Michele Bonsignori & Monica Baldasseroni
Line Figure Combinations of Ballroom Dancing

Introducing four small combinations for each dance, danced in four directions for better understanding to enjoy a 360-degree view. Timings are also explained. Fantastic idea for your own choreography!


Combination 1: Outside change - Telespin - Chasse to right - Throwaway oversway

Combination 2: Forward Lock shaping to Left - Outside spin - Right Lunge

Combination 3: Hinge line - Natural pivot - Rudolph Natural Pivot - Open Impetus Turn

Combination 4: Left Whisk - Twist Turn ending in Same Foot Lunge pos. - Develope - Outside kick - Standing spin to Right ending in PP


Combination 1: Reverse Pivot into Right Lunge (double action) - Kick to Right - Lunge - Link

Combination 2: Change of Direction - Throwaway oversway - Right Lunge - Spanish Drag ending in Link

Combination 3: Left Whisk - Twist turn - Chasse to Right - Same Foot Lunge - Reverse Pivot - Link

Combination 4: Half Viennese Cross - Twist turn ending in Same Foot Lunge pos. - Ronde (Lady) - High Ronde - Twist Turn ending in link Position

Slow Foxtrot

Combination 1: Hover Telemark - Left lunge - Slip pivot - Wing action - Right lunge

Combination 2: Left Whisk - Twist Turn - Oversway with kick - Promenade pos.

Combination 3: Fallaway reverse - Rock action - Travelling Contra check in PP

Combination 4: Open Telemark - Open Natural Turn - ending in Same Foot Lunge pos. - Reverse pivot - High Ronde (Man) - A type of Standing spin ending into Slip Pivot - Open Telemark ending in PP - Forward Running in PP ending in Close Position - Contra check - Ending in PP


Combination 1: Spin Turn - Hover action - Chasse turning to Left - Contra check

Combination 2: Whisk action moving from right foot turning turning to right (repeat 4 times) - Outside spin - Ending Eros line

Combination 3: Reverse Turn (Lady Outside) - Reverse Swivel - Oversway pos. (repeat twice)

Combination 4: Contra Check - Pivot to Right - Rudolph ending Whisk - Kick into the High Right Lunge

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