Maidstone area, however, am willing to travel within a 2 hour radius. I am very determined and will commit to the training hours required to reach my potential and would be looking to compete in Open Regional and National Championships - ideally U21s. However, I am not adverse to competing in Medallist Competitions too, to gain the experience and recognition. For more information, please contact this email address: linda.jamieson1@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 17 April 2015

LAI2614 Reading, Berkshire, UK I have been dancing for 16 years, Latin up to B-class in Germany for 14 years, until I moved to the UK two years ago. During the last two years I've mainly been dancing Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba & Ceroc. I would like to practice properly and compete again, if it is Latin, Salsa or Ceroc... I'm 173cm (5'8 - 5'10 with heels), 31 years old (but am looking much younger) and would also commute to London or Oxford. If you're interested, just email me. kleineweide@aol.com

Submitted: 17 April 2015

LAI2613 Hertford, Hertfordshire, England, UK My name is Lucy. I am looking for a dedicated partner to compete at Intermediate/Pre-Champ level. I am interested in doing Ballroom and Latin, although I take Latin more seriously. I'm 20 years old, 5 ft 4 w.o.s. and slim build. I have been dancing for 12 years and competing for 10. I have won Champions of Tomorrow in 2014, and came 2nd at Stars of The Future last year. This year I came 3rd in the latin Intermediate at Champions of Tomorrow. I am taught by Lea-Samantha Walsh in Hertford, but am willing to teacher share. If you need anymore information please don't hesitate to ask.
contact: 07545 909145

Submitted: 17 April 2015

LAI2612 Yorkshire, UK Dedicated 20 year old with 7 years experience looking for an equally dedicated male partner. I am a regular winner on the Medallist circuit- including Blackpool 2014 and 2015 Ballroom and Latin runner up and a regular university circuit winner including- National runner up in both ballroom and latin 2014 also, along with having open experience. I am 5'4 wos, and i'm trained in Yorkshire, but willing to teacher share within reason. YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IS NOT VITAL! I would just really like to be back on the floor, so i am happy to take on someone with not as much experience, just as you enjoy dancing, and you are happy to work hard. Please email me for any more information. tashalk@live.co.uk

Submitted: 27 March 2015

LAI2611 Manchester, UK I'm 24 years old and used to do a lot of ballroom and latin when I was younger and got to Stars within UKA medallist competitions. I'm just looking for a guy to have weekly lessons together, not wanting competitions right now but open to suggestions but just want to get back in to it because it was a huge part of my life, growing up. Doesn't matter on your experience as everyone needs to learn somewhere x contact: 07583475246 chrissythorpe@live.co.uk

Submitted: 02 March 2015

LAI2610 Oxford/London, UK I am a 19 year old looking for a dance partner of a similar age to compete from intermediate level and above. Live near oxford but willing to travel up to an hour and half IF you are willing to teacher share. bev.strong@gmail.com

Submitted: 20 February 2015

LAI2609 Cardiff, UK Cardiff based, 22 years old, 5ft10 WOS latin and ballroom dancer. Looking for hard working partner to train and compete with but also to have fun with. I am a quick leaner and keen to push myself. Please email for more info. f.morris17@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 20 February 2015

LAI2608 Essex, UK I'm almost 35 years old and looking for a partner to train and compete in open Ballroom and Latin competitions. I have previously competed at Novice/Intermediate level. I'm 5'8" without shoes and am currently competing in ISTD competitions at silver level. I train in Chelmsford with Kyle Fisher but would be prepared to teacher share. I look forward to hearing from anyone interested. rsh1980@icloud.com

Submitted: 13 February 2015

LAI2607 Birmingham, UK Hi, I'm Nadia, looking for a dance partner to dance intermediate and above. I'm 5'6" (170 cm), slim build. I'm currently training and competing in Germany - intermediate, getting very close to pre-champ :). I will relocate to the UK this spring. I don't really know much about the dance sport scene in the UK, so any info on clubs, teachers, etc. would be great too! ch287@outlook.de contact: 004917662420958 ch287@outlook.de

Submitted: 13 February 2015

LAI2606 Manchester, UK I am a very hardworking and dedicated dancer my DOB is 24/05/1992 and I am 5 4" wos. I am searching for someone who as the same priorities and passion for dancing as me. I have been a regular finalist in IDTA national competitions and looking for someone that is willing to train and have regular lessons. If interested please contact me on angela@fusion-ballroom.co.uk. I am financially secure, and have my own transport. angela@fusion-ballroom.co.uk

