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Ladies looking for men - Adults, Beginners
LAB1631 London Hi! In my 30s, size 6 to 8, fit with a natural aptitude for dancing and looking for a Male dance partner somewehere between 5Ft9 and 6Ft1. I danced ballet from the age of 2-16 and then only socially on nights out and have recently realised how much I miss it and have started Salsa and Ballroom/Latin which I am really enjoying. My main focus/interest is Salsa & Latin. I have a full time job and live in SW London though work NW currently. Happy to make time for lessons and practice evening/weekends as would like to get to a good level pretty quickly. If you have a similar aptitude and love of dance or are a little further along in your learning and don't mind me catching up then please do get in touch!

Nicole x nicole.randal@icloud.com

Submitted: 2 April 2014

LAB713 Manchester Hi i'm a dancer from Manchester , i've been dancing since a young age and then gave it up , in the last 2 years i've taken it back up and placed 1&sts and 2nds in all nation solo comps, i'm looking to start partnered dancing again , i'm very passionate about dance and would love any help from someone around my age (16) to help , i'm a friendly person and will get along with anyone , anyone with a. passion for dance and would love to help me get started with dancing again please contact me , i'm a very quick learner and can pick things up very quickly. Tel 07389 112411

Submitted: 5 January 2024

LAB712 Iíve danced socially since I was 6, very thoroughly enjoyed it and have got back into it the last few years but would like to take it further with more practice so I would need a partner going forward, someone who is willing to practice. I am Female 22 - 5ft3 clowy@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 20 July 2022

LAB711 Hi, I am a 22 year old woman looking for a dance partner, I danced through university for 2 years Latin and Ballroom though am currently only dancing salsa. I would like to find a partner to do some Ballroom and Latin classes and would be open to any competitions. I can travel and I am 5 foot 10. Looking forward to hearing from you x georgiekessell@gmail.com

Submitted: 28 April 2022

LAB710 MILTON KEYNES I am currently taking beginner ballroom and latin classes in Milton Keynes and am looking for a partner to join me.I am a quick study and would be interested in gaining medals. I am 25 and 5ft 7. tobyburdett@gmail.com

Submitted: 28 August 2019

LAB709 Shepshed I am single, 5ft petite and very young looking, attractive lady seeking an experienced Male ballroom and Latin dance partner. I have a natural sense rhythm as already dancing salsa, Latin American salsa, Kizomba and Bachata etc for 12 years with 3 years experience dancing Latin Ballroom. Please contact me on paris28@live.co.uk or 07522 511 781

Submitted: 27 July 2019

LAB707 Birmingham, U.K Hi Iím 29 years old and have been dancing 1.5 years. Iím looking for a dance partner to dance kizomba , who can commit to practice 1-2 times per week. With the view to enter kizomba competitions . Willing to drive up to 10-15 miles of Birmingham so will include places like Coventry, Wolverhampton , Walsall. misscta2004@hotmail.com

Submitted: 11 March 2019

LAB706 Liverpool, North West Looking for a partner, returning to dance after a year out. 5'6 without shoes. 31 y/o, looking for someone who enjoys dancing. mmiller00@live.co.uk

Submitted: 7 March 2019

LAB705 London Central ( SW7- dancing location ) Dear fellow dancers, I wish to find a dedicated BALLROOM DANCE PARTNER. AGE does not play a role. What is important is being ballroom presence and elegance. I have some Latin experience but now from the start of 2019 YEAR I wish to dance regularly and complete in near future.

The dance practice location in in SW7. Imperial College area. Please contact me if serious about ballroom dancing. face-the-music-and-dance@hotmail.com

Submitted: 15 December 2018

LAB704 Kent, UK I am searching for a male beginner/novice dance partner that wishes to work hard with the aim of dancing at a higher level. I am 26 years old, 5í5" and slim build. I started Ballroom & Latin in April 2017, however I danced ISTD ballet and tap for 22 years. I performed with The English Youth Ballet and I was a dancer in amateur dramatic productions in Kent. I have loved competing in ISTD medallist comps throughout the year and placed at Blackpool in ballroom in 2017 and 2018 but would now like to have a regular partner. I dance in Caterham at CDS three times a week. I live in Ebbsfleet but am willing to travel a reasonable distance for the right partner. sarah.vanessa@live.co.uk

