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2011 Barrenillo dancewear collection for Lady dancers
Universal (10 dance) wear

Delivery times: Approx 4 weeks depending on destination

Black White Red
S-T5073 Berenice Top £55.00

S-TR4018 Berenice Oriental Trousers £60.00

Length 33 inch (83 cm) inside leg.

S-T5084 Kris Cape Sleeved Top £49.00

S-TR4021 Kris Slit Trousers £55.00

Length 32 inch (81 cm) inside leg.

Top: Black White
Trousers: Black

Top: Black White
Trousers: Black
S-T5081 Neoma Top £59.00

S-TR4020 Neoma Stud Trousers £59.00

Length 31 inch (79 cm ) inside leg.

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