Submitted: 13 February 2015

LAI2605 Mansfield, UK Hi, am looking for a dance partner to compete in under 35 intermediate/pre-champ ballroom and latin. You must be 5"11 upwards and willing to share coaches. For more info or a try out please email me at amandajwells@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 6 February 2015

LAI2604 Liverpool, UK Hi, I'm looking for a dedicated dance partner to train in both Ballroom and Latin. I'm 21 and 5'7'' wos. I currently train with Paul and Paulene Taylor. I'm a regular finalist at open competitions and came 2nd at Champions of Tomorrow this year. Please contact me on 07810768911 or e-mail to arrange a try out or for further information. natalie.ferrari@aol.com

Submitted: 6 February 2015

LAI2601 Hertfordshire, UK Hi, I'm Beckie and I'm 25, 171cm (5ft 7inches) tall wos. I'm looking for a Male partner to compete on the open circuit in under 35 sections. Regularly reach semi finals and finals of local open competitions in novice/intermediate sections. And semi finalists at stars of the future and champions of tomorrow in the first year of competing with my previous partner. b_smeaton237@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 23 January 2015

LAI2600 Yorkshire, UK I'm looking for a dedicated dance partner from novice level to pre-champ/ champ level. I've been dancing for 7 years and have lots of experience on medallist, university and the open circuit. I am currently trained by a former British champion, but travel all over for lessons. I'm willing to take on a dance partner with not as much as experience just as long as your willing to work hard! Getting back on the floor is my number one priority. For anymore information please email me. tashalk@live.co.uk

Submitted: 23 January 2015

LAI2599 Birmingham, UK Hi, I'm Katie, I used to compete when i was younger and in juvenile i got into the British team. I danced in Junior for a while; however i decided to quit. I am now 17 and would love to take it back up, I am trying to get my standard of dancing back up and am trying to find a committed partner who would be willing to do ballroom, and latin if he wished. katie.walmsley97@yahoo.com

Submitted: 09 January 2015

LAI2598 Leicester, UK Hi, I'm Louise & I am looking for a man, beginner/intermediate. As long as you can move I don't mind how long you've dancing. I have danced since I was 2 & am now 26. I was a competitive dancer for 15 years+ & would love to get back into things. I don't currently have a studio so preferably you'd have or know of one?! I'm 5'7 wos & medium build. No time wasters please :) louisechapman88@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 09 January 2015

LAI2597 Oxfordshire, UK Hello, I am looking for a dance partner to move up into pre am and amateur competitions. bev.strong@gmail.com

Submitted: 09 January 2015

LAI2596 Surrey/Hampshire, UK Hi my name is Rebecca and I am currently in the intermediate ballroom class at my local dance school. I'm 29 and I'm looking for a dance partner to attend my weekly dance class to improve my dancing and have fun! rachelstate@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 19 December 2014

LAI2595 Greater Manchester, UK Hi my name is Rebecca and I am currently in the intermediate ballroom class at my local dance school. I'm 29 and I'm looking for a dance partner to attend my weekly dance class to improve my dancing and have fun! rebelleber2000@yahoo.com

Submitted: 19 December 2014

LAI2594 North Yorkshire, UK My name is Leoni Maltby and I am looking for an amateur/ youth ballroom partner. Willing to teacher share, previously had lessons in Birmingham and Liverpool. 168cm (WOS) aged 16. For more information call- 07968329641 or e-mail lisa.shinespa@hotmai.co.uk

Submitted: 19 December 2014

LAI2593 London, UK Hi there, I've recently relocated to London from New York and am searching for a dedicated, fun and competitive Latin partner for the Amateur Latin circuit. I'm 5'4 (163 cm) without shoes. Email me if interested, at hokoelc@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you. hokoelc@gmail.com

Submitted: 19 December 2014

LAI2592 London, Docklands, E14, UK Hi, I have 3-year Latin dance experience during 2007-2010, with 3-to-7-day dance practices per week. I have previously participated in several college ballroom dance (Latin) competitions and won couples of awards. I am looking for a intermediate dance partner for Latin (Rumba, Chachacha, Jive, Samba, and Paso Double) for private lessons. Please contact me if you are interested in partnering with me. splnpls@gmail.com

Submitted: 21 November 2014

LAI2591 Bolton, UK Hi I used to be a keen ballroom and Latin dancer when i was younger and am looking for a male partner to start going again . I have won many medals and trophies over the years and I really miss going. I am looking for someone in the Lancashire / Manchester area katie95183@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 21 November 2014