Submitted: 28 November 2018

LAB702 South East London Hi. My name is Anjanika. I'm 21 years old. I'm currently looking for a dance partner to compete with me in National Classical & Ballroom/Latin Sequence in Blackpool. I'm 5 feet tall in heels. I do classical dancing as well as ballroom and latin. If you haven't done any classical dancing before it's no problem at all. I'm looking for a dedicated and passionate dancer who is willing to practice routines as much as possible. Ideally, on Wednesday evenings and during the weekend. If you are interested please get in touch with me. Thank you! anjudevindi@gmail.com 07476535733

Submitted: 4 November 2017

LAB700 London Hello! I am on the hunt for a male dance partner! I am taking party of a cancer research black tie ballroom event in London! It offers you 8 weeks of professional training in ballroom and Latin and will be either a Wednesday or Thursday at 6/6.30 in Camden london! You can take part in fundraising or simply take part to perform at TROXY theatre in London. The event will be on Sunday the 26th of November!

The ability is flexible as it's stated as "beginners" so no experience necessary, but if any dance experience then that's also brilliant!

Submitted: 5 October 2017

LAB699 Essex and London I'm 26 years old 5'6 slim athletic build. Just started latin ballroom I'm very very passionate to go onto competitions looking for a adult preferbly 3 years experience Passionate in latin ballroom and has experience in competition. Although I am a beginner I have a dance background I'm eager to learn, quick to learn routines and steps I am a fast learner and passionate in working hard to be the best of the best. I really want to further my career in latin ballroom and achieve competitions please if you can email me! Ip.fitness@hotmail.com

Submitted: 25 September 2017

LAB698 London Hi, I used to do some Latin Ballroom back in Spain but stopped when I came to London back in 2000. I have now started again taking intense courses every couple of months and taking weekly lessons in South East London. I'm 37 years old and 1.74m without shoes and looking for a dance partner to attend weekly classes and possibly open to competition if at all possible. mgradaille_uk@hotmail.com

Submitted: 3 September 2017

LAB697 East Midlands, UK Searching for an equally as passionate and dedicated male ballroom and Latin partner, to compete regularly on the open circuit and who is driven to reach the top. Just beginning intermediate training and ready to give it absolutely everything. UK Championships 2017 finalist in beginner and novice.

Willing to travel and to teacher share. Trained by Kim Dunn at the Regency Dance Centre and also by Kevin Allcott. 177cm without shoes. Looking forward to hearing from you! Please message regencydancecentre@gmail.com for more information.

Submitted: 12 August 2017

LAB696 Northampton Hi I am looking for amateur or professional dance partner to compete in 10 dances. I am more into Latin than Ballroom dance but I am willing to learn. I have been dancing for one year. I have done my Bronze Latin / Ballroom medals with honours as well as Silver Latin / Ballroom medals all with honours. I started to prepare myself for Gold once but I would love to start competing. I dance in Step by Step school in Northampton and dance became my life now. I am passionated and hard working lady. My dream can not come true without partner so if there is anyone who would love to partner up please let me know x. Contact: 07592853258

Submitted: 16 July 2017

LAB695 London Hi! I (30,167cm,easy-going...) am looking for a dance partner to take up ballroom dancing again! I really enjoy it and would like to do it on a regular basis. I'm based in Southeast London and would be happy to find a dancing school somewhere close by. I am looking forward to hearing from you :) schottanna@web.de

Submitted: 8 June 2017

LAB694 Lancashire UK hi, My name is Donella. I'm ballet trained, and have started Latin and Ballroom. I'm working to bronze, and want to start open competing. Great potential and enthusiasm. Coached by Tracey Mason.† Eager to start my journey, work hard and achieve success! Contact: 07425173717

Submitted: 25 May 2017

LAB693 West London hi ! My name's Laura ! A 26 Italian middle eastern girl who always wanted to learn to dance tango and Flamenco!. I am looking for a nice partner to dance with !. I am a passionate, funny and joyful person !I am a beginner so please need someone of course docile and patient ! Thank you. Laura lauraattila22@hotmail.com

Submitted: 7 May 2017

LAB692 Stoke On Trent Hi, My name is Penny. I am looking for a partner to compete in Supadance competitions. I've been dancing for 10 years socially. I'm very finacially stable and willing to travel for the right partner. Any more infomation please contact me by phone or email. penny.howell@btopenworld.com

