Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace
Argentine Tango Vol. I, II, III

These are the first DVDs released by Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace and what a success!

Vincent and Flavia give you the real Argentine Tango knowledge and technique, not just routines to memorise. We are impressed with their teaching skills. Highly recommended.

Argentine Tango Vol. I

Volume One, will take you through several basic moves, step by step, with clear explanations along the way. It covers The Walk, the Salida, Forward Ochoes, Backward Ocheos with Sandwich, Giro to the left, Giro to the right and Gancho. There is also a technique section which you should find very helpful.
  • Figures
    • The Walk
    • Salida
    • Forward Ochoes
    • Backward Ocheos with Sandwich
    • Giro to the left
    • Giro to the right
    • Gancho
  • Technique
    • The hold
    • Footwork
    • Musicality
    • Leading and following
    • Gancio technique
    • Giro technique

Price £29.95 Ref: VF1 - SOLD OUT

Argentine Tango Vol. II

The second DVD, Volume Two, will take you through several challenging figures, giving you clear explanations along the way - together with a dedicated section on technique, you will find everything you need to continue the development of your Argentine Tango. It covers Walking Outside Partner, Cross Basic Walk, The Calesita, The Bicicletta, Line and Sacada, and The Sweep.

  • Walking outside partner
  • Cross Basic Walk
  • The Calesita
  • The Bicicletta
  • Line and Sacada
  • The Sweep
  • Technique Section
  • Full Demo

Price £29.95 Ref: VF2

Argentine Tango Vol. III - Vals and Milonga

The third DVD, Volume Three wil teach you two other dances also belonging to Argentine Tango family: these are Vals, which is Argentinian equivalent of Waltz and Milonga, a happier version of Tango.

Vals variations:
  • Media Luna
  • Caminada
  • Lady's balanceo with Saccada
  • Prada
  • Planeo
Milonga variations:
  • Box ending with chasse
  • Traspier
  • Forward Ochos
  • The Cradel

Price £29.95 Ref: VF3 - SOLD OUT

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