LAI2590 London, UK I am looking for a partner to dance intermediate/pre-am,Im currently having regular private lessons and practise during the week plus one whole day weekend .I am dedicated and hard working and want to continue doing competitions . yuan.s.tian@hotmail.com

Submitted: 07 November 2014

LAI2589 Telford, Wolverhampton, UK Hi, I'm 27 years old lady looking for a committed dance partner. I've been dancing for 6 years. I'd like to focus on latin mainly, However, if you wish to dance all 10, I could do that too. I'm 5.28 (161cm) tall. I'm based in Telford and taking classes in Wolverhampton atm. Please contact me for more details miss_eagle@hotmail.com

Submitted: 07 November 2014

LAI2587 London, UK Hi , i am a 28 yrs old girl, 160cm height and 50 kg, been dancing Latin competitively for 2 years . I am very keen on Latin and go to classes (inc private classes) regularly. I am looking for a partner to do private classes together . I am flexible on doing competitions. Contact me on 07980623914 if you are interested .
contact: 07980623914

Submitted: 24 October 2014

LAI2586 Chelmsford, UK Hi, my name is Kellie. I'm 23 and around 5"4. I have been dancing since the age of 4 and stopped a few years ago. I have recently started again and am looking for a partner who is willing to come to my dance school to train and compete with. kellie.riley@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 10 October 2014

LAI2585 Yorkshire, UK Dedicated 20 year old looking for a committed partner who is willing to train as hard as possible to get to the top. I'm an experienced competitor on the medallist, open and university circuit. I have been dancing for 6 years and I'm 5'4 without shoes. I'm trained by a former British champion, however I'm willing to teacher share and travel for lessons. Please email me on tashalk@live.co.uk for anymore information. tashalk@live.co.uk

Submitted: 10 October 2014

LAI2584 Stoke on Trent, UK My name is Tina, I am currently trained by keiron Kelly based in stoke on Trent, willing to teacher share. I am looking for a partner to compete in preferably intermediate/ pre am ballroom and latin/ ten dance. Or specialist in Latin. I am extremely committed and self motivated. I am 19 and 5'5wos. Please let me know if you'd like any more information. Kind regards Tina. contact: or tel 07782980011 . Africandnc@aol.com

Submitted: 26 September 2014

LAI2582 Cardiff/South Wales, UK I am 5'6 and 20 years old. Ballroom and Latin dancing has been my biggest interest since I first started dancing at 12. I absolutely enjoy dancing itself. I am easy-going, very dedicated at training. I do all ten dances, compete at intermediate level. Looking for a dedicated male dancer to train and compete together. Please drop me a message if interested for a try out. Thanks :) peppermint324@gmail.com

Submitted: 12 September 2014

LAI2581 West Midlands, UK Taryn Correa, 17, 52" wos, requires male partner for pre champ/ youth ballroom and latin competitions. Finalist at Champions of Tomorrow and regular competitor. Trained by Warren & Jane Bullock and has been previously ballet trained. Slim, attractive, lovely personality and totally dedicated dancer needing to get back out on the floor as soon as possible. Midlands based but willing to travel. Any standard partner considered. contact 07527 907356 or email tazcorrea@hotmai.co.uk or contact Warren Bullock on 01902 897900 for more information. tazcorrea@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 12 September 2014

LAI2580 Northamptonshire, UK My name is Saffron Baillie and I am 16 years old. I am approximately 5,6" w.o.s and of slim build. I am looking for a committed and hard working 10 dance partner to compete in Youth. I live in Northamptonshire but I am willing to travel for lessons and teacher share. I am taught by Charlotte and Jamie Cutler. Contact me for more information at Saffron.baillie@btinternet.com

Submitted: 05 September 2014

LAI2579 Birmingham, UK Hi guys, im a 20 year old looking for a partner for ballroom and latin. Im 173cm without shoes, and was dancing for about 6-7 years before having a 2 year break. I live in Birmingham where im also attending a university and i would like to find someone who is at similar level and interested in competing. Dont hesitate to email me! :) olaaleksandra0@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 05 September 2014

LAI2578 Essex, UK I am a 24 yr old female approx 5'5 without shoes. I currently dance in the Romford area. I am a bronze medalist and am looking for a partner to compete in ISTD comps with a view to progress to dancing on the open circuit. Very committed and hardworking, willing to travel and teacher share and am financially stable. Lauren_r_o@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 29 August 2014

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