Submitted: 2 May 2017

LAB691 Edmonton, Sherwood park Hi! Looking for a dance partner. Hopefully ballroom, open to other dance types. Contact: 780-920-1874

Submitted: 10 April 2017

LAB690 Bedford, Bedfordshire Hi, I am looking for a male (beginner/novice/intermediate) who would like to compete and train regularly. He would ideally be fairly local, but I am willing to travel within reason. I have danced on the uni circuit and some open comps, making all Ballroom&Latin finals in novice, and finalled in inter just before I left too. Miss the buzz of competing as my current partner no longer wants to dance competitively. I am 5.5" w.o.s, 26 and am trained by Accursio Romeo. Thank you! Jennalucy.martin@gmail.com

Submitted: 12 March 2017

LAB689 Cardiff, Wales Hi, I'm looking for a male dance partner for Ballroom and Latin. I love to dance and am sadly lacking a partner! I'm 5ft 9in, age 30, and danced competitively as a beginner for a year at uni and then have done some classes on and off since then. I have a real love of dance, am quick at picking steps and want to invest time in lessons (+/- competitions if keen) so looking for someone who's wanting to learn or someone who's been learning for a while but is willing for me to catch up! :) ciara_duggan@hotmail.com

Submitted: 20 February 2017

LAB688 Birmingham I have been competeing occasionally over the past few years at beginner and novice level with my current partner but due to work commitments we have not competed as regularly as I would have hoped and he is now no longer able to compete at all, so am looking for someone who would like to compete in Sunday comps as well as larger ones. I am 5ft 7in without heels, 5ft 9in in and 27 years of age. Please email if you have any questions. Thank you, Sarah Huckfield. sahara_h@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 11 February 2017

LAB687 Dudley, West Midlands My name is Lisa, I am 19 years of age and I am looking for a male dance partner for modern and classical sequence and also ballroom and Latin dancing. Looking for a male dancer that is around my age and is not too much taller than me (5ft 2). If you are interested please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank You. lisaozols@talktalk.net

Submitted: 6 February 2017

LAB686 Sunderland, North East, England Swing Dance/Lindy Hop Would like a male dance partner of similar age I am just a beginner and don't know very much been to a few classes and social dances I have rhythm and was told I am quick learner. I'm 21 and athletic build. Contact: 07940221728

Submitted: 22 January 2017

LAB685 Nottinghamshire, UK Female 24 who loves to dance, have got basic skills in salsa and ballroom, love to learn new dances and advance my current skills. Seeking male to dance with, regular would be nice, just for fun or for attending dance lessons, nothing serious, friendship always welcome :) Contact: 07508823632

Submitted: 21 December 2016

LAB684 Suffolk, England Hi, my name is Hayley and I am looking for a partner to progress my ballroom and Latin with. I have been learning for about 3 and a half years however my partnership has recently ended. I would really like to start working towards my exams and am looking for a leader to help me achieve this goal. I currently attend one class a week local to me but I am willing to be flexible to make the partnership work. dancehrm@hotmail.com

Submitted: 18 November 2016

LAB683 Manchester, UK Hi, I'm a 20 year old former junior B&L competitor looking for a partner to get back into competitions with. I haven't danced for around 5 years so would be happy to start with a beginner. I am based towards Wigan but happy to travel a few times a week round Manchester. If you are looking for a female partner please text me on 07392003626.

Submitted: 17 November 2016

LAB682 North West London Hi, my name is Day. I have been learning jive for three months now. I am looking for a lead, male or female, to practise jive with. I am happy to learn other dances also. You can email me at danalieseradley@gmail.com

Submitted: 10 November 2016

LAB681 Coventry UK I am 30 year old female. 5'9!!!! So looking for a tall male dance partner beginner for fun in West Midlands/ Warwickshire. Not really looking to compete or anything crazy just for the enjoyment of dancing :) Samanthalouisecooper@gmail.com

Submitted: 25 October 2016

LAB680 West London Looking for a male or female partner (leader) for Ballroom and Latin. I'm 5'6. I've been doing beginner and improver lessons in Ballroom and Latin dancing for 5 months and need practice. Ultimately, medal exams would be good too. Also, have been taking salsa lessons for about a year. I'm in West and outer West London (Middlesex) areas and someone fairly local would be great. dancing335577@gmail.com

Submitted: 18 July 2016

LAB679 Central London Hi, I'm 5'7 (170cm) and I have recently started learning Salsa and Bachata and would like a social partner to practise with, ideally someone who is a bit more experienced and willing to help me improve. I have experience dancing many different styles and possess good rhythm and passion. kamaralita@gmail.com

Submitted: 30 June 2016

LAB678 Athens, Greece My name is Helen and I'm 24 yrs old and I'm a Latin & Standard Teacher. I was team leader in a All Ladies Latin Formation Group for 2 years. I'm a dedicated and hardworking dancer and I would like to reach many competitive goals (National & International)
I'm available for training 3 times (for 2-3 hours) per week. I'm seeking a very loyal, hardworking, trustworthy, ambitions and "with the feet on the ground" dance partner for Competitive International Latin (or and Standard). Unfortunately, I can't move to another country, but if you want to move to my country I can help you to find a job and an appartment. helen.georgakopoulou@yahoo.com

Submitted: 24 June 2016

LAB677 South West London- UK I'm a 21 year old dancer from London. I have danced ballet and tap since age 3, and started ballroom dancing in October 2015 with my university. I have fallen in love with it and have competed in four Varsity Compeitions at beginner level. I am better at Latin than Ballroom but enjoy both immensly. I am leaving university, but really want to keep dancing, so I am looking for a partner of similar age and ability to compete or practice or even just to dance socially with. Serena Contact: 07952900613

Submitted: 2 June 2016

LAB676 London Hi I'm 30, love dancing, more than a beginner but not quiet an intermediate at salsa, bachata or kizomba. Would like to improve and want someone to practice with. Be it practicing in a park or at a salsa club. Contact me if you are potentially interested in gaining a new dance partner as well as a new friend. Thanks. Anthony. 07796456577

Submitted: 26 May 2016

LAB675 Birmingham 35 years old chinese lady in Birmingham, 158cm in height. Did learn a little ballroom and latin when young, looking for a suitable partner. contact: 07985616389

Submitted: 10 April 2016

LAB674 Berkshire, UK Hi, I'm looking for a dancing partner for Argentinian tango, any level. I live and dance in the Reading area. If interested, contact me on s_borraccino@hotmail.com. Thanks

Submitted: 22 March 2016

LAB673 Bromley UK Hi I am 26 i been dancing for 2 years now Ballroom and Latin and I would love someone to practice with. I have done one Competition but with a little more practice next time will be better. Just live someone to dance with rather than on my own like always. centralperk4@hotmail.com

Submitted: 15 February 2016

LAB672 Southampton, UK Hi, I'm 21 years old and am 5ft 8 and half so I am looking for a male partner of a similar age and height to learn Ballroom & Latin with, mostly Latin. I have had a couple of one-to-one lessons but would like a partner to learn and progress with. Please email me if you are interested. Laura laura_heritage1@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 8 February 2016

LAB671 London Hi - I'm Melissa. I'm 25 yo, 5' 5", and am at the very beginning of my dance journey. I stay fit and I would like to pick ballroom dancing up as a hobby, perhaps go to dance clubs once I'm at a decent standard. I've wanted to learn how to dance for a while now but find that most beginner classes are female-heavy and so I can't find a man to dance with. If you're looking to learn how to dance (or have just started out) and need a female partner, let me know. I work in South East London, and can attend classes after work. mel.bacon.mce@gmail.com

Submitted: 29 January 2016

LAB670 Stamford Hi I am taking beginner's ballroom and Latin dance classes at Stamford Art Center Tuesday nights at 7pm. I am looking for someone who can also attend the class as I do not have a regular dance partner to dance and practice with. Thank you Mandy.hood1@ntlworld.com

Submitted: 21 January 2016

LAB669 Leicester, UK Looking for male partner to dance latin/ballroom. Around 3 years experience, and taken many dance exams. Aiming to get to competition level with hard work and dedication. Please get in touch if interested katie_griebel@msn.com

Submitted: 20 January 2016

LAB668 Devon, UK Hi. My name is Katy Webster and I am looking for a male dance partner. I have a little experience in Latin. Mainly self taught. I am looking to learn and advance to perform shows, competitions etc. any expirience required. 07780112890 iamkaty-@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 08 January 2016

LAB667 Essex / City of London, UK I am a 27 year old female looking for a dance partner around my age and level. I have been going to latin/ballroom classes for nearly 2 years now and am a very fast learner. I am currently at intro 4 level, looking to take my bronze exam next and have done 2 beginners competitions. I did latin when I was younger and am looking for a partner to improve and possibly compete with. I also do belly dancing and the odd salsa/modern jive class! I live in Essex and work in the city of London. nell610@hotmail.com

Submitted: 14 December 2015

LAB666 Scunthorpe, UK 5"6 average build. Looking for Male dancer for ballroom and latin classes. Find me on facebook Claire Snowden or email Claire-louise-snowden@outlook.com

Submitted: 4 December 2015

LAB665 Birmingham, UK My Name is Micheala I'm 25, 5.5 looking for a dance partner. I started dancing Kizomba less than a month ago through social dance classes which i attend twice a week. Although this is great, i feel i would progress much quicker with a regular partner to learn and practice with. I have a background in dancing, i did cha cha, tango, rumba, jive in school. Thanks
contact: 07476283057

Submitted: 4 December 2015

LAB663 London, UK Beginner- Just started taking salsa classes, dancing for fun/work out. Looking for an enthusiastic partner to practice twice a week. Not looking for a relationship. blackpearl95@naver.com

Submitted: 4 December 2015

LAB661 Liverpool, UK Hi, I'm Karolina, 30 years old and I'm looking for a partner to learn kizomba and bachata. I have previous experience in Latin and Show Dance, but I didn't practise for years. Now I want to dance again. I would like a partner who is not a complete beginner in dance with a similar passion to learn as fast as possible. Caroline.poplewsky@gmail.com

Submitted: 12 October 2015

LAB660 Cambridge, UK Looking for male dance partner to join me in dance ballroom dance classes held on Thursday evenings in Cambridge, UK. I have been learning since January 2015 and would like someone with similar level of experience. HayleyWallis2209@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 12 October 2015

LAB659 Prestonpans Hey, my name is Eyleen and I'm looking for a partner who is a Beginner/Improver in Ballroom Dancing. I'm fifteen, but I'm doing Adult Courses (At the moment at Dance Base in Edinburg), but I'm going to start a new course because I don't have a partner there and even if I did courses in Germany for one year, I would do a beginners course again. It would be nice if I found someone, who would like to start Ballroom Dance or do an Improvers Course in East Lothian or near Eyleen_bal@aol.de

Submitted: 02 October 2015

LAB658 Derbyshire, UK Hi I"m a 31 year old, 4ft11, slim build female based in the Derby (Midlands) area, looking for a committed dance partner for Social, ISTD Medalist work and competitions. I danced Latin, Disco, and Street Jazz in my younger years but more recently over the past year have taken up Latin and Ballroom. If you might be interested or have any further questions email me on; laurajaynestatham@gmail.com

Submitted: 02 September 2015

LAB657 Thornton Lancashire, UK Hi my name is Leanne. I was a ballroom and Latin dancer in my childhood from age 4 to 17. I also went back to my love of dancing in my late 20s and found you never forget! I'm now 34 and would love to meet a partner to get back into dancing again evenings and weekends. I particularly love Latin dancing and disco. I travel round the north west with my job and am prepared to travel. I'm 5ft 10 without heels! tabby161@yahoo.co.uk

Submitted: 14 August 2015

LAB656 North London/Hertfordshire, UK When I was younger I was a professional contemporary and ballet dancer, but unfortunately last year I was in an accident where I ended up breaking my back. I have made an (almost) full recovery and am looking for a new dance partner. I am interested in both ballroom and latin and am looking for someone that has some experience and patience. marniedreams@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted: 10 July 2015

LAB655 Hull, UK Hi, my name is Ellie and have been Ballroom and Latin dancing with the a ward dance academy know for 1 1/2 years, and am looking to go to competitions. i am looking for a partner who can put in the hard work needed, and have a passion for dance. contact: 07557969410 elliethornton1991@outlook.com

Submitted: 12 June 2